Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LOBBY REFORM 2013: Washington's Political Career's & Lobby Hobbies (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.9)


Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

Buenos Dias ... and so much for Groundhog Phil and his cult of liar's who claimed to expect an early spring, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... while half the nation is covered in snow with even plow's in some cities that cant even handle it ... even Dallas this morning in the upper 20's, while a week ago I was in my short's and t-shirt enjoying the upper 70's ... so it was half true, being that we did have above norm temp's for a few dayz ... then went back to the miserable cold, which I cant wait for summer ... give me 95 degree dayz and 75 degree night's over any of this shit {: ) Which bring's me to some of the liar's who we employ as well on Capitalism Hill and their ill prediction's over damn near everything, for this Part 9 of the "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" series. You see ... one of the sillyest and most nonsensical thing's we "buy" is this talk that we and our entitlement's, school's, or any of the government service's that WE SOLELY PAY FOR, need's to be reformed, or that we receive too much for our dollar, we need to be cut, etc, etc ... the only thing that's need's cut's and reform, are those that tell us THAT WE NEED TO BE CUT AND REFORMED ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I'll tell ya everything that need's reform that is importante ... just read some of the link's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

This is the kind of thing that I hammered on since the start of this journal as well as in talk on the street's with so many over the last few year's ... and primarily because we actually have a good system foundation for democracy and government in this country ... and frankly, even many good decent politician's who are basically in a type of hostage situation, simply because of the almighty dollar that rulz Washington's politic's today. Like one of my favourite piece's from the classic storybook, the Holy Bible in Tim's part ... about the love of money being the root of evil's that pierce us through ... and frankly "excessiveness" in anything can have ill consequence's ... I love money myself, but I have my limit's, integrity, discipline and honour to keep as well ... so I have cap's and limit's on what I will do for such, eh?

Lobbying which was started with good intention's, need's attencion now more than ever and reform's to be made to tighten the belt on this clear as day corruption. This can and WILL change in time though through this new enlightenment ... so all these posting's and media's from million's of us are what will drive that change in time, just as like anything else does. We also need to TELL our representative's straight and clear of the kind of folk's we want and what they need to do ... or else ... start to get rid of them as hard as it may seem to, since many want to do their best, but simply are caught in this web ... what doesnt work right ... you get rid of and disassociate with it ... it's not personal ... it's just good business, eh? This is why I was so pessimistic that even a public option in health care reform wasnt going to get through ... and the President (Obama) WAS NOT opposed to it ... as a matter of FACT ... it was his initial proposal and project as President ... the power's of the dollarz destroyed it, not him. This of course being the fact that the pharma, medical and insurance giant's WERENT satisfied with their good profit's ... but extreme in greed to the point where, they wanted no competition, no outside or government influence, yet wanted to milk our government for every cent they can (**** I pointed out in the "HealthCare SNOWEjob" series linked below, their plan's, objective's and goal's, which came out entirely accurate) ... and even though they boasted of how great they were and being the top medical care giver's in the world with their system ... actually complained that even a small public option of a measley 20% that the President proposed and directed at the "working poor" only ... would put them out of business ... which is about the most lame and nonsensical excuse that I ever heard in my life ... which in turn, proved for ya'll that they were simply full of shit right there. Enough from me ... more below ....

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