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SEN. WENDY DAVIS (PT.2): Gunslinging & Mudslinging ... The Girl Scout "NOOKIE & KNEEPAD'S" vs The "Texas Tea TALIBAN" Edition ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.13)

Sen. Wendy Davis of Texas

Part 2 of Sen. Wendy Davis will also be Part 13 of the "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal, which is a sort of "Woman of the Year" series, where I like to showcase women that are beautiful in more than one way ... such as beauty, smart's, style, creativity/ arts/ business, strong, and on the ball type's. And Wendy of course has it all in my opinion. But first I wanted to link some of the latest newsread and video on Sen. Davis, since all the mudslinging is starting here in the Lone Star State with her and Atty Gen. Greg Abbott, then of course we have the Texas Tea Party version of an American Taliban now are out to burn Wendy at the stake as well ... and now with Wendy Gunslinging too! {: ) And special Thanx to the media's below who made it easy for me to choose a posting title ... again ... I dont take much pleasure in writing about politic's, but it's needed in these times as well. But after I will add my part to this too.


*****NOTE (added wednesday 02/ 26/ 2014): I have a personal commitment that I made to vote for this candidate and her supporter's, the same as I made a commitment to vote for President Obama and his party for 2 term's, I am NOT married to any party, and it is clear to most American's by now that both parties are OWNED by CORPORATION'S, NOT the PEOPLE. I am one simply looking for a few new faces is all, with at least some proposal's that serve our interest's, instead of mega corporate/ banking interest's ONLY ... even though some proposal's dont get anywheres obviously and/ or in any decent time frame, we basically get tossed bones like to say a dog here and there. For the majority part of our voting in 2014 and choice of mainstream political rep's, the choices are not that great or motivating, I understand ... and some are just an insult to democracy as well as an insult to ALL American people ... listening to their lies, petty bitch fight's, and whiny voices ... I speak for many, though not the majority, for the majority either dont see this or ignore it. But Yes, when I have a commitment or give my "word", I have to keep it unless there is something that makes it a "no choice but to break" situation (and I never had to break my word in my 58 year's yet, so I also have to be careful "what" I "say" I will do, because for ill or good, if I say it and give my word regardless of what it is ... I am sort of "compelled" to do it, if that makes any sense), it's say a part of my fortitude, discipline or whatever. I fulfilled my commitment as far as President Obama and already voted in the Texas Democrat primaries "early voting" last weekend voting for Sen. Davis, and will vote for her as well if she is the final Democrat choice later this year. I made no further commitment's as of yet, so cant say how I will vote in 2016 either, however, if I were to make any commitment to a 2016 candidate or party, I will carry it through.


Wendy Davis on Open Carry ... Thanx to STARTELEGRAMVIDEO

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Wendy Davis joins Greg Abbott in supporting 'open carry' gun law

***** CNSNEWS.COM: Girl Scouts Tweet Story That Touts Wendy Davis as a 'Woman of the Year'

***** WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS: Sexism towards Wendy Davis revives war on women ... (newread)

Wendy Davis A "Coke Whore' Tweets Former GOP Official & That's Not All ... Thanx to THE YOUNG TURKS





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

I realize that some around the nation who are uncomfortable with gun's at this time, may not like the idea of Wendy being pro- open carry ... but look at it like this also ... this is Texas, and there is already concealed carry permit's issued here, being that you can "hide" your arms ... with an "open- carry" law ... this makes gun carrying "visible", not just hidden or concealed, meaning that ... it worx as a crime deterrent as well. Example: If a person feel's they need to hold up a business in an armed robbery attempt, if they DONT see a gun that is concealed, there is a chance that they will feel more at ease in their attempt to rob the place ... with an open- carry person having their side-arm exposed, there is a better chance that the would be robber will leave and not take that chance, and indirectly save his own life and the business from being held up ... if that makes any sense. You see ... Texas has alwayz been a pro- gun state and Wendy spent alot of time in the Fort Worth side of the Metroplex, which is kind of a "western" part of town, with the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, etc (as a matter of fact, my daughter this morning is working the rodeo stock show over there who is in the above photo with me, and she is also a die- hard liberal voting democrat and pro- 2nd Amendment as well ... my wife, daughter's, and step- son as well are actually all democrat voter's and pro- 2nd amendment), it's simply part of our culture here, which may be a tad difficult to understand if you never been to Texas. Year's back my wife and I voted different for instance, she has alwayz been a democrat voter, I voted republican for year's though. And it is also wise in this state for Wendy in an election up against a hard core right wing man like Abbott to be somewhat supportive of gun- rights, so please understand Wendy's position. Of course her opponent Abbott is calling it a cheap sort of political stunt ... and saying the NRA graded Wendy with an "F" ... booo- hooo ... I cant believe ole Greg got his lil panties in a bind over that considering all the trash that they have tried to lay on this woman! Then the Girl Scout Cookie boycott here, trying to take aim at harming these young girlz and their organization over a simple tweet response from a simple question asked ... that is low for this Texas Tea Taliban to even go there ... it really is, they are such desperate ingrates and have no regard for anyone whatsoever.

Of course the other trash that they are trying to manufacture is saying that Wendy left her kid's, and seperated before she officially divorced or whatever ... just nonsense talk that is worthless, and would only mean anything to someone who is completely out of tune with the reality of the world for todayz working women and parenting, seperation/ divorce, etc ... the common stuff that most of us regular working guyz & galz have to work and live with, eh? My wife for instance got pregnant by her high school teacher in the Philippines, a man who basically by US standard's raped several of his student's along with her and left them all with kid's he would have nothing to do with. My wife had to later pick up her education to go further in another school, then had a child she couldnt afford to take care of without any support in a country with no social welfare for such that was just leaving martial law. She had to leave her child with her mom and familia to gain employment in another country, then a couple of her boyfriend's in Germany wanted of course to have the sex fun dating my wife, but didnt want to commit or hear a thing about her child ... you know how it is if your a woman and been there and done that. When my wife got here and we met, I seen to it to help her get her diploma, then I adopted in a long 2 year process her child in the Philippines and brought her here, and asked her to marry me (my daughter in the above photo I had later with my wife). Shit happen's eh? ... Wendy had to cut alot on her own, if and when she could get any help, she damn well took it ... it's a matter of survival for a woman ... all this plastic talk is meaningless ... many women have many challenges in todayz society, and she done well raising her children, as my wife and I have. So all this talk about Wendy being a whore or on her kneepad's or whatever, is more cheap slander toward's a woman that has been through alot and done her best, it is uncalled for and nothing more than an American type of Taliban talk to degrade women more than they already have, and Greg Abbott should be downright ashamed as a man to even associate his campiagn with this type trash!

The bottom line is also that Texas need's some new faces in politic's really bad, and there has been so many attack's on the rights of women in this state recently. And as far as Atty General Abbott bragging about all he has done for Texas or what horrible of a woman Wendy is ... YOU SIR frankly have a lousy resume and track record in this state as far as the wrongful incarceration of people and privatized prison and youth detention facilities, the drug problem and rehabilitation, school/ education funding, women and children's rights, expanding new needed ACA medicaid for families in need, and the list is almost endless. Wendy Davis would be a breath of fresh air in a state that has been increasingly being polluted too much ... You have our support Sen. Davis, and I hope to be calling you Governor Davis this time next year!

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Infidel753 said...

Some liberal bloggers are getting agitated at Davis for taking this position, but it doesn't surprise me. Lots of liberals are pro-gun, especially from a rural background, or just want to have the option for self-defense.

The fact that Abbott is trying to paint her as insincere about it shows that it worries him.

As for the endless mudslinging about details of her personal life (and "coke whore" FFS), it's just part of the epic blundering about women that the Republicans from Akin to Huckabee have been showing lately. They're basically writing some of Davis's campaign ads for her.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh yeah ... I know Abbott is worried, but what your not hearing much, is that he is also worried because Wendy already got million's in support, more than he anticipated, and locally she hasnt trashed him too much ... YET. However, I dont see much for her to have to dig up, after all, this guyz resume speak's for itself, which isnt very impressive. Texas has alot of it's own unique problem's with some of the thing's where Abbott has been weak in his support, Wendy has some idea's that are kinda fresh and needed right now, Abbott would simply be the same ole same ole and none of these issue's would get addressed basically. She is also pro- business and big on job's as well, so she is NOT anti- business as some here call her. I hope that some of her national support will understand her stand on the gun rights issue if she stick's with that, and continue to support her.

Thanx for your voice here Infidel ... still cold and snow outside, this morning before daylight hit I was driving here in North Dallas and noticed there was also patches of black ice all over the place on major street's, made it a tad difficult controlling my car.

Infidel753 said...

Snow here in Portland too -- first time in years. I hear Alaska's pretty warm, though.