Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RACHELLE BRAATEN/ TYLER LEE: Parent's ENTERTAIN their Guest's while video taping their Toddler child smoking Marijuana from a Bong Pipe (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.4)

Rachelle Braaten (mom) and Tyler Lee (dad)

Part 4 of the "Problem Parent's" series will be to look at a recent case in Centralia, WA, of parent's who basically recorded their 22 month old toddler smoking marijuana from a bong pipe, which was entertaining for their guest's as well, who are both in custody and the child safe now with the state fortunately. Some newsread and video below, then my input on it.

Video Shows Mother Giving 1 Year Old Hits From A BONG Weed ... Thanx to MRWORLDNEWS2013

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Shocking cell phone video shows Washington state mom letting 2- year old son smoke marijuana bong (VIDEO)

This is something that is more frequent and common than folk's realize too ... so it's a must for this journal, as I said in past posting's, I'm very pro- birth control, gvmnt sponsored and paid abortion, including tax/ gvmnt funded contraceptive's supplied to teen student's in public school's, and even a step further than most who are pro- choice ... I am into selective breeding (as we commonly do with our pet's). I myself never reproduce with a woman who is defected, addicted to drug's/ alcohol, deficient in a basic intelligence level, critical health defect's, etc (not based on race or culture though, but actual medical science) ... I believe in doing such make's a better chance of producing the same ... plain and simple. Nor would I have a thing to do with a woman who does this kind of thing. In my opinion, these two above should not be able to reproduce, period (even though this hasnt a thing to do with defect's or breeding as such, but simply their parenting action's) ... and belong in jail to hopefully teach them something and get them away from that child. There were also a shitload of marijuana plant's in the home being cultivated, which a toddler at that age could eat if he tried ... and firearm's loosely around ... all ... a danger to the child's well being.

It is also common for these type parent's to say thing's like "well ... their gonna do it anywayz when they grow up ... etc", as far as smoking pot, which is also bullshit ... or they are twisted into believing that pot is alot safer than cigarettes, is natural of mother earth, etc, etc and similar bullshit myth's. I myself have smoked pot, cigarettes, opium, hashish ... ALL are bad for you period ... so let's cut the bullshit, okay? This is not some "teen" experimenting or having some recreational fun with friend's, this is a less than 2 year old "toddler", barely developed physically or mentally. I am also very much for the legalization across the board of marijuana, and have alwayz been, just like I am for prostitution and a number of other thing's. There is nothing positive about giving a child pot to smoke or eat or anything else, and can only damage the lung's and stunt development of the mind from learning and growing in it's natural way at such an early age, an age that is most essential as far as what the child will do, think, and embrace as it goes into adulthood ... you spend very little time as a child and a Hell of alot more time as an adult ... let the mind and body develop without your interference of it, including these fucked up drug's these pharma giant's push on our children to make them conform socially to their petty social programme's and society, institutionalized school system's that are outdated, etc. ... and those behind that with these pharma giant's and some of their practice's for profit's on todayz youth are the scum of the fucken earth to me, even worse than these parent's ... they have no idea of the long term effect's of these drug's on the children either ... just a bum rush to push them on hundred's of thousand's of kid's.

These parent's are top's as lousy problem parent's,  and NO, these people do not represent the majority of responsible adult or late teen marijuana smoker's and/ or those that use it for medical reason's. It's lousy enough that kid's are probably the most used and abused sector of our loving society as it is, as far as profiteering off them. So if they grow up and come at your throat's ... it's in order. That's about it from me ... Word Out ....


***** PD/ RCJ: "PROBLEM PARENT'S" PART'S 3, 2 & 1




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