Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OBAMACARE STORE- FORT WORTH: The "Bustle" & the "Hustle" of the Affordable Care Act in the DFW Metroplex ... (DONT BE ALARMED PT.14 ... You're in Dallas- Fort Worth)

ObamaCare- 830 Taylor St, Fort Worth Texas

Part 14 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will look at a new business here in the Metroplex for "ObamaCare". I was joking around earlier in this journal when I proposed that President Obama when he retire's, goes into the insurance business and have a company called "ObamaCare" ... I reckon these folk's in Fort Worth might have beat him to it {: ) But when it comes to a good hustle, business and entrepreneurialism ... Texas really goes all out ... if ya can "sell it" ... by golly, you can do it in this town! {: )

But then you alwayz have not just the "bustle" of business ... but of course the "hustle" end too (nothing has only one side to it, eh?) ... so you have to be careful at the same time and avoid those businesses that truely are not what they appear which I will also include below as Ms. DeWitt explain's. But if your looking for the real thing ... go to the "real deal" ... which you can now find at "ObamaCare" 830 Taylor St ... in downtown Fort Worth {: )

***** HEALTHCARE.GOV (for more info)

***** WFAA8/ ABC NEWS: 'Obamacare' sign pops up in downtown Fort Worth ... (news video) **** EXPIRED

***** FORT WORTH/ STAR TELEGRAM: Downtown Fort Worth has a new storefront: Obamacare (newsread)

Scammers Taking Advantage Of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)- CBS Dallas Fort Worth ... Thanx to CATHY DEWITT DUNN


A billboard below in the Dallas suburban city of Garland, as an advertisement for a dating service (?) supposedly {: )






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