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AMERICA 2013 & The GREAT LIE ... with The Best of The Best that "MONEY CAN BUY" (The AWAKENING PT.29) **** & 03/ 02/ 2013 POST NOTE inspired by Suzy

March 2013 ... your house of well paid/ compensated representation in time of crisis on the job .... Yes ... again ... they walked out. .... **** and Here is a simple, quick, and clear picture of reform and change in Washington

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" with daughter

I only wish I could have been so accurate on my football bet's that I lost my a$$ on this last season, as I have been in this journal as far as figuring out this bullshit that we got fed ... which wasnt very difficult to figure out, since these folk's screwing us gave themselves away long ago with their move's ... they were careless basically, then add what history show's us ... and you pretty much figured out what they will do ...  alot easier than trying to calculate the outcome of a football game {: ) Of course, the shaft of another 6" inches up our asses that I been saying to "expect" 2013 has ARRIVED ... but better now than later ... trust me ... so we CAN CLEARLY see once and for all (hopefully the mass majority by now) the reality without one ounce more of high financed and engineered bullshit, bullshit political blog's, and high pressured media hostage taking. What we do see straight is ... the best of the best that "Money Can Buy" ... because that is what drive's this all, and is why we are milked, raped, and ravished. Everyone from even our disabled veteran's, senior citizen's, the left and right, to our children and familia's across the board are the victim's here, they (entities of power) dont value a thing, whether it's familia, right's, sacrifice's made or anything at all ... only their circle's, which is why I pointed that out so much throughout this journal ... they are basically worthless, weak, and incompetent as well, with not a shred of truth or integrity whatsoever, who couldnt wipe their own ass without instruction's and help from us.

Of course as I mentioned time and again in past posting's was, they will save smaller petty issue's to toss to us as treat's when the final rape come's down ... which you see today (right on time too, eh? {: ) with the newest talk about a strong push to legalize same sex marriage, which is being saturated in todayz media to distract away from what the back hand is doing. Not that same sex marriage isnt a "good thing" ... my point was, it should have been "legal" year's ago just out of basic right's and NOT only used as a tool with so many other's to use as a distraction when we get fucked the hardest and deepest. Then you have many like myself, who are going to do whatever in Hell we like and want, have no shame, whether the authority approve's, recognizes, or thinx if it's right or wrong ... we dont give a shit, were going to do what we want anywayz ... and why not? ... isnt that what ya'll do while screwing us? ... so who's right and wrong, eh? ... we know WHAT'S RIGHT for us ... Thank You! {: ) So why all of the sudden even some on both side's giving in on same sex marriage and other social issue's? ... why do you think?

Sadly we have so many really good politician's as well as I highlight throughout this journal, that give their all and really fight for some decent and past due thing's and issue's ... which will unfortunately politically hurt them come 2014 and 2016 ... on BOTH side's this time, trust me. The Republicans will rightfully so get hit the hardest though ... so I SUGGEST now, that many, especially in the Democrat Party which I have been a strong supporter of, start to be and act more independent and abandon those in the party that have sold out ... NOW IS THE TIME (quoting Dr. ML King). This is a new chapter right now as far as awakening, as I pointed out will come about in time, once folk's start opening their eye's ... history show's you how that worx.

So despite our miseries of current, there is a BIG plus side to all of this too. Will we suffer? of course we will, and we have to, to get out of the rut we are in ... but bank on it ... it will happen, and these entities who are high- siding right now ... will self destruct and fail ... in time. I chose 2 video's below to give an accurate up to date picture of the current reality. And Thanx again to RT and RT America for all they do.


Peter Schiff: Wall Street's rising back thanks to the taxpayers ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** POST NOTE (02 March 2013) This post note inspired by Suzy who is a neighbour/ friend, because she is somewhat like million's of other's confused to alot of this ... and I DONT take much enjoyment in writing about politic's in this journal, but am obligated to a degree, because of how much in the current they impact our society economically. Suzy fit's into the category of million's of American's that are the one's who keep this ECONOMY going. She make's a decent living, she is independent, a good education and background from north suburbia Dallas area, basically spit and polish type lady/ citizen. Suzy asked me to explain this stuff to her, because she is so lost on so much of this, and not even aware at time's of just how our government worx and is funded let's say ... but ... she is again like so many American's of middle class America ... they simply work, have small businesses in our neighbourhood's, vote, pay their taxes, spend out the ass, and keep this whole engine going ... they are after all the TRUE stimulus to our economy in these trying time's. You see ... the week that led up to this so called "sequester" card game we have, the mainstream media was all over it like a cheap suit on sunday, today, it's first day in effect, not hardly a word about it. Most American's are not even thinking much about it either, nothing more than another political fear card and game that dont mean squat after the fact in other word's.

Why this is importante though, is to see exactly where our fault's and issue's lie, as far as how our representation is alwayz more than ever in gridlock, collectively with an inability to get anything done of significance, the problemo with not being bipartisan, understanding, tolerant ... and just simply childish, over issue's that are of grave concern, how these different title's, game's, and card's were dealt get prolonged and prolonged and repeat itself over and over, kicking the can down the road to another 6 month's or so, then coming up with some other fiscal fear title and deadline date of do or die, which I have pointed out throughout this journal and a few series. Sure ... you and other's may not "feel" this sequester, and $85 billion may not catch your atencion in these time's ... but it mean's alot to so many American's as well, they WILL feel it, and it WILL have a ripple effect, not maybe next week, but give it a few month's.

You see ... what happened as of today ... is the Republican Party WON as far as getting what they wanted. You may not hear about it now ... but rest assured, that many Tea Party type's, GOP, Ron Paul supporter's, libertarian's, etc ... are thrilled over this ... all of these folk's want smaller government, and alot less spending ... which I agree would be great, if it could actually work ... but in these time's and condition's, it cant and wont ... and only bring more misery and loss of voice and freedom's. You see ... what they got away with is just the beginning of what they will pull, the next several month's down the road ... because this one is just a slippery slope, $85 billion here, $80 billion there, a few more billion this month, a few more billion next month, etc, etc ... get my picture? These cut's are just a sample of what is to come, this is why I been stating last year, that 2013 will be a grand fucking, the only reason you were fed so much shit in 2012, was because election's were up,and they also wanted you to get into debt out the ass for the holiday season, so they can verbally suspend the recession, to make you think there isnt one anymore, and sugar coat unemployment figure's, etc, etc.

The other hidden fact here that you may overlook, is that even many Democrat's wanted this sequester show/ game to go through, but are pretending in the media's that they were against it ... Why? ... because Republican's made their intention's clear, the Democrat's of notoriety and those few that sleep with the major corporate entities and bank's secretly, also dont want to have to reach an agreement, because BOTH side's know they want to find cut's, but both take a different approach and stand on it, neither want to do anything or say anything that will hamper a 2014 election mid- term victory, or even say what they truely WANT to cut, okay? This sequester shit, allow's both to be able to blame the opponent, and allow's for the cut's by law/ legislation to go into effect without either side giving in to the other ... get my drift? ... it's like the good cop/ bad cop game ... and another basic street con. This is all designed to cut us slowly and lower our standard's, expectation's, and standard's of living especially, and most importantely, to let sliver's of government fail, dissolve and disappear ... so that all private investor's get a grab for it ... you see ... all these service's are needed, just because their cut dont mean their solved and through, over ... and they ALL know it ... BUT ... it need's "money" ... and who has all the money, eh? ... you see where I'm going? Thus meaning our new taxation's, fee's etc, etc ... instead of going to our formal people's overhead of government, will go to those who provide the needed service's to our society, similiar as to where I explained a few year's back why they would throw out a public option in health care, because it mean's billion's more to go to the insurance, medical, pharma giant's ... and you know who bank's all them, eh? ... and especially how MUCH they can be trusted given their recent history of bad bet's, failure, with the fact that they are not people driven or even patriotic to anything, or have similair value's or integrity of any kind ... but strictly driven by profit's only, and addicted to "extreme" greed.

The awakening aspect to this is, that we need to once and for all, and better now than later, cause these folk's move fast ... is encourage our good political representation to start new foundation's and splinter from the mainstream of the party and stand as independent's, yet work closely together to achieve similiar goal's of those in alignment with them, and the people. And I say now and this, because you can bet this IS GOING TO HAPPEN in time anywayz, so it's wise to start now ... thus meaning we will have to refigure the way we vote independently without the input from the usual political mouthpiece's, media's ... telling us what we should be concerned with. Our biggest concern is to get rid of what we have and restructure, push for also term limit's, adjustment's in salaries, benefit's, pay across the board for those who represent American's, new rules and requirement's, and stop the funding/ pay-off's that so many take. You may think that is hard to do, or just a dream ... it certainly seem's like so ... but it will happen, believe me ... it's only a matter of time, before everyone catches them and their game's with enough of us exposing them for what they really are ... and most importantely, setting example, by cutting them off. Because without us, their frankly nothing, period.

Remember also, because this is so importante ... all of these financial fear card's, austerities, cut's, etc, etc ... in these latest walkout's are about one thing and one thing only ... to give those with the most money on the globe that they took and ratholed from us, another free ride, no taxation, no responsibilty, or accountability, no competition, and to make and keep them bigger, stronger, and as the God's that we made them (and what we make, we can also destroy). In fact this whole GOP led Congressional walkout was strictly not about reducing spending ... but making sure that NO tax loophole's or haven's are dissolved/ closed, and no taxes to the wealthiest people ... it WAS ABOUT NOTHING ELSE as far as what inspired it.

And Thank You Suzy for inspiring this post note posting, if you catch this on your pad ... I only hope that I have answered the many question's that you have had for me over the last several month's on so much of this, and that it been enlightening Dear.

But ... that's the REALITY ....






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