Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GALVESTON ISLAND/ HOUSTON: Texas Gulf of Mexico Coast ... America's Most Ethnically Diverse City ... The Urban & Leisure Town (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.21)

This posting for Part 21 of the "Taste Of Texas" series will be some video of the Houston Galveston area on the Gulf Coast. This area is kind of sentimental to me, and Houston is a town that I visit from time to time, since it is so close to Dallas, being a 4 hour drive from the house and a nice cruise day or night. Houston I consider as my Texas birthplace, although I was not born in Texas and moved here first from Montreal, Quebec, and spent alot of time before that in the northeastern US and southwestern US ... but Houston is the first place I lived in Texas and was a great town then and even better these dayz for urban or leisure! It is also the largest "city" population in the State and 4th in the USA as far as population in the city. When many folk's just go to Galveston Island to spend a day at the beach, catch some wave's and have a few drink's at a local bar or such ... there is much more to this little island than just that ... it is quite beautiful and has a rich history to it as well, and one of the most beautiful historic district's that is well kept and preserved in the nation, and I have been coast to coast and really mean that! It's urban neighbour Houston is a large town atmosphere, yet it's distinctive unique culture of it's own as well, such as all the different area's of Texas has, it also is one the the largest port's in the nation, with a fantastic selection of art's, eateries, museum's, alternative music, etc ... and it doesnt get as cold as Dallas {: )

But I didnt have an official posting for Houston in this series, and a friend Mark bought a nice lil beach condo on Galveston Island, with some cash inheritance his mom left him, with a beautiful awesome view especially at night with that warm gulf breeze on his patio deck. But Houston goes back to them year's ago for me, playing music in local venue's, picking and choosing different job's as quick as the season's change, late night and day parties on the beach, kick ass nightclub scene, or hunting up in the Big Thicket of the southeast Texas wood's, cooking fresh deer over a groundpit fire and smoking joint's rolled as big as cigar's of Mexican dirt weed, and longneck Lone Star beer's with friend's, just alot of fun time's and one of the first experience's that made my love of Texas grow ... and this state has really been good to me! Also some news read below added about how Houston now, is the most ethnically diverse city in the country, surpassing now New York City and Los Angeles in that category, and a few vidz below from Galveston Island/ Bay/ Houston area . I also recommend this Houston Area attraction which is a fav of mine to visit.

***** ASIA SOCIETY/ TEXAS: Houston Most Ethnically Diverse City in United States, Study Finds

***** HUFFPOST/ LATINOVOICES: Houston Surpasses New York And Los Angeles As The 'Most Diverse In The Nation'

GALVESTON.COM: Galveston Island Tourism ... Thanx to GALVESTONCOM

Houston in Texas- a Texas City like no other! ... Thanx to PHIL NEWCOMBE

The City of Houston, Texas 2010 ... Thanx to TIMOSHA21






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