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NEUROENHANCEMENT of Children and the DE- ENHANCEMENT of Societies Stigmata Slave Psyche (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.5) & (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.5) inspired partly by Gia, Mark & Stef

Part 5 of "Problem Parent's" & and Part 5 of also the "Not Cool 4 School" series for this journal is another to focus on one of the biggest problem's of America's future, because it concern's our children. And a look at the progress that is coming to light because of this societies creation over their selfishness and greed of what I see as a stigmata slave psyche, being psychologically and systematically scarred/ wounded for life. I also want to Thank Gia, Mark and Stef ... who are all local college student's who were so kind yesterday to share their thought's and experience's with me, for partly inspiring this posting as well ... and wishing ya'll as well a safe and kick ass spring break! {: ) First though, some importante video and newsread below ... then of course a lil input from me to elablorate on the condition of our children's conditioning.

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Paper: Doctors have 'moral obligation' to prevent misuse of study drugs ... newsread/ video's

***** NPR: Neurologists Warn Against ADHD Drugs To Help Kids Study

Doctors Take Stance Against ADHD as 'Study Drug' ... Thanx to NEWSYSCIENCE

RANCH SANTA (Thomas Hudson Pickering) & ELVES, XMAS 2012

One of the thing's probably alot of us get asked in job interview's, and of course I have been asked this myself various time's in them is ... "... what do you consider as your greatest accomplishment's/ achievement's and goal's in your life, etc (similar wording) ... " ... well for me, my answer to that has pretty much been the same, which is ... "raising children". A couple interviewer's actually told me that they never got that response from applicant's, instead mainly focusing on their accomplishment's on the job's they previously held ... but a couple of the interviewer's complimented me as well on that answer because of such. Because I sincerly mean that ... I mean ... THAT should be first and foremost our tightest job as adult's as far as I feel, because, they are the future of our species and our legacy, no matter what we accomplish ... it MUST include them, or else we failed. Also some of this is personal with me, since I myself was one of the problem children with my unconventional and short childhood, I was also like the lyric's to the song "Dirty White Boy" (by "Foreigner" ... a song I used to cover myself on vocal's with fellow musician's year's back) ... being a loner who was NEVER alone and daily stepping one step closer to the danger zone, to sum it in short. I focus on these thing's also with our kid's, because I feel what they are going through when I see and hear from them, the lack of freedom they have now and the pressure's and ridiculous restriction's to simply be themselves ... I mean ... we had it so much easier and better when my generation were kid's, I really mean that ... kid's today are shafted and raped in every respect across society, it's insane what we do sometime's to them, from the student loan's/ tuition's, driving them into enormous debt before their even established adult's, manipulating their brain's with politipop propaganda and religious extremism, to feeding them all these drug's so that they are what we want them to be instead of what they want to be themselves ... paying 10's of thousand's in and becoming in debt only to learn how to make us money instead of making themselves money in our rigged institutionalized system of so called education and prosperity.

All this started to help children focus, then of course the abuse then kicked in and spread like a wildfire to parent's across our nation, when they found out there was drug's designed to make their student's "super student's" or "brainiac's" or whatever ... one parent trying to show off to the other parent ... "my kid is smarter than your's ...", acting themselves like so many of these worthless parent's I used to encounter in these PTA meeting's I would attend, then after, I'm trying to apologize to the children on the sly for their parent's action's, rant's and self interest's, as if it's a competition game between parent's, leaving the kid's on the side silent with no input for themselves on themselves. Parent's being pressured to act like this, and play these game's, and teacher's given point's, bonus incentive's, etc, etc ... on how many children they can lure into this corporate maneuvered trap of sort, unknowingly not understanding what is being done to their own children in the process, because the higher power's have them enslaved as well. Then the chain reaction kick's in as the child develop's and evolve's ... the pressure's become more demanding to compete in this cycle game for cheesy credit from the establishment's, to getting locked in by their college year's to do these designer drug's just to simply gain entry/ acceptance into a college and career of their choice that will milk them more even financially and have them competing for less than decent competitive wage's/ salaries ... it's pathetic! And when these young people stop and think and share with each other ... they even see what is being done to them, then have to devise scheme's to even sometime's cheat in a system that they outright know is cheating them, out of fear of having everything from their credit to their reputation and academic credit's destroyed if they dont.

The pressure these dayz on especially high school and college student's is enormous and not nearly flexible or free enough to encourage individual approaches to learning and letting different student's excell and learn at THEIR OWN pace, instead of a pace and standard set by this institutionalized system of how to. Our kid's and young adult's pressured into taking these largely manufactured and publicized drug's just to stay afloat and alive in the game ... which is so damaging to everything across the board for society overall, even to creativity and the career efficiency ... you wouldnt want to have a doctor perform surgery on you who was pressured like this and rushed through the system who had no other way of becoming a good doctor/ surgeon, eh? And you hear about this all the time, whether it's from your kid's and/ or their student friend's in high school and especially in college ... they will tell you that they have no choice by college time, if they dont want to lose everything they have strived and worked hard for over the last few year's.

Yesterday in some small chat with 3 local college student's, who refreshed me on this reality and had something else to talk about here too ... Gia age 19, her boyfriend Mark age 20, and Gia's best friend Stef age 20 shared some of the horseshit they had been through and the pressure especially even during spring break, now in Texas and nationwide even setting up sobriety check point's this spring break season to randomly check student's to see if they had been drinking, or smoking some pot or whatever (I heard that California even has now a pot detector blow gadget Mark told me and I also heard before somewhere's, that they ask them to submit to, to see if they smoked any pot ... in a bloody state that has legalized it to an extent, imagine that!). Sadly then, Mark's girlfriend Gia started to share her recent experience, from simply a night out with her boyfriend not long ago, and she was arrested for DUI after only consuming less than 2 beer's (1.5), she WAS NOT drunk either, and the car was not running, but parked off the side of the street with her boyfriend, and he was citated for public intoxication himself, but the test level's of tolerance had gotten so low, because of these mad mother's lobbying and hounding everyone, that even a beer show's up that you are intoxicated these dayz. Of course they made Gia feel guilty because she is only 19 and it's illegal to drink (when I was their age it was 18 to drink). But I told them ... it's illegal to drink? ... ya'll are not mature enough to drink at your age? ... but they will tell you ya'll are old enough to fight and kill other's in other nation's at 17/ 18 (military) and make last minute life and death decision's while doing it, eh?. All the pressure's that are on kid's right now, and your even interfering with their R&R time during spring break? ... what kind of fucken break's are you giving these young people, eh? I told Gia she should have challenged this ... why? ... because the vehicle was NOT in motion or running when she was questioned behind it's wheel, when checked out by the law enforcement questioning her and Mark ... but it's too late ... some lawyer worked out a cop- out plea bargain for a lil probation, community service and a shitload of fine's and court cost's, plus drug/ alcohol counseling, etc.

Then of course I asked her to share her first class with the drug/ alcohol thing ... she said they make you feel so bad by the time their done drilling you, they show a video of a couple people that killed and maimed other's who were shitfaced drunk, show coffin's, funeral's, autopsy photo's, testimonies, and the whole 9 yard's and make you feel so guilty about what YOU MIGHT HAVE DONE to an innocent person or friend's ... which is sad and true ... but to an extent, Gia said after their done, you just feel so bad and have nightmare's over what they have you listen to. But of course ... if it's pharma drug's your teacher's, parent's and shrink's put you on ... their good drug's, from good people, eh? I told them they sure as Hell dont want to do what I did when I took classes year's ago and got kicked out of the class ... and they asked me to tell them what I did ... but I told them the consequence's that would come if they did what I did ... they asked me to tell them anywayz ... so I did. Well to make it short, my counselor told us to share and be honest, etc, etc ... I DID too, but obviously they didnt want my honesty when I honestly told them the truth. She (counselor) asked why I was in class if I didnt think I needed help? I told her because the court/ judge made me go to the class, that I wouldnt have went otherwise, not to mention, pay such an inflated fee to go through this humiliating shit. She (counselor) told me also what I could have done as far as killing people ... my answer was ... "but I killed or hurt no one, and cant speculate on something that never happened, cause it wont change the fact that I am where I'm at, etc" ... I then told her, that I was sorry when she asked, but was sorry I got busted/ arrested (the class kind of laughed) ... she grew outraged ... but I told her ... "you asked for us to be open and honest ... that is what I'm doing" (similar wording) ... she then basically kicked me out of the class, and sent an affidavit to my probation officer to violate me because I had no remorse for my action's, etc ... and she wouldnt tolerate working with someone like me. Well, Gia, Mark and  Stef started to laugh as I was telling them this, but it wasnt meant to be a joke, perhap's the way I said it made them laugh ... I told them .... I'm serious guyz ... what the fuck should I have done? ... speculate that I killed a bunch of innocent's when I was driving drunk after midnight through a desolate industrial park district with no one around? ... and start weeping in front of the rest of the class over fictional scenario's? That's when they "seen" my point ... and started to question the method's themselves ... Mark saying to me ... but that's what they wanted to hear ... and I told Mark ... and if I did tell them what they wanted to hear ... I wouldnt have been honest, now would I have been?

Try using enhancement drug's in cycling competition or any other major league sport and see the outcry from all the investor's and everyone ... pump them into kid's to manipulate their brain's, atencion and action's, and hardly no one give's a rat's ass at time's ... this is changing and folk's are starting to wake up ... to imagine, they are so driven and caught up in this game ... that no one even got to figure out yet and assess the damage's to come in the longrun, no idea whatsoever of the longterm effect of these drug's ... forgive me ... that would be asking them to create a fictional scenario, eh?

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Ministry- Stigmata (HD) ... Thanx to MALFARIUSVEVO **** another oldie but goodie from back around 1988? I wanted to add here to close the posting ... This video will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"




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