Sunday, March 10, 2013

ROLANDO HERNANDEZ: Drunk as a Skunk ... & CRASHING his way into the BUNK'S ... of the Denton County Jail (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE PT.8)

Mr. Rolando Hernandez

Part 8 of the "Defensive Driving Course" series will be a looksy at another local Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex driving under the influence case, that didnt get much coverage, but certainly was unique enough to have in the Ranch Chimp Journal. Basically Mr. Hernandez ... was trying to visit his son the other day at the Denton County Jail, got turned away from visitation because he was shit faced basically (drunk) ... got upset, went out to his vehicle outside the jail, officer's asked him not to get in and drive ... I reckon he wasnt in a good mood ... decided to drive his vehicle through the detention facility fences and straight into the jail wall's of West Pod, knocking two inmate's out of their bunk's they were laying in while doing so, and all in front of sheriff's deputies and detention personel, who you know are going to testify like singing bird's ... and you got your pistol under the seat of your ride too, while doing this shit? Damn dude ... what the fuck?!! ... and now they are tighter than ever on DUI ... shit costing now just for a basic DUI in the thousand's in fee's, court cost's, classes, probation, etc, etc ... they will milk your ass big time now ... then you got all them mad (MADD) MF'n mother's ... homeboyz in jail mad as a MF and probably wanting to sue, plus additional charges for property damage, etc ... this just wasnt your day dude ... what can I say?

***** DENTON RECORD- CHRONICLE: Driver Crashes Into County Jail (newsread)

D.U.I (Let's Get High) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ... Thanx to FULLYFAMOUS1 **** a lil ole DUI video I wanted to add .... {: )






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