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EBOLA CRISIS DALLAS 2014: FIRE at the "Five Points" Ellis Island of Dallas ... Death, Doom & Deliverance ... The "STORMY MONDAY" Edition ... (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.6) ... & "2nd Patient UPDATE" 10/ 12/ 2014

Texas Governor Rick Perry hovers over Dallas in military aircraft to gun down suspected Ebola carrier's ... and Thank You Rick ... I feel safer already, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

I didnt even plan on doing a posting on this so called Ebola crisis, thinking basically it would die off in a couple dayz of media coverage, but it is stronger than ever after about a week now, so I figured what more fitting on this thunderstorm saturated morning here in Dallas, than another posting of "The End Must Be Near" for the series, since that is what this seem's to be being painted as by many. The hysteria on this is absolutely mind blowing, it's almost unbelievable, if I didnt live here in Dallas and know better, I would be freaked out just listening to it all ... it's like everybody yelling fire in the theatre. So first some video's and newsread below, then I will add some to try to look at this in a more boring and calmer way with my input after.

Dallas Ebola apartment manager speaks ... Thanx to FOX 4 NEWS- DALLAS- FORT WORTH


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"Big Tex" statue at the State Fair Of Texas (Dallas)

***** LA TIMES: Area known as 'Ellis Island of Dallas' at center of Ebola scare

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Dallas Ebola patient is in critical condition, hospital says

***** CNN: AC360 Exclusive: Partner of Dallas Ebola patient speaks from quarantine  (news video)




The Pandemic's First Casualty- The Truth ... Thanx to THE ALEX JONES CHANNEL

***** THE END TIME: Dallas Ebola Updates, children exposed, person being monitored in Hawaiian hospital

EBOLA Plague hit USA DALLAS, Prophesied By Harvest Army Church- Paul Begley 10.1.14 ... Thanx to HARVEST ARMY

***** NOW THE END BEGINS: It's Here: First Confirmed U.S. Case Of Ebola Diagnosed In Texas


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

I can say first hand that nothing is out of the ordinary here on the Ranch (Dallas). As a matter of fact, I was in this neighbourhood this last weekend (aka the "Five Points" or "Ellis Island of Dallas" to many immigrant's) visiting a friend who lives by this so called "ground zero" where this so called panic is, and nothing even there seemed out of the ordinary, everywhere in the city is normal and bustling as usual, including the State Fair, Oktoberfest and other event's. But listening to the media's is absolutely insanity, or could half drive you to such. The only mention locally I heard was at work last thursday when the company nurse called a routine meeting with us all, to just tell us we can get our flu shot's there at the job this year, and she briefly brought up for a few minutes about Ebola and how it appear's like flu symptom's, and the basic's of what Ebola was ... but that's about it. My daughter was doing some marketing work at the State Fair this last week, when I brought it up to her, she just rolled her eyes over it (she thinx it's insane too) ... about 3+ million attend the Fair, there was no decline on attendance. But listening to the media's around the nation makes it sound like Dallas is ground zero for the last dayz.

Is there reason for concern? ... of course there is, and especially to the folk's in the apartment complex where Thomas Duncan and his girlfriend Louise was staying and the local school's, but no need to panic, just be aware and cautious is all. Was there mistakes made as far as the local hospital turning away Mr. Duncan with only antibiotic's on his first visit? ... maybe ... but understand, this is one of many large hospital's in the city, and they get alot of folk's with flu like symptom's who just walk in off the street, they handle alot of folk's, just like Parkland, Medical City or other big hospital's. I mean ... folk's werent really looking for Ebola, when was the last case in a Dallas hospital, eh? (probably never). As far as the local official's response and leaving the other's in the apartment with soiled linen's from Mr. Duncan against their will? ... they responded as good as I would expect in my opinion, I mean ... like what are they supposed to do? ... let those in the home roam the neighbourhood, perhap's take in some entertainment, shopping or whatever? ... we never had to deal with an Ebola case. Even Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins met with them in their apartment wearing no protective clothing and even transported them to a safe house after in his vehicle, and now they're being taken care of at the house and even have basketball court set up for outdoor activity and other amenities.

Of course the conspiracies are endless too, already I heard that President Obama is to blame (an old familiar tune), Governor Rick Perry, terrorist's, the illuminati, God, Satan ... I'm sure if Rev. Fred Phelps was still alive, he would probably be blaming Dallas Cowboys Football franchise for hiring gay NFL player Michael Sam to the Cowboys team as punishment from God (and congrat's to the Cowboys on this weekend's victory here in Cowboys Stadium, putting Dallas now in a 1st place tie with Philly in the NFC East), or because of our lesbian Sheriff! Might as well just blame Mr. Duncan, eh? ... I mean, didnt he bring it here? Blame the airport official's, the nurses, hospital's, paramedic's, flight attendant's, immigration, etc, etc. Shit happen's, eh? ... so you just deal with it like any other thing, no biggie ... just learn, stay on top and deal. Did Mr. Duncan lie on his questionnaire leaving Liberia? ... maybe he wasnt aware he may have been in deadly contact, but also feared that if there was any question of any of his contact's, he would be stuck in Liberia ... and I sure as Hell wouldnt want to be stuck there either if I was going to get sick. He probably didnt bring it to the atencion of his girlfriend here, because he didnt feel sick at first and it just creeped up on him ... but that is another thing he will have to deal with legally probably if he lives through this, which doesnt look too good for him right now.

I am not saying that I doubt an outbreak of concern can happen, it already has in these 3 west African countries that is fairly severe, as a matter of fact ... I actually think that there will be many new viruses/ diseases that will pop up within this century, and alot of lives may be lost, especially if they grow faster than we can get vaccines for them and new strain's that maybe were not familiar with. I partly think this because of this global warming/ climate change warmth and increasing storms may contribute to such, and that bad sanitary condition's in some region's will contribute, and population increases ... BUT ... I dont think that one thing or the other is the finale and that the human race will just instantly get wiped out is all, or even the largest percentage of the population's for that matter. I simply look at the history of nature and science and what we seen and learned ... these thing's happen ... and I point out about some of this in my "Global War'n'ing" series. Ebola is NOT new, been around for year's and research has been long into it. As far as mass manufacturing of vaccines or whatever? ... where was the incentive for your largest companies to do so? ... get my drift? In what countries has Ebola been primarily? ... and who cares about those nation's, unless there is money to be made there? Hitting our countries, there will be alot more atencion and action taken to contain it ... it has alot to do with business reason's too.

In my opinion/ view ... I look at viruses as a sort of form of life, and part of the evolution of life, but that's just me and those who think likewise. So where are all the pro- lifer people and animal/ nature activist supporter's, tree hugger's, etc, etc, when it comes to this, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... after all ... are not some of these viruses just struggling to live and evolve? Is their life and death more or less importante than our's, or of tree's/ plant's or other nature and form's of "life"? ... c'mon ... let's be honest. I mean ... like our inner will and struggle to survive as a species ... I feel other life does similar. I am not sayin that I want them, or wish to die from them or any other life form, or am suicidal, it just seem's odd how some of us think as a species when it comes to this sort of thing and our opinion's is all, I have alwayz just looked at nature and how it dictates, as well as understand our need to KILL or BE KILLED as part of survival, and even look at the universe, our evolution, existence and species as coming from a universe that exploded/ evolved and blossomed from chaos and violence, one feeding off the other, etc, etc. So regardless of what we may think of ourselves say spiritually or intellectually, we also know that we are living animal's as well, physically/ flesh ... we struggle to live/ survive, eat, shit, reproduce, etc ... like many other's, eh?

They say that folk's are pushing now for vaccines or whatever ... when it hit's home as usual ... is usually when we act ... and right now just with this sliver of this, many are calling it the end of the world? This is not one of these west African nation's where this Ebola has been on a run ... in fact ... everything from care, medicine, to hospital/ medical infrastructure is like a different world here in America, I am more confident that we are doing good as far as working on this issue and being able to contain it alot better than over there. Was the President too late as some think on sending over American forces to help? ... I dont think so, and I believe he is doing what he can, and it's in everyones interest's rich or poor to address this ... after all ... look how much stuff we and the President has had to deal with of importance, from the economy to worrying about Jihad Joe and Jane . Does the government sometimes not tell us everything? ... of course ... but can you blame them on issues like this, if everyone freak's out this way over the slightest thing? Other than that, I try to look at it like this stormy monday ... it was hard storm's early this morning, but now the skies are clearing and the sunny blue skies are coming back ... let's give it some time and let thing's work out.

Word Out ....

                                           **** UPDATE: 12 OCTOBER 2014 ****

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Texas nurse who had worn protective gear tests positive for Ebola ... (newsread/ video)

The 2nd Ebola patient been announced this morning, so just to update this posting. It of course was expected by official's and CDC that other's would come up with this, but at least they got to her early and she is being taken care of at the hospital. Another thing I notice is that official's say that they dont release the names of patient's or those monitored for federal privacy reason's. I dont agree with that, but I am no expert ... I mean ... they are not concerned much about our privacy otherwise on most else. This is an issue that I FEEL when people are diagnosed/ identified, it should be made "public" ... as far as their names and even photos of them ... why? ... just in case so if anyone they forgot they may have been in contact with will know they been in contact with the person infected ... there is a time and place for this so called privacy ... this in my opinion is NOT the time and place, or a time for political correctness or other nonsense. This hospital is located also at a very busy elevated rail (DART) station with a couple rail lines and a few major bus lines, that alot of personel and patient's of this hospital use, including myself, so that need's careful atencion as well. If I for example am diagnosed with a serious disease, I WANT MY PERSONAL info to be out in public on the disease and what I have, including especially my photo, just in case someone was in contact with me, so that they know ... get my drift? ... so I dont know what the privacy thing is about, or this political correctness as far as tightening immigration checking and all airport's in U.S., etc. I actually heard some folk's say that we should bring these African patient's to America to take better care of them and keep a closer eye on them or whatever ... this is a lunacy approach that I cant understand ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... yeah man ... let's just bring them all here, eh? (just kidding ... like WTF are ya'll thinking? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Also I would hope that Gov.Rick Perry, and other political people in the state, leave politic's out of this. An example from past when Rick had the red- ass (bad mood) so bad over ObamaCare that he declined to expand medicaid in Texas and accept billion's from Washington that Texas low income people need with these new health care changes ... this is NOT about politic's, so I can only hope that these politician's on both sides will leave their lil political shenanigan's out of this. Also I notice that alot of contract worker's are involved here (this is Texas) ... I mean, many nurses aides, dialysis folk's and other's in the medical industry are contractor's (they do this to cut cost's of course), even the folk's responsible for cleaning the apartment of Duncan were just local hazmat guyz, these guyz have not had to work on this kind of thing before, this is simply NOT a chemical spill on some railroad tracks, freeway or warehouse, okay? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) . I mean ... this so far has been a local battle of hustling and awarding contract's to inde's ... just to clean that one apartment I heard cost over $100,000 (I mean ... shit ... I was tempted to bid to clean the damn apartment by myself for a paycheck like that!!, how many wouldnt? ... {: ), so alot of folk's are making bid's hoping to get awarded contact's, eh? My point here is that we need as much federal oversight in this from as many professional's in CDC and medical as possible, so we need as much scientific and medical insight from outsider's that ACTUALLY know something about this. Again ... there is no reason for us especially locally to get alarmed or panic, even if they come up with several other's in time ... but ALL and everything need's to be looked at and we all should stay on top ... that is how you get the job done ... we have some really good folk's working on this across the board ... and they need all the support and cooperation we can give them.


T- Bone Walker- Call It Stormy Monday ... Thanx to Nick Taylor ... and I wanted to close out this posting with the song that partly inspired the title for this posting, and ole favourite of mine since childhood, that I have even covered myself several times (with a flare of hard rock to it), and a big influence on so many musician's in the rock and blues genre's, doing his 1947 classic live of "Stormy Monday", from fellow native Texan and Dallasite T- Bone Walker. This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



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