Friday, May 10, 2013

THE HELLFREAKS: "Boogie Man", "Circus Of Shame", "Last Nail", & "We Prefer"


This induction into this journal's music/ art's honour roll society is another that is past due to highlight an outstanding Hungarian based crew out of Budapest ... The Hellfreaks. From the way it appear's, this crew has been busting ass with gig's all over Europe and just putting everything into it. I wanted to also include some live performance here and reviewed everything there is available on YouTube, but I just couldnt get satisfied with one thing or the other, some great piece's of work, but considering the depth of this crew, I thought alot of it underserved the crew to make it short, so just at this time decided to go with studio cut's, only to balance the sound as far as the output and distinction of each instrument in this case. Some of the venue's also were too tight as far as stage, acoustic's, lighting, etc ... some nice raw "live" work, but in this case, better to highlight the studio stuff, because this crew really has a nice blend all around, and can really do some strong work under the right direction and backing.

Officially active as this company since 2009, but been constructing this line- up since 2007 and earned quite a rep in Hungary which is rightfully deserved, this is just another one of those crew's that drive's me and has my mind going in various direction's as for their potential ... I would like to see some more stage and studio video production for this crew, which of course cost's money ... I seen the same thing with Marilyn Manson for instance in their earliest dayz and knew of the potential when I first seem them in basically a bowling alley and auditorium in South Dallas' West Oak Cliff section called "Bronco Bowl", working with little and a very tight budget. Also some outstanding upright bass playing here, I also like the vocal work in particular of Shakey Sue, really some sharp breaking work, although I read some criticism on her vocal work, but her vocal work in my opinion is just right for this, and I also am a big fan of female front vocal's in punk genre type music categories. This crew fall's into the category of a sort of Psychobilly style punk, Horror Punk or whatever ... locally here in Texas Rev. Horton Heat worx in some of this as well, who is old school around here, and some of the grassroot's of psychobilly as well. Another reason I wanted to highlight the studio work was to get clear and enhancement on some of the harmonizing and backing vocal's which blended well with Sue's work, a blend worth highlighting ... also standing out in particular to me is the guitar and drum's work in "Last Nail". The first official video below of "Boogie Man" is really some nice work too, so I wanted to put that up front. But really looking forward to some of their future project's, ya'll really kick it well, and wishing them all the best! ... Enjoy!



The Hellfreaks: Boogie Man (Official) ... Thanx to LOSTIKIPICTURES

The Hellfreaks: Circus Of Shame- Album: Circus Of Shame (2012) ... Thanx to The Hellfreaks

The Hellfreaks- Last Nail- Longneck Records 2012 ... Thanx to LONGNECKRECORDS

The Hellfreaks- "We Prefer" ... Thanx to The Hellfreaks- Topic





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