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CRACKED on IRAQ- HYSTERIA on SYRIA & The "ISIS CRISIS" 2014: ... Logic, Lies & Lunacy ... The "BOOTS on the GROUND" Edition ... (Off the WALL with Ron Paul PT.2) ... w/ "MONEY MAGICK & The Boogeyman" & Updates


***** CNN/ JUSTICE: (added wednesday 17 september 2014) Feds: NY storeowner plotted to send jihadists to Syria, kill U.S. troops himself .... I added this because so much news now is how these folk's recruit young westerner's into this jihadist thing. To be honest here (since we have a shortage of honesty), the reason it is easier to recruit these young folk's, is because of some of the political shenanigan's over the last several year's in the west, including interfering in other's business, extensive bombing campaign's, putting in corporate selected puppet dictator's, etc. If we didnt have such gung- ho political representation these dayz in western countries (which includes the EU countries), who allow this oligharcic type disease of Wall St, corporate communism/ corporatcommunazica, and related to run our countries into the ground (which I point out throughout this journal), screwing over our working class and middle classes, and as I wrote in the start of this journal, they are looking to grow and make China the new large middle class and large countries like India, while reducing our population's of such, and making our country a stronger contrast of poor and rich, while we bail them out and finance them, these power/ wealth entities will abandon our country, driving our wages into the dirt while trying to "privatize" everything that is our's to their exclusive ownership, pushing austerity, milking our retirement's and manipulating to privatize our Social Security for Wall St investor's, police killing our kid's in the street's for questioning and disobedience, recklessly gambling our hard earned taxes, drive student's into damn near bankruptcy to get college education's, letting bank's rob people of their homes, and such a long list ... you probably wouldnt have HALF the bloody damn problem's that ya'll are facing now, or the number of group's (domestic or foreign), riot's or other retaliation to the condition's ya'll are trying to create and impose on people. With all our leader's brilliance, college degree's at the finest school's and decades of experience, liberation, and worldly knowledge, love, etc ... how can you NOT see what your action's help feed? ... you folk's amaze me.

President Obama summed it up perfectly back around 2008 or so when he said something like ... "when people feel bitter, they grab gun's and god/ religion ..." (similar wording) ... he was strongly criticized for that statement back then, because it was the "truth", and truth is not politically correct. That situation was just some rural American folk's, but the same applies to folk's all over the world. Now, the President is being "politically played and pressured" as well by our overall political gaming crew in Washington to "act" on this threat ... and it is his job to act, so you cant blame him (blame our overall politic's), every single bombing campaign that he approved has been pressured by his political constituent's and military advisor's, many of course funded by special interest's who basically control a large portion of our government. However the President act's, he will be criticized by both the left and right, there is no way out, and this President has been the most politically attacked President I have seen in my life and most bipartisan, has had more obstacles shoved into his path than any I ever seen, and obstruction from being able to act ... simply because of politic's and business ... nothing else. Again ... this so called terror threat of current is just one of many, many group's in time that will feel to retaliate, justifying it with religion or something else, and will flow in waves across the globe. Sure you can defeat some of this by endless bombing of target's, some ground combat, here and there, which can seem almost endless ... but it still wont extinguish the "spirit" which help's inspire ... until something changes on the way we do thing's


Boots on the ground ... Thanx to DESTINYE CRAWFORD ... a lil opening song /video from some gal's ... I just thought that the one in the middle was cute with her lil boots skit {: )


This posting will serve as part 2 of "Off the WALL with Ron Paul", and is inspired by all the newest so called crisis that's been saturated in the news over "ISIS", Iraq, Syria, all the hysteria, telling us once again, that it's that time of the year to put back on our "scared mask's", warning's of Al Qaeda opening up a new branch location (as if it was a new neighbourhood bank {: ), we have Vice President Biden saying were gonna follow these terror folk's to the gates of Hell (wherever in Hell that is, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... maybe he brought his shotgun to the podium, the one that he uses for home defense instead of an AK- 47 or AR- 15 or 9mm, and tell's us we should too {: ) ... news that their chopping off American's head's ... President Obama vow's vengeance and said he dont have a plan, so Republican's with their cheap attack's made a show out of it yelling ... "He DONT have a plan!!" ... as if they do ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... (I am also a supporter of President Obama ... and DO NOT blame this situation on him, and would hate to have his job on so many issues he has to deal with). Now we hear, that we all need to be scared/ frightened, and of course worry about these crummy billion dollar corporate mid- term election's coming up, and which of our 2 in 1 heroic political parties can save us all from doom and gloom? ... left vs. the right, and good ole fashioned good vs. evil {: ) As a matter of fact ... sadly it took the death of comedian Joan Rivers to get a break from all this media hysteria.

I was discussing this with a group of folk's the other day as well as viewing everything I could online, tele, and radio about it, and I listened to these folk's out first before even saying a thing, so I could hear out what they thought and felt, and there were alot of mixed opinion's, some fear, frustration, anger, etc. So I tried to break it down since it's really made into a confusing mess, and get some logic in all of this to balance it out and get past some of the lies and lunacy these thing's create ... and just try to simplify thing's a bit more. Dr. Ron Paul I chose to address this for this issue, who makes it clear, sensible and somewhat simplified, so this posting is also for all those folk's I discussed this with locally the other day, and said that I would do a posting on this. And honestly, it would be remarkable, and I would be amazed, if this would go down like the politician's and media is painting it as right now, telling us that they can battle and clean up this mess simply using drone/ air strikes or whatever, with no ground forces (boots on the ground), or what their telling us about all these other nation's that will pay for it and have their forces fighting it or whatever. Didnt the first invasion of Iraq year's back to overthrow Saddam supposed to take a couple week's or some nonsense too? ... it damn near drove us into the poorhouse financially, went on for year's and killed thousand's of our troop's, innocent Iraqi's, and screwed up their country worse than when the dictator Saddam ruled in power. I mean ... I'll believe it when I see it, and HAVE NO reason to believe any of this yet, and see no past history precedent to, since we are almost alwayz lied to on these issues.

Also be clear headed here that this is nothing more than psychologically programming and grooming us subconsciously through politician's via media's to accept and cheer on another multi- billion dollar expenditure of war, which will be more elaborate in media presentation because of these mid- term election's coming in a couple month's and the big holiday spending season ... squeezing American's even more for every dollar they can milk us for. None of this type expenses has been addressed in year's as far as so called defense spending, any more than we were subconsciously and politically programmed to actually think that we got Health Care Reform, which we DID NOT, and none of the money milking in that been even slightly reformed, but even increased on us, making healthcare even more expensive than ever, with insurance, medical and pharmaceutical corporation's dictating to government and IRS how and when to penalize us now for not buying into their newly over- inflated plan's, product's, services, etc. Ron Paul below, then I will add a portion after.

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/ 18/ 14: What Have We Accomplished in Iraq? ... Thanx to MINNESOTACHRIS

Ron Paul on Iraq: 'The sooner we get out of there the better' ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

Ron Paul: Interventionism, ISIS, and Foreign Follies ... Thanx to LIBERTYCORE NEWS



***** PD/ RCJ: "ARAB WORLD TENSION'S" PART'S 7 THRU 1  ... (a related series)

***** PD/ RCJ: "IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION 2013" ... (a related posting concerning the expense account in Iraq)... this link/ posting also contain's link's to 2 series called "Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible" and "Jumping For Joy in America", which are importante in questioning some of the nonsense were fed, and how were unknowingly programmed to stay in fear of everything, constantly worrying and biting our nail's thinking about everything that might kill us or harm us, and getting over- excited and thrilled if/ when we do these invasion's/ occupation's, or some of the favour's or thing's we are given, that are OUR'S to begin with ... while we are getting robbed in the process by those feeding us this, and just being played as dummies by some of these entities. Also a piece linked called "DEFENSE CONTRACTING FRAUD & SYSTEMIC FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR", to have a peek at what goes on with our loose spending and lack of oversight, accountability and the rest in all this.



Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

You know ... boots on the ground, shoes on the ground, dogshit on the ground or whatever talk ... bottom line is whatever we do getting deeper and deeper into these games is gonna cost us a fortune (as it currently is, but enhancing it), it's one invasion and occupation after another, one friend becomes a foe, then one foe becomes a friend next year, and we have to end up supporting dictator's, replacing them and taking out the other in death, while we increase and breed terror cell's, threat's and more anger toward's us for our action's which flip- flop like the season's change. And this is mostly about one thing only ... oil business. I mean ... Iraq or Iran for instance just for a couple examples may not turn out as many barrel's of oil a day as Russia, USA or Saudi Arabia ... but when you have countries turning out 3- 4+ million barrel's a day, any high stakes investor/ gambler dont turn their nose up to it either and walk away, and this whole region of the world is importante for the transport of this all over the world, so your alwayz looking for friend's. That is what our so called American interest's amount to though, just like Afghanistan and the abundance of resources there, and even lithium and copper or whatever else ... it's about money basically ... not freeing people, helping people or much else. Some of this nonsense is manipulated anywayz, some of the terror threat's are overstated, some may even be bullshit in cases and orchestrated  by our corporate dictation to cause conflict, invade and occupy ... all to win our support and keep voting for and supporting the same old thing's, and spending our money the same old way. And hardly anyone in the mainstream establishment of our 2 political parties will even touch it with any truth, those who do like Ron Paul or other's are called nutcases, extremist's or whatever ... and too many of us sop up this nonsense and lick the plate.

We already know that we unintentionally caused this terror threat, many of us have talked about this for year's and year's, what our action's can create ... but the money intoxication distort's our vision. We caused alot of the trouble in Iraq for instance, and now because of how much we invested in lives and money we feel an obligation to finish the job, and the way we been handling the whole thing isnt working. I feel sorry for the folk's over there, but what else can we do? ... keep doing the same, year after year, and listening to excuse after excuse? I look at it like a bad relationship ... you know ... where you have a mate, the sex is good or whatever, but everything else is not, and it just dont work out ... the smart thing to do, is not get deeper, but walk away. Same thing here ... the money is good, but nothing else work's out ... I would retreat as Dr. Paul put's it, and bud out until someone over there get's their shit together. The mega corporation's/ entities used our money of the American people to make this investment ... now they want us to clean up their ill planning too? At the same time, the cost of walking away will also be hefty, it will disrupt oil, business, market's, and if any of these group's gain more power, because of their commitment to their faith ... they will come after us, and like Dr. Paul said ... they know how to hurt us, and that is to hurt our money/ economies, sabotage, bombing's of importante facilities/ structures, etc, etc.  

In these times, I am more concerned with all the issues we have here in our country, I am not worried about our oil/ energy supply, we have an abundance, I am concerned on what we are doing for our school's/ children, healthcare, infrastructure, securing job's and a healthy domestic economy, our liberties, etc ... the thing's I talk about throughout this journal ... not just interest's of a bunch of investment bank's and too big to fail entities who want to buy up all the oil in the world so they can pour it into the pot at the global oil casino. I am more of a nationalist as I explained to these folk's the other day, I dont focus on being No#1, or babysitting some of these ingrates in some of these nation's, nor really give a shit much if you dont want to be our friend, fighting their century long war's over religion's or the related ... dont get me wrong, I'm not against folk's battling for their freedom or whatever ... I mean ... ya'll have at it ... and when and if you finish up and come back down to earth later and want to do business, give us a call ... in the meantime ... I will stand on the sidelines (out of your country), and try to take care of business at home where we have so many problem's in this country (USA) that we need to address, and stay close to our neighbour countries. Sooner or later, with time, negotiation's, bloodshed or whatever ... these folk's in some of these region's are going to have to decide and work out their problem's, we cant do it all for them, it has to be their work with their hand's, and what's in their interest's and heart's. I personally dont feel we belong in some of these conflict's.

The possibility of terror threat and attack's on US soil? ... of course there are gonna be threat's, look what we helped create ... I have confidence though as well, that we have some of the best defense weaponry in the world too ... so I dont worry about that, as much as I would worry about some of the candy- ass, incompetent, weak representation and leadership we may have that decides what we should do and how we should respond to an attack or threat on our soil. Someone attack's us ... you attack back fast and heavily making sure they feel the hit, and are not in question as to where we stand and our willingness to defend our land, liberty, and what is our's, ready to rock- n- roll at the drop of a hat. I would get rid of the Guantanamo Bay institution/ detention, cut loose/ free everyone there with monetary compensation in the million's, and forget their charges, since we have been reluctant to even be able to make cases on many to begin with, or not doing nothing but detaining them, which cost's us million's annually to detain even. Those in this country that are immigrant's with passport's who may seem a threat, and actual evidence of such, I would deport them ... plain and simple ... not set up community center's for them to organize and fund them, or respond like these neo- liberal American's that kiss your asses like an ass fetishist when you just want to exploit what our democracy stand's for instead of embracing it. And like Dr. Paul said ... try to get those folk's out of those nation's who are American's and our allies, even if it's military chopper/ aircraft rescue's or whatever, that may want to get out ... if they choose to stay ... go ahead, but we cant be responsible for you either. Why are you there, if your not welcome?

Word Out for now ....

              **** MONEY MAGICK & THE BOOGEYMAN **** (added 06 September 2014)

The reason I wanted to add this, is to explain another side of sometimes bullshit that we are not quick to alwayz see, I noticed when listening to folks on this new terror threat, not one person seemed to even question if some of this was "ligit" ... all this emotion, whether anger, fear or whatever, but no question. We all know how easy it is for money to manipulate even our emotion's/ reaction's ... it is also even the cause of so much conflict, invasion's, occupation's or whatever that inspires retaliation ... then a religion, political, or social movement justifies the rebellion end, eh? It's just as easy to create a Hollywood end of the world movie that will send folk's home later with nightmares of the end times, I mean ... even much of our political election show's are designed and manufactured by whoever has the most money, much history get's wrote by those with most money as well, so much is manipulated, eh? ... that's just the fact's. I'm a street kid (58 year's old, but still a kid at heart {: ) ... so alwayz been skeptical of some thing's, having seen alot of "game" in my life ... or you can call me a "doubting Thomas" of sort. But at least I question is my point ... you dont have to be a conspiracy theorist to question.

Every major news media across the globe is saturated with images and news of this newest threat "ISIS", showing pictures/ videos of military style exercises in desert region's, with folks dressed in black ninja looking outfit's, folks threatening speaking perfect english, woof ticket's of "were gonna get you", talk of slaughter's, decapitation's, etc, etc ... then hour's later saying that intelligence agencies from the CIA to Interpol and anyone of importance "confirming" this is all and everything, and to be very afraid, etc ... I mean ... that's ALL we know. Yesterday a coalition of nation's banded together to fight this new evil, and all agreed to take so much of their countries revenues to start a task force to increase occupation's, bombing's, large scale military intervention, new security measures, wiretapping, etc. So here we are again with new security updates, rules, occupation's increases. And all political figures vowed like warrior's to "kill" ISIS and basically any resistance along with that, that pop's up, and I'm sure million's of people were jumping for joy, just like when former President Bush said he would kill evil Saddam Hussein, and free Iraq's people, and retaliation for the 9/ 11 attacks or whatever. Today in Iraq under our newly inspired and engineered democray for Iraq plan, more Iraqi's are being killed, or punished for protesting, beaten in the street's and looking for day labour for food, than under the evil dictator's hand/ rule of Saddam ... how free have we made them? ... or what rights do they have besides a piece of paper? I mean for example in America's democracy where we even have more "rights" on paper, they were arresting fast food worker's in New York City the other day, for just striking and voicing that they want a living wage ... they call it disorderly conduct, civil disobedience or whatever else these dayz, giving reason to hammer, detain and even harm or unofficially declare war on our own citizen's ... if you have a grievance, complaint, or question basically ... you are also a threat and disorderly or disobedient ... get my drift? Throughout history in our nation and around the globe, slaves were also punished for asking to be treated more fair, or for better condition's, for just speaking out ... you have alwayz had freedom of speech, but have alwayz paid a price in consequences for such as well, today we are a tad more civilised and everything is cloaked in pre- programmed political correctness garbage, so it's all the same shit, just in different packaging ... and were not as free, civilised or even liberated as we brainwash ourselves into thinking.

I am NOT saying that we dont face any terror threat's, we know we do ... and there will continue to be with some of the crap that is being done by those who dictate, but you should alwayz question and assess the degree of that threat. On the other hand, what if that threat isnt severe enough or there has been a lack of ? ... would there not be incentive for the big money to create a situation to justify a reason to occupy every nation more that is vital to their continued control and money making ventures? I mean ... without these terror threat's and group's, it would be very hard to sell people in just about any nation that they want to censor you more, invade your privacy more, or have increased military outpost's/ presence everywhere, and reason to have everyone who actually works for a living pay for it all, while they and all their political puppetry highside for the camera as "heroes" that saved us all from evil. And people all over are sick and tired of the increased invasion's, milking us to austerity, with excuse after excuse as to why we need to sacrifice more and it is all for our own good, taking their liberties and mobility away, having their wages cut more and more and feeding most peoples wealth/ money to these power's that unofficially dictate everything. Thing's are done for a reason, just as much as an invasion is done for a reason that may not be as simple as protecting freedom and liberties of people, and sometimes these entities frankly dont care much about people except for what they can get out of them ... not because they are humanitarian's and just love every breathing human being and want them all to be free and a big happy familia. All I am pointing out here, is that it is alwayz healthy to question.


Limouzina Express- These Boots Are Made For Walking (Nancy Sinatra cover) ... Thanx to ISRAELI MUSIC IN ENGLISH ... a nice closing cover song here of the Nancy Sinatra classic, and the kind of boots I really enjoy! {: ) ... this will also be added in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



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