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SENATOR SANDERS Blueprint to Curb Excessive Oil Speculation & Manipulation ... (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.15) & (Gas Price's At The Pump 2013 PT.5)

This posting to serve 2 series as well for this journal, and in these more trying economic times we have ... with Bernie ... we get the best of both the world's ... being the well suited politician with real integrity as a representative of the American people's interest's, and frankly a guy that you get 2 for the price of one as far as performance and job efficiency, with the most bang for our buck, and this guy keep's the whip cracking!

And this is not so sudden either, the Senator nearly 1 year ago as well sent this letter to the U.S. Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission ... so this stall- game politipop response from Senator Debbie Stabenow after is not good enough! ... you can tell just looking and listening to her, that she is trying to sweep this shit under the rug. But, first below a lil ole lesson in economic's with his latest probe proposal's, then a few cent's from the ole Chimp on the Ranch (me).

***** BERNIE SANDERS: Gas Price Probe

Gas Price Probe ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS

***** THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL/ MEMPHIS: U.S. regulator blames gasoline price spike on speculation

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For the record again, I will first state that I am NOT against free market, wealth, corporation's, bank's, capitalism, etc, etc ... I am VERY much pro- business ... Hell ... I even support corporate tax break's/ incentive's! ... so look closely at what I say, not just the face of the word's. All you see happening here and now, is nothing but manipulation cut and dry ... and totally damaging to true free market, capitalism, and business across the board, from the top on down, as I point out alot throughout this journal and these series. In fact ... the design and basic foundation principle's of free market and all that ... has done so much good across the board for progress ... all you have here is some folk's with a knack and in some cases an addiction to gambling, other's just outright crook's or well educated racketeer's, so all folk's like myself are looking for is balance and a fair playing field, not asking much at all. And they think that they themselves are harmless and just playing the market's and no biggie, no one's hurt, etc, etc ... and most believe that what they are doing is really the answer to across the board prosperity in the long run for all, but like any addiction or addict, they deny alot and refuse to see the flip- side and consequence's, eh? But all this has a huge chain reaction, just like when one of these mega- entities of finance get so huge that they take down the whole house every bloody time they trip up. So it's not as much that we need to tighten our ship ... Lord know's we have already mega regulation's and rules already on the book's to work ... so what we need is to tighten up on these entities/ folk's is all ... for year's they have drafted plenty of legislative piece's on telling us what to do and what is law ... we need as a people to start to crack the whip as well, that's what were missing, and lolligagging around a lil too much with petty shit, so there can never be enough talk and question on this type thing. This posting is also partly inspired by some local guyz that like million's of other's across the nation wonder and worry about these thing's to make a living. The U.S. is a lil behind on getting thing's done in this area too, which is why were railroaded so much ... and because we have so much people's wealth up for grab's, many other nation's in Europe and other's continent's made this shit before us and are trying to do something ... so dont be one of those that just shake their head and look down, say woe is us/ me, were doomed, etc ... slacking and giving up never turn's out winner's! ... changes come from action.

This is something that I hear so much about from folk's as far as  the pump price's, mainly those that have to buy gas/ petrol for large vehicle's, and CANNOT have smaller vehicle's and stay in business ... for instance I can call off right now 6 guyz off hand I know that this really hit's hard, Rick, Tim, Wolf, Randy, Chris, and Dan, all these guyz work for/ as independent contractor's in thing's like HVAC, electrical, mechanical, etc ...  they all HAVE to have larger type pick- up's like F- 350's or such to haul around daily tool's, equipment, material's or what have you, and million's of other's like them, eh? These game's of market's speculation, manipulation, etc ... hurt's all business/ market across the board ... meaning ... yep, you got it ... even those in the top crust too eventually ... so everyone's wallet is feeling the pinch, get my drift? Wolf and Randy the other day asked me if I heard on the news that the gas price's were going to take a drop come summer (poor fella's looked almost excited over it .... geeeezzz), and do I think it will REALLY happen? ... and YES ... I have heard about that, and yes, of course that can/ will happen ... but this is only seasonal shit like I told them, you got this overall mindwave that all on the same level interacting with each other in these mega speculation circles. They know that price's will get driven down here and there ... that's all part of the game, other wise, they wouldnt have any game, eh? And you have to look at the fact that everytime you save a buck on something like this, one hand is handing you a $buck$, while their other hand is in your pocket on your wallet. It has to take some kind of drop during the summer, because it's a heavy travel season, if folk's dont spend and travel it's a loss, eh (?). Cost's are shifted in these thing's and such to offset losses to an extent, from holiday travel to the cost's of the seasonal changes due to the various formulation's that have to be made for certain region's, due to environmental reason's etc ... such as the summer blend's in this case, etc. Heating energy is another concern for million's like in Bernie's State of Vermont because of the cold too, as he point's out time and again.

I also hear talk all the time from folk's that think all the excessive drilling we been doing and mega production will bring down cost's ... as I been saying for year's and throughout this journal, IT SIMPLY CANT until we actually address the illness and how business as usual is being conducted, this is what the Senator is simply doing above and trying to point out ... he is NOT trying to shut down the world of business ... you just have these investor's and mega entities who are outright excessively greedy cheapskate's, way out of control that whine like lil spoiled brat's every damn time a self proclaimed socialist, environmentalist or even financial expert DOES point out the reality ... then claim's they're victim's, they will take their business out of the country, etc, etc, etc (as far as I'm concerned ... GO if you cant live by a simple standard of rulez ... take ya'll's business and asses wherever in Hell you want ... I frankly dont give a shit ... watch the goddamn door so it dont hit ya'll in the ass, there's plenty of folk's to take ya'll's place!). Look ... how many year's now have we been hearing energy independence, lower price's at the pump, mega job creation and all the other nonsense? We already boosted production to the gill's, are overstocked/ supplied to where even the Saudi's bellyached saying something like a few year's back at that ... " if you want us to produce any more ... show us the demand and business!" Where's all the independence, job's, capital, etc? No ... these SOB's are just producing and mega pipelining etc, etc ... to put more damn chip's to bet with on their table. Their just out of control hogwild at this time, and time they get slapped upside their head's once or twice to get enlightened, look at it as therapy of sort to rehabilitate their sickness ... just letting them continue as usual and not even feel any consequence's, bailing them out and handing everything to them over and over, will damage us ALL in the longrun.

That's the Reality ... Word Out ....




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