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AMERICA'S TOP KILLERS & NANNY NAZIS: President Obama & Secretary of State Clinton ... The POLITIPOP "Axis of Evil" Report ... (Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.8)

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For Part 8 of this series, it will be to take a look at what has been all over the news recently like a cheap suit on sunday amongst our fine well paid leadership in Washington ... this time featuring the relentless whining, bitching, moaning, and bellyaching over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of course being an accomplice to murder, and our NOW Nanny President Obama being behind unfair targeting from the IRS on Tea Party group's and related, and ole Sen. Mitch's bitch of this conspiracy theory and much more on this American axis of evil ... then of course some common sense non bullshit from myself concerning this.

David Gregory Calls Out Sen. McConnell Over Admin's 'Culture Of Intimidation' ... Thanx to BUZZSOURSE

***** POLITICO: Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton 'absolutely' to blame for Benghazi

***** FOX NEWS: Holder launches probe into IRS targeting of Tea Party groups

I really tried to refrain from even writing about this silly horseshit for over a week, but it just keep's getting deeper and deeper and deeper with the shit that is shoveled on to us, and one would figure that there are more serious domestic issue's for all these well paid corporate flunkies in Washington to work on ... but nope ... this is the big politipop conspiracy that we should all be focused on I reckon. Once again as usual ... one of the fastest flip- flopper's in Washington Sen. Mitch McConnell dominated this sunday's "Meet the Press" with all his indirect carefully worded conspiracy theories, then of course all the other folk's from the GOP (God's Own Party) been throwing in their few cent's as well. The most popular talk has been impeachment and sending folk's to prison, etc, etc ... c'mon man ... be for real ... geeezzz ... ya'll will do anything for a goddamn vote!

Did the IRS target Tea Party group's unfairly? ... maybe so ... but I see NO NEED for the President to have to apologize for it, nor do I think it was at his command or will ... sure as Hell dont need to apologize to me Sir. The fact is ... and as ole Mitch would point out himself ... any tax exempt group is subject to get targeted by the IRS ... and frankly they should be targeting more politician's in this country especially! It doesnt matter if it's the Tea Party or an affiliate of a Occupy Wall Street group, the NAACP ... even the ACLU has been also looked at closely, and pushed to do so by those same folk's who are bitching right now on the right about targeting folk's ... and Sen. McConnell talking about corporation's rights? .... pleeeaase ... that is so goddamn cheap, since your so worried about rights ... do something about all your finance contributor's who are violating our fucken rights, the voter's in this nation!

And this hammering of former Secy of State Clinton has been another snowjob ... blame her? ... for what?!! ... go after the goddamn freak's that done all the murdering ... that's like blaming the fucken gun ... ya'll wouldnt do that would ya? ... c'mon ... share with us some of your humanitarian love and all the other wimpy talk your dishing out. Shit like Benghazi happen's, eh? and there are a whole buffet of place's it could happen in the world due to the way some of your affiliate's have been screwing over these countries and inciting terror indirectly doing so. All this is just more left/ right bullshit as far as I'm concerned ... and nauseating as having to hear constantly about other related bullshit.

Word Out for now ....

**** POST NOTE: Also let me add to this and for all those American's that hate taxes and the IRS ... I'm glad we have both, and feel they both are one of the greatest thing's created in this nation!






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