Thursday, February 13, 2014

CARTER GODWIN WOODSON: American Historian filling in the Blan(c)ks of American History ... (BLACK HISTORY MONTH/ HARMON LOFT PT.8)

Carter Godwin Woodson ... aka "Father of Black History"

Part 8 of "Black History Month" for 2014 will have to go to Dr. Carter G. Woodson and really past due for this series, the reason being that it is this man who had so much to do with bringing black history into the mainstream ... and what a background history this man had as well ... from a son of slaves, to the coal mines of West Virginia in the trenches as a laborer/ miner, to a couple of the most noted universities, to being an author and co- writing book's.

I have been asked more than once, and by new recent Arab immigrant's for instance ... what is the big deal with black history? ... or why it is so special?, etc ... and many of these folk's that I explained this to had no idea what all black American's have done as far as molding the modern Democracy America is today, the impact on American rock, jazz and R&B music and arts, to many invention's, to the cowboys and ranch hand's that built the new west, to medicine, to all that served this nation in our military, etc. And what is remarkable in most of this, is that these folk's were brought here as slaves, stripped of their culture, religion's, languages and families, and deliberately for year's denied to even get ANY education or to have any rights whatsoever as even being human, even some punished just for trying to learn to read or write for that matter ... I cant think of ANY immigrant culture to this nation in our history that has had to go through this and overcome the obstacle's put in place, even by our own founding government and leader's ... these folk's had to really fight and go through Hell to just be recognized as human and brought into any kind of mainstream of society, yet contributed so much to the construction of it. And time and again, so many here in America tried to sweep their history under the rug and act as if it never happened. The struggle and fight of African American's are also what done so much as far as expanding rights for ALL in this nation as well. So that's why it's importante and special historically.

I am at an age where when I was in grade school for instance in New York State at that in the 1960's, that there wasnt any mention of most of this to student's in school. I found out tidbit's of information here and there such as from a gentleman named Harmon Loft as a kid ... not in my school. This is also the reason why these posting's are dedicated as well to this man, which I explain throughout the series. Dr. Woodson is simply an American historian who helped "fill in" the many blank's that American history had missing ... and Thank You Sir!

Carter G. Woodson Tribute ... Thanx to LOU PHILLIPS








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