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ISRAEL'S IRON DOME: Spending to MINIMALIZE Defense Expense, that MAKES SENSE ... The BOMB'S, BAGEL'S & BURKA'S Edition (ARAB WORLD TENSION'S PT.5) **** with 05/ 17/ 13 Post Note

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

Part 5 of the "Arab World Tension's" series will be to take a looksy at the Iron Dome of Israel and the cost factor. And I wanted to highlight this news, because when I first heard/ seen this, like many other American's, I was appalled too! Why? ... because of the relentless reckless spending in Washington we have seen in recent year's, especially with all the privatization for profit's in military and defense and fraud, while we are also closing school's across the nation, cutting social programme's (but also gaining some programme's, which you wont hear much about, because it doesnt get folk's "angry", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ), cutting into thing's like benefit's to our disabled vet's, senior's, kid's, etc, etc ... so a news clip like this in these time's will easily get you upset ... and I'm not saying that is RT's objective here either ... I realize where they stand on this Palestinian/ Israeli conflict and have since day one, so I understand. I also realize the tension's in this region, our interest's, and have a friend who lives in a small town in Central Israel called Hadid, which is smack center between the major target's of big town's like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But I dont want to take the popular left/ right stand on this one, and think more realistically after reviewing this defense strategy ... on this one ... I have to agree with Washington and Israel both after looking at the expense of what's spent here, this in other word's will help on defense spending in my opinion and try to at least minimalize some of the more reckless spending we've seen ... providing it worx the way it look's it could {: ) ... and not to just open a spending spree door for more toyz and trinket's ... this may be worth it's weight in gold in other word's, and a damn good investment for a tight budget!

First of all, war's are NOT CHEAP, especially in these dayz with all the corporate communist's influence in such! And the fact is, regardless of where we stand on Israel being a state/ country in this region, why it was started and where it stand's today ... it is there NOW, and we are going to have to deal with the condition of NOW, period! Again, you cannot use political diplomacy alone to try to change the condition between a group of wealthy folk's and politician's ... you must have desired change in the heart's of both people's, and we are not seeing that right now, so there is going to continue to be conflict's any way you slice it. We can spend this fraction of what we already promised to Israel on this and take the gamble that it will deter some of the bloodshed ... or we can just spend 10/ 20X more building more goddamn bomb's that even Israel wouldnt know what in Hell to do with they have so many as it is! which in turn mean's more bloodshed, more bitching and whining from both the left and the right. So on this one I also give credit to our President Obama since this was in his heart/ plan's as well, and his true bipartisan approach to an issue like this. A billion buck's for this? ... Why the Hell not, if it can prevent some more bombing expenditure's and unnecessary casualties? Enough from me ... Word Out ....

Military Millions: US spends fortune on Israels Iron Dome amid efficiency doubts ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

***** ANTIWAR.COM: US to Give Israel Another $400 Million for Iron Dome

***** RUSSIA TODAY: Tempering Iron Dome: US may spend $680 million on Israeli missile shield .... this was an article back over a year ago when RT covered this ... they say "may spend" ... but believe me ... we WILL spend continuing to let Washington do business as usual and alot more $$$$ I may add, so I look at this as a "minimal" expenditure considering what it may save.



***** PD/ RCJ: "FUNDING & STUPIDITY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE" PART'S 4 THRU 1 ... this is sort of a related series, as far as military/ defense spending is concerned, that I just wanted to include here

***** PD/ RCJ: "NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR THREAT 2013" ... another posting here related as far as if/ when a actual threat of attack arrive's and my input on dealing with that direct threat


***** POST NOTE UPDATE (fri. 17 April 2013) ... I wanted to add this post note to try to point out a difference in this particular ungoing battle, and why I dont look at it as any part of this terror threat to the west or such that we been also occupied with. To me this battle is isolated with just a bunch of outside influence's trying to muscle their way into it, I'm looking at the actual condition and reality domestically for the Palestinian and Israeli people here ... so regardless of any of the outside affiliate's that have gotten involved in this, whether it is from America or other outside Arab's throughout other region's in the middle east, I want to look at this for what it really is, okay?

First of all, I didnt think it was the wisest idea to create the state of Israel, but it's done, period. At the same time at this point in time, I see no reason to kick out all the Jew's to satisfy the interest's of those Palestinian's and give it all back, any more than I feel we should kick out all American's born here, and just give back America to the Indian's, eh? I mean ... region's and territories change, ALL OVER THE WORLD, and all throughout human history, and all culture's, period ... I dont see a need to redesign all the map's of the globe to have territories mapped off as they were centuries or thousand's of year's ago ... shit change's, plain and simple ... America is no exception. I dont even look at this as part of this muslim/ christian/ jew conflict that has gained strength recently ... I see this as deeply rooted in this territory between two people's, with every dominating religious, corporate and political movement using it for their objective's ONLY. This to me is a matter of territorial right''s.

For this reason I have had much sympathy in past for the Palestinian people (and not a damn thing to do with religion!) ... I mean ... they feel railroaded, robbed and taken ... at the same time because of how long this dispute goes back, the Israeli's feel the same way (but you can thank bloody religion's and politic's for instigating so much, as they alwayz done throughout the world). I listened closely to Arafat for instance back in the day, so I understand that resentment. But I still believe that there could be a strong amount of social order, or what some may even call peace between these two people's, and that they could live and work together as a society in their own territory of the world, and be successful at it! ... I have no doubt ... I am one confident in the nature and need's of the human species in general and it's potential. Yeah, there are cultural difference's, but those change as well as we evolve.

Also the Palestinian people should understand that when you toss these bomb's into Israel, well ... you need to expect retaliation, this is what some dont understand, especially in these western media's alwayz painting Israel as evil and announcing all the casualties of the Israeli's retaliatory execution strategies in self defense, etc, ... the whimpering etc. ... again, it's not good or evil, it's action and reaction, plain and simple, and with those action's on both side's/ part's come's death, injuries, and the rest ... DEATH IS A RESULT IN CONFLICT ... plain and simple, so these media's, blog's or whatever ... get the fuck over it, or better yet ... take your asses over there and fight {: ) And maybe we should step back a lil as well at time's, after all, this need's to be worked out not by American's or Arab's ... but the people of that region.

Here's the bottom line in this ... you can continue to stay at each other's throat's and toss woof ticket's and these small scale bomb's back and forth and continue the bloodshed till ya'll are both blue in the face (like a corpse), like a bunch of spoiled toddler's who got their toyz taken away ... and both side's are guilty of this ... or you can start to REALLY change, and you dont change with just some stuffed suit's of so called leader's sitting at table's  making ass- print's in their seat's over snack's and drink's running their jaw's about what THEY want or their corporate, political, or religious sidekick's/ affiliate's. Beside's ... all this old deadwood is on the way out the door in time and will die like everything else does and be done with ... so might as well start to really change and take into account what the free minded younger generation's REALLY want, because THEY will ultimately change what ya'll cant ... in time ... both of ya'll can bank on that!


City Rats- Sickurity (punk Israel) ... Thanx to RIOTPUNX13 **** and special Thanx to guitarist Hannah here in Dallas (who was born and raised in Hebron, Israel) for turning me on to this tight crew out of Tel Aviv, the song title is fitting for this posting {: ) **** also will be included in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"




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