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SOCHI TERROR THREAT 2014: From the Sochi Games to Political Games that FUEL the TERROR GAME ... At least ... Name the Proper BLAME (ARAB WORLD TENSION'S PT.7)

For part 7 of this series, I wanted to look at the current reality and terror threat that has been pounded into our brain's over the last week, then add a few cent's to it, since it is a big issue in the news right now. And I also realize that many of these folk's that threaten with terror ARE NOT Arabic, however, it is all connected to the treatment of Muslim's, and especially in their Arabic countries, regardless if their Russian Muslim's or European Muslim's, or Iranian Muslim's, etc. And NO ... I am NOT siding with the terrorist's at all, they are as much as a threat to my way of life as well ... I just realize the TRUTH as to what the problem really is, and what names to place the blame ... and that IF our dictated leadership and financial power's DIDNT do what they do ... we would have no enemy or terror threat to be concerned about. But first some newread and video below in the link from CNN.

***** CNN: CNN poll: 57% of Americans think terror attack likely at Sochi Games




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

The last thing that I wanted to post on this chilly Dallas morning is about a terror threat ... "again" (and believe me, it's chilly here, I just went out wearing my shorts and sweatshirt to dump trash and didnt realize it was 12 degrees outside ... duuuhhh {: ) ... and it just started snowing on top of it, but that's how it goes here, never knowing what in Hell to expect, eh?) ... but felt it is a serious enough issue to include in this series, and one that I have wrote about as far as expecting more of this to come since the start of this journal. But over the last few dayz, the mainstream news has been saturated with this terrorism talk and politician's with their mostly worthless opinion's on should American's go to the Olympics or not, and/ or whether they would ... but the bottom line is that NONE of these political rep's of our's would have to face the danger's that the average American tourist does, okay? ... they are about as connected to the American people as a palm tree would be connected to the lunar surface (moon). Then we get fed these images of these young women who had their jihadist husband's or even innocent familia member's killed in their own land's, having to worry about them seeking to avenge the death's of their loved ones ... and of course the usual talk about how evil all these folk's are. Yet NO ONE hardly is talking about the real culprit's who instigate all of this, so that is what this posting is to do, it is to name those who are to blame for all of this, okay?

Sadly some of these same culprit's who create this danger for us are the same entities as those who create every other issue we have that is harmful, from poverty to austerity, to war's and bloodshed to terrorism, to the corruption of our political representation, to the social and economic raping of our children, to destroying our democracy, communities, and economies ... they basically contaminate anything they touch. Again ... we dont belong in these land's doing what we do to these people, then having to put our finest trained troop's in position's to do what they have to do in these land's, and losing their lives over this and these manufactured war's to rape these nation's of their cheap labour, resources, and forcing our culture on them, while randomly killing thousand's of their family member's in bombing campaign's ... this all fuel's the fire. Then of course on the lower level's of our society, these anonymous pencil prick's who hide online insulting these peoples prophet's just to get them angry and wound up, and those who make animation's of such and shove it in these folk's faces using the internet or other media's or entertainment sources, etc ... all of which are the same ilk of culprit's who should be identified, along with some of these individual's of financial and political power, brought into the light by all the people of all cultures, strung up in public and bullwhipped to a pulp.

And we play these games with these folk's and nation's ... then act "scared" when they decide to payback for what we let our corporate dictated leader's do to them ... so now your afraid to die? ... why were you not afraid of what ya'll were doing to them all these year's and the repercussions? I sure as Hell dont know if any terror event will materialize at one of these event's, but do know that there is a threat and it is simply natural retaliation against what our nation's have done by sticking our noses where it doesnt belong ... nor would I go to an event like this knowing of the possible threat, nor am I liberated to the point where I would just let these folk's with a chip on their shoulder's who have 101 reason's to be angry at us to even migrate into our societies and countries, and I sure as Hell would stay out of their's, and dont care if they embrace what I value or not or my culture and democratic wayz. Again ... I am a die- hard segregationist when it comes to this sort of thing, and those several Arab Muslim immigrant's that I know and have discussed this with in detail (in person, face to face, not anonymously online) actually agree with me more than my fellow neo- programmed liberated American's ... imagine that!

Just my opinion ... Word Out ....



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