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PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ: America's "Radical Revolutionist" ... DETERMINATION, DEDICATION, PATRIOTISM ... and Living the Philosophy of INTEGRITY (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.14) **** & RC POST NOTE

President Hugo Chavez and daughters

TAVIS SMILEY/ Hugo Chavez/ March 11, 2006 ... Thanx to GotPropaganda

This Part 14 of "Public Patriot's" will be to highlight and honour President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Of course there was alot of controversial thought and opinion about him ... and the big talk now is ... what's next? ... what will America do?, how will we react to new leader's, relation's?, etc, etc. But when we hear about how America and American politician's may feel, do, etc ... your talking about America as being ... Exxon/ Mobil, Bank of America, etc ... nothing else, not unless some in our political representation can dig up enough poll's to try to politically capitalize off the man in some way and get vote's, in other word's ... if Chavez get's a popular response from a majority of American's, they will praise him, if not, they will trash him ... you know, the political highsiding, bullshit and hypocrisy that permeate's our overall political climate. When I look at President Chavez ... I see GREAT American leadership and more integrity than I see in some of our own so called bought and pre- paid leadership of the phoney elite that dictate our great nation. I alwayz said how I would rather do business when it come's to oil with him, than with some of the Arab nation's ... some nation's of which execute through horrific public execution's the women in their countries in the name of religion ... yet some of our political representation kiss their asses like an ass fetishist, and of course some look at me as a commie or whatever ... but I really mean that ... he is a man who said what was on his mind and was pretty frank (honest) about it, and as I alwayz see it ... action's speak louder than word's ... this man stood his ground for the most part. I could tell that if he was the kind of fella that I just met on the street ... I would certainly enjoy engaging in conversation with a man like him as far as his opinion's. And most importantely despite his wealth and power, DID NOT forget where he came from ... and stood his ground till death ... displaying true strength and integrity.

As far as his insult's or what is called disrespect of folk's like former US President George W. Bush ... frankly I dont feel he was disrespectful and insulting enough ... but it will do. As far as him trashing America in talk ... understand that he is not trashing the people of America ... but what America has become and who run's our country ... his enemy is also our enemy. I call him "America's" radical revolutionist, because Venezuela IS an American nation of the west ... and to me ... he as well as the Venezuelan people cherish the same value's that we do in our nation and are culturally alike ( I mean, I even look at Mexico as part of Texas for that matter : ). As far as crime and corruption in his country ... oh well ... it just cant be all blamed on him ... after all ... look at our own country ... we have a decent President (Obama) and a great system ... yet corporate crime and corruption run rampant to the point where it would be hard for most key nation's of the world to compete with us in that category, even crime in the street's ... that also come's with true democracy as the flip side if you will. As far as the conspiracy talk about America being behind his death? ... well ... I have no evidence that would lead me to believe that, however, I cant hold that against anyone who may think that, after all ... look at some of what in our country have done throughout especially recent history, look at our own deep corruption ... so you can see ... why someone could suspect that. I'm sure plenty of negative will surface now as well after his death, concerning his ties in the world or who he support's that are against America, etc, etc. ... But this posting will be to honour the man. Many in Venezuela will mourn heavy over this and truely from the heart ... but be grateful that ya'll had a man like him to try to turn around ya'll's nation for good and set a foundation for your future and youth ... I can tell you that I envy ya'll ... wishing we had more leadership in our nation like him ... Word Out ....

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***** POST NOTE (thursday 07 March 2013): President Chavez is fairly well known for what he promote's and call's "21st Century Socialism", some also look at him as a dictator, being he tries to be hand's on himself on everything, including all decision's, and I agree that he has tried to do too much single handed ... which is why also, there may not have been the across the board economic happiness that all would want and expect, and causes also friction in some industries. He tries too hard to do everything himself, and it cant work like that, but I give so much credit to him for his ambition and dedication, military background, patriotism, etc ... NOT that I agree with everything he sayz and does, but for what qualities he has displayed. I cant say that he is the most business savvy businessman though, he could have used some advice let's say ... I feel for instance that President Obama is more business savvy and also a tad more flexible and bipartisan as example.

I bring this up also, because time and again over the last few year's locally here in Dallas, a few guyz that are in close contact with me ... keep viewing me as a socialist (they havent criticized my idea's, but have been quick to label me as such, okay?) ... in particular Nick, Javier, Rick, Tim and Nabil ... and I dont mind when someone label's me a socialist, however, that isnt a true picture/ label of what I talk about as I was explaining to Nick and Javier the other day. The reason being is that I dont fall into any of the mainstream categories of left and right, or at least what it is seen as today/ now. I dont even consider conservatism of today as being conservative in the tradition of what it once was, nor do I view mainstream liberal's as being truely liberal in the traditional definition or sense, I myself have some very mixed view's, because I ignore "party" for the most part and look for what worx I reckon. I am pro same sex marriage and strongly for sexual liberation, women's right's etc ... yet I am also pro self defense and 2nd amendment, however, I am also flexible as far as gun right's and support a certain amount of restriction's, I simply feel it's needed because of the "time's" is all. But yes ... as I told these guyz, I do believe that in a nation our size with the extreme anti- business corporate greed, the increase in poverty, austery measure's, etc ... that a "certain" amount of socialism is a good thing overall. I also believe that EVERYONE regardless of financial/ investment's status in business should play by the same rules, and am very pro- business when I say that those who invest should get deserved tax break's or at least some incentive to continue ... BUT NOT just a free ride, and forgiven time and again for their fuck up decision's and move's, causing an economic chain reaction of negative consequence's to everyone else ... after all, their not struggling to survive, their struggling with each other to show that my house is bigger than your's, or I got the most ... meaningless petty game's with those they try to outdo and buy out, etc.

Religion's as well has become too commericialized and political, even the prophet/ messiah Nazarene Jesus  of the christian belief system according to their own gospel's would be outraged to see what religion today has become. It has too much control in government's and is NOT fair to everyone, the Vatican for instance has become nothing more than a mega multi billion dollar entertainment institution/ corporation that also is about control and money only. At the same time, everything is done to destroy familia in the name of corporate politic's and "their" version of "familia values", even against same sex partner's raising and helping children, based only on their private sex practice's behind closed door's, and NOT on their social and parenting skill's. I am not against peoples faith ... we all have faith actually, whether it's in a hero, a prophet, a scientist, the doctor that save's your life and help's you live a better life etc ... even atheist's have familia values for that matter, as well as gays/ lesbian's, etc We have more in common with each other than we realize, yet stay in our boxed categories trying to pose as something that were NOT by nature ... but played into participating in by those who have no value for familia or you for that matter, except what they use you for.

All side's have some importante idea's that need to be heard, and some balance made in doing so, meaning some mutual understanding and progress based on fact's and especially related to the time's we live in ... the politic's of a few hundred year's back or whatever, dont deal with the current challenge's necessarily, and we need to be a lil more flexible, because that is "progress" when you can do that ... otherwise you are just presenting the same ole shit in a different package, and rehashing your past mistake's, which we should learn from in a reasonable time frame ... not take centuries of petty bitch fight's to.

I even agree with President Chavez on his opinion of former President GW Bush as far as this sudden reckless invasion of nation's based on bad stat's/ information ... and was against the Iraq invasion myself, because ... even if it wasnt intentionally corporate inspired, the point is ... that those would have capitalized only off it without any restriction's, based on no one else can bomb and rebuild a nation simutaneously but them, they are the only one's large enough to take on such a task, meaning again ... a monopoly. I know how highstrung Saddam Hussein was and of the atrocities he is accused of, there are plenty of his own people that can witness to that and neighbour's of his ... but the invasion wasnt justified enough in my opinion. I will also support the relentless bombing of any enemy that attack's us ... but until they attack us, I dont feel justified to do so, regardless if I like them or not ... nor do I let my emotion's dictate my decision's and life ... I am disciplined to an extent ... folk's that do these thing's, have not much discipline, or control of anything frankly, nor have any leadership qualities that are of any use to anyone. And President Chavez in my opinion has many heroic and leadership qualities, that has also benefitted those who truely needed it most in time's of desperation.




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