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Washington & Wall Street's COUP D' ETAT ... PANIC, PROPAGANDA & POLITIC'S ... The Prime Interest interview's David Stockman (PT.2) ... (AMERICA'S STUPIDITY PT.3)

Host of "The Prime Interest" Perianne Boring

Part 3 of "America's Stupidity" will be to highlight the new RT America/ YouTube series "The Prime Interest", which only has 4 video's currently, hosted by Perianne Boring, who may seem a lil green as far as speaking on cue or such ... but she is just a lil stiff in this, so I hope they give her some time to loosen up, because her heart is in the right place and she should work well ... and this should be a decent informative series as well ... of course ... in OUR prime interest! {: )

But the reason for this to be in the "America's Stupidity" series is because we listen too much to this fear propaganda, then support these ill move's by the political representative's we have, when their move's PROVE to be ILL, we continue to vote for them again, based on new excuses and usually lies they tell us, when we need to clean house and get alot of new people running for office especially who are going to work more efficiently, not keep on messing up year after year after year and making new excuses and doing nothing or making little progress. None of us in the private sector's would be tolerated for such performance, and these folk's should not be either.

I chose this piece because the first 13 minute's of this is an interview with David Stockman ... a former Republican Congressman, who also served under President Ronald Reagan as Director of Office of Management and Budget, as well as a businessman born here in the Lone Star State (Texas). So why would a voting Democrat like myself like a guy like Stockman? Well, first of all I'm a lil like President Obama and truely bipartisan, have even voted Republican year's back for most of my voting life ... and David is more of a true type conservative ... not this neo pop culture religious and corporate communist ass sucking type's that we have today ... make's sense in simple to understand point's, call's the real deal, etc. Also note what David sayz as far as entitlement reform's like on Social Security (**** see David Stockman PT. 1 for this) ... NOT to reform the SSI of those who make little, but THOSE who rake in decent buck's, eh? ... oh yes ... this will be a reform that is past due, as well as cracking down on some of this medicare/ medicaid corporate milking and defense/ war's spending. There is plenty of wayz to tighten the belt, believe me ... that are being IGNORED flat out!

One of the thing's that David point's out here, is the panic type mindset, weakness, correctness, etc in Washington that is influenced by so many on Wall Street these dayz, which is nothing but a bunch of fear card's and propaganda and such that I pointed out time and again throughout this journal on these related issue's ... what David casually label's as nothing but a "Coup d' etat" ... cause that is EXACTLY what this horseshit is, okay? (even several engineer's of this are ex- politician's turned lobbyist's ... by BOTH side's too) By so called "leader's" and "elite" ... who frankly couldnt lead a goddamn pack of sewer rat's and are about as elite as I'm a Martian with a green card. As David point's out here also ... while all this crap was going down with Hank "Bank of Hank" Paulson for instance during the final dayz of the Bush/ Cheney Administration ... these crybabies whining for bailout's had goddamn $12 trillion in asset's (as far as backup in the smaller institution's scattered where OUR money layz, thus showing you that this was strictly about saving a handful of the largest dominating icon's who would have failed by natural order so to speak to some extent, for their faulty risk's, and make them more bigger and stronger, not those under them) ... 2% of which toxic asset's failing in value at that! ... yet we were fed all this talk about meltdown's, doom and gloom  etc, etc ...which as I pointed out in those earlier posting's of mine ... I would have let business take's it's natural course and let their asses fail, liquidate, etc ... at least to some extent. For a half dozen year's now we been talking about too big to fail on both these political side's, and havent done a goddamn thing but make these entities even bigger and increased the chance's of even bigger failure's to come the way we have dealt with this being dictated by Wall Street! Enough from me for now, listen to the man ....

PRIME INTEREST: David Stockman on Why the Bailouts Were a Coup D'etat [E004] ... Thanx to THECONOMYY


***** PD/ RCJ: "AMERICA'S STUPIDITY" PART'S 2 & 1 ... part one here also include's David Stockman Pt.1




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