Monday, May 6, 2013

BARBIE MEXICO 2013: The Controversy Continue's ... From BIRTH to BARBARISM to TERRORISM (BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S PT.5)

Mexico Barbie & her Doggy

Part 5 or the "Battle Of The Doll's" series will be another touchy controversial issue over one of the world's most favourite doll's Barbie ... forget Washington and Wall Street for a moment on how they are screwing us and focus on a more serious issue of importance that has gotten quite a bit of coverage as well ... so to try to be fashionable here as well for a moment I wanted to focus on this issue (and for the humour in these video's below {: ). Barbie has raised so much controversy over the year's from pregnancy, to her affair with Ken, and even to this day ... as a young lady point's out in the HuffPost news/ video ... over her carrying a chihuahua doggy, a passport ... and a burrito? (I didnt see the burrito though) ... but no doubt, wherever in the world, that Barbie can cause some temper's to flare, remember Tattoo Barbie as well ... and in this case it isnt even religious fundamoralist's or their battle buddies atheist's. Some news link and video below, and I wanted to include a real living Mexican Barbie, and just a couple other video's over a day in the life of Barbie and her experiences with some of the hard times as well ... Enjoy! {: ) ... and God Bless Barbie too!!

Controversial Mexican Barbie ... Thanx to JACKIEOROZCO

***** HUFFPOST STYLE/ CANADA: Mexico Barbie: 'Dolls Of The World' Stir Up Controversy Over Stereotypes (PHOTOS)

Terrorist Barbie ... Thanx to LOGANASKWHY (**** the song is AC/ DC's "TNT")

Barbie Baby Twins! Barbie has Twin Girls at the Hospital! Baby Doctor + Ken ... Thanx to Toy Tastic


Mexican Barbie Girl ... Thanx to ISABEL ALVAREZ




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