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MICHAEL SAM - with Dale Hansen & Ranch Chimp Commentary: "Celebrating Our Differences" ... The "DEFENSIVE BLOCKADE TACKLE" Edition ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.26) ... for Ray

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Michael Sam- Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year

Part 26 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will go to highlighting Michael Sam and what may become one of the most controversial draft season's in the NFL ... but that depend's too ... because many will want this outstanding defensive player of the Missouri Southeastern Conference because of his record and performance ... yet many may also feel a tad uncomfortable even though they may not come right out and say it ... then some may just want him for publicity reason's ... some will just say "so what ... he's gay ... no biggie ...", but there is a lil more to it when your playing in this particular sport than what may meet the eye, so it is a big deal in the NFL. There is no doubt in his rank he is up there with the best of the best, he is also a born and raised Texan out of the town of Hitchcock down in Galveston County (Houston/ Galveston Area). But first before I go any further, I thought that local Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen last night summed up something very straight and to the point concerning what is acceptable or not it seem's with our NFL and other sports in America, in Dale's piece called "Celebrating our Differences", then I will have some input on this myself after the newsread and video below.


***** ESPN: Michael Sam gets chance with Dallas ... an update to this posting here ... Michael Sam got hired by the Dallas Cowboys


I will also dedicate this posting to my ex- neighbour and buddy Ray, who I just found out now that he passed away ....

Ray McDonald- Running Back for the Washington Redskins


***** WFAA8/ ABC: Dale Hansen Unplugged: Celebrating our differences (newsread and video)

***** ULTIMATE TEXANS/ HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Michael Sam could become NFL's first openly gay player




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

Dale in the above video is so right on how some of us are ... talking out of both sides of our mouth and accepting what is clearly unacceptable by any standard's, yet not being nearly as acceptable about other thing's like a man being gay in the NFL, because I am sure there are several gay men in the NFL, I personally knew one (Ray) who was dismissed/ let- go from the Washington Redskins a lil over 40 year's ago ... but he told me that they used another reason to get rid of him back then to keep it all "on the low" (it appear's that Ray was let go according to this because he got busted in DC for messing around with a guy in public, although Ray never told me that, I decided to look it up, but Ray was my neighbour and we smoked alot of pot together hanging out, so he would tell me about the NFL when he got stoned, I didnt even know he died till now), Ray ended up managing a 7- 11 store here in Dallas after (the Wikipedia also said that Ray became a junior high music teacher, I knew nothing about this, Ray and I were neighbour's and socialized way back in the 1970's), and Ray told me alot about this, Ray never told folk's he was gay as far as at work, they found out from "psst- psst" type gossip queen rumor's of his personal life off the job/ field, and even around the neighbourhood, Ray never tried sexually coming on to folks or myself, he was a straight up guy and bothered no one, and kept most of that to himself. But Dale is so right ... we have had player's, Lord know's the Dallas Cowboys even have a Hell of a reputation over the year's, from sexual abuse of women, to even killing fellow teammate's in drunk driving accident's, to cocaine drug use/ delivery/ distribution or whatever and other criminal offenses ... yet being gay is the one that so many just dont say nothing about and keep it on the low as if it was some kind of criminal offense ... kind of like one of them "dont ask/ dont tell" thing's, eh?

So why do I think that Michael came out in the open with this? ... well, certainly not for publicity ... it takes ball's to come out in this what's known as a man's world and game, and even though so many are saying it's great from politician's to many other folk's in media who want to score pop- culture point's, it's Michael that really had the courage to say it and break through that defensive type of blockade and tackle this issue, it was going to have to be done sooner or later, and it's best it came already from Michael. This will make other's feel at least a lil more comfortable and not have to hide so much all their personal life as if they were criminal's or something. It's the truth ... if your in a position like say the NFL, and your a gay man in the shower's and locker room with men player's as an occupation, you are so worried about offending anyone or making some of your teammate's uncomfortable (Ray told me this is why he had to be hushed up about anything like that too, as far as his personal life, not wanting to offend any of the crew/ team he worked with). Some guyz just havent been around gay folk's much and homosexuality has been so taboo for so long that it take's time to understand the difference's and accept it for some guyz. Even some women are "uncomfortable" at times around this gay thing as you can see I experienced here with an ex- girlfriend reading the last part (short story) of the posting.

Michael figured he had to come out for other's too ... I mean ... "if" he didnt say he was gay and up for a draft pick with such an outstanding record, and someone picked him, then later found out through the grapevine, they may be angry that he didnt say anything before he signed a big contract with them or whatever ... I mean ... that's how sexually sensitive our society is, regardless of how swollen our head's are with how liberated we are. The fact is, that many still act like big babies and get their panties all in a twist over what someone does sexually in their own time ... or for those who dont get much sex themselves may just focus on what other's do because of their own lack of sex, or other's with religious issue's and their Holy fundamoralist opinion's. But anywayz ... we'll see what happen's, and wishing ole Mike the best as far as getting signed, and who know's Mike ... maybe even the Cowboys may make ya an offer ... Jerry is alwayz looking for the best, and not afraid to spend what it takes (not a cheapskate)! {: )

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