Saturday, May 11, 2013

JEFF BLISS: A Lesson & Lecture from a Student to a Lazy Teacher ... When Lack of CREDIBILITY Justifies ACCOUNTABILITY ... (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT. 16) & (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.6)

Jeff Bliss

This posting will also serve two series for this journal, and really hit home with me especially, reminding me of myself and my troubled teen year's and not being able to function in school because of the lack of interest and teacher's who frankly couldnt motivate or inspire worth a damn to take interest. I had been sent out of class on more than one occassion like Jeff and the usual, and also dropped out in my freshman year, but never returned ... so it's great to see that Jeff did and realizes the importance of an education, to also fight for what's only right. I try to keep in touch on the up and up with my grandkid's and what they are learning and accomplishing as well in their school/ classes, etc. Duncanville High School below is in the South Dallas suburb of Duncanville.

Jeff's point's and lesson is needed ... more than ever in my life have I seen the increasing amount of just rushing kid's through this system, hammering them with packet's, homework, and lack of atencion from not the student's but teacher's, with teacher's becoming more caught up in the ratrace of getting their quota's, the corporate communism of today to disrupt our public education to try to privatize as much of it for profit's, etc ... the list is almost endless it seem's ... it's downright sickening! And this all was justified and IN ORDER! This teacher was rude and out of place just casually expecting to get slack for whatever she does or dont ... these are OUR kid's and we give you your paycheck's! She also tell's Jeff (student) he's "wasting her time" (?) ... No asshole, your wasting the student's TIME! ... and putting this teacher on administrative leave was justified. These lazy type's who lack credibility as well with all their bullshit should be held accountable, and when the oversight of the board's cant do their bloody job ... it's time that our student's demand it, it's their parent's tax money and their future's and nation ... and frankly I talk to many young student's that are just a lil sick and tired of the business as usual bullshit and political correctness. Credit also to Jeff's mom who is also a teacher and gave his action's her full support. Jeff is truely a public patriot! ... and Thank You Sir! ... Word Out ....

Interview with (Jeff Bliss) Duncanville High School Student- WFAA ... Thanx to NIHALANTH

***** DALLAS OBSERVER: Jeff Bliss, Duncanville Teen Whose Classroom Rant Went Viral, Escaped Punishment. His Teacher Has Not (newsread)

Jeff Bliss a student from Duncanville owns his teacher (Original) ... Thanx to RAHMATHEK15







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