Friday, May 10, 2013

RIO GRANDE RISE ... South America's LOST ATLANTIS Continent (ABOVE & BELOW PT. 15)

First of all for my fellow Texan's here ... NO, this dont have a thing to do with our TexMex border {: ) This is what folk's are calling a lost South American continent not far off the coast of Brazil, that some in theory guess it was at a time dry land above water before Africa and South America went their far off seperate wayz {: ) ... which also clearly make's sense too, I mean, the further away these land masses became over million's of year's, whatever connector between them would sink more, eh? ... called by folk's the Rio Grande Rise. And as Ms. Ramos point's out in the video below, this has been explored more now because of the expedition to find mineral's, which we can Thank those so anxious to mine the Hell out of everything above and below in these time's for their influence as well, I'm sure they cant wait for Greenland to totally melt too, for some more above ground action there, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Of course stories like Atlantis are known as myth's, but then again, looking at all the change's this earth has went through as far as shifting of land masses, continent's, shelves, desert's to marshland's, mountain's, volcano's, etc, etc ... hasnt this planet been ALL one continent after another over several billion year's? losses and gain's of land, species and life repeated over and over and over. Enough from me above here and onto some read and video below ....

"Lost Continent" discovered underwater? ... Thanx to CNN

***** NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/ DAILY NEWS: Lost Lands Found by Scientists





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