Friday, February 22, 2013


Mr. Steven Brill  **** writer/ publisher

Part 4 of the "Health Care Reform: another "FORM" of "REFORM" series and Part 13 of the "Public Patriot's" series, will be to highlight an excellent piece of work recently covered in "TIME" from Steven Brill ... this is what is being ignored for the most part by so many in Washington ... but will need to be addressed some time. I also wanted to highlight Mr. Brill, because it's folk's like him that are also public patriot's in my view ... all these lil nitbit's of opinion, research, investigation's, protest's, reform etc, etc ... enlighten us all away from the usual bullshit we are fed and is an essential part of awakening to the current condition, that at least educate's us as well, and what is needed to make thing's work better across the board. The medical industry is another mega industry that has us all in debt, from our government to every familia and individual, and of course you know without me having to even say here, who bank's that industry as well by now and how thing's are legislated.

I myself dont have alot of medical expenses as so many ... but over a year back, I had some basic reconstructive type surgery done on a foot, from a prior injury, and it also bothered me when weather got cold or bad ... anywayz ... I have decent insurance ... so I had surgery done on the foot, where they basically went in and took out a piece of bone, replaced it with something or another, but all in all, it came out great, and it's like a new foot now (it took 2 seperate surgical procedures done about 2 weeks apart . But the surgery was very basic type, in other word's, I was asleep no more than 45 minute's or so, and ready to go (of course on crutches for a couple week's, antibiotic medicine to make sure there is no bone infection, etc) ... all in all ... when I looked at the bill and the charge's ... it blew me away ... of course insurance paid the most of it ( **** the insurance cost was more than half lower than the listed cost though, since the medical facility is on some kind of network with the insurance company, but the actual cost blew me away), it was some of the charges for miscellaneous thing's is what really blew me away ... more like robbery almost : ) ... nothing against my doctor who performed the surgery, he's a great guy, and done an excellent job ... the charges for all the other stuff, is what really got me.

But anywayz ... after the video below ... the "Time" piece is linked called "Bitter Pill" which is really a damn good read that I wanted to include in this series and journal. **** I also wanted to add another video from today with Steven on the Jon Stewart show following his TIME piece.

***** CNN: Why is health care so costly? (video)

***** TIME/ UT@ ARLINGTON: Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Why medical bills are killing US ... Thanx to CURT FLEMING **** Jon Stewart interviews Steven Brill on The Daily Show concerning his new book


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***** POST NOTE: This post note may not seem connected to health care ... but it actually is 110%. One of the issue's that keep's us in fear of losing all these mega entities and business as well, is because too much has become too big to fail, how the chain reaction worx when those who have these monopoly system's fall and the impact on our stock's, employment, smaller local economies, etc. I have been covering these thing's since the start of this journal, because this seem's to be one of our biggest fear's. Understand that these entities feed on our fear's, also understand that ... sure, if these entities fail or even just slump ... folk's will lose job's and it will trickle down ... BUT ... to a degree only ... it will NOT be the end of anything or doom and gloom. Look at a town like Dallas- Fort Worth for instance ... this is a mega cradle in the US for some of the largest banking and corporate business ... however ... this town is also saturated MUCH MORE, with smaller companies/ corporation's that are responsible for supplying more, exporting more, manufacturing more, and especially employing more. The issue is too many of these biggest entities have too much control over them as well as far as the financial banking sector's and holding's. The trick is, getting away from this and them ... cutting them off, stop doing business with them, forcing them to downsize, break up or whatever, and most importantely, to get some of the money out of the one sector and in circulation, there is too much being controlled by too little these dayz ... and frankly, the more we support these and it ... it will continue to grow and devour us, our government, which is the truely only voice of us, and our lives ... because they make it so we have nowheres else to go to but them ... which amount's to basically an unofficial monopoly ... I say "unofficial", because our current political representation collectively or the Supreme Court's wont make the truth "official" in statement or act, but frankly that's all in Hell they are.

Sure when you crack down too much on them or stop feeding them it will have an impact and folk's will get laid off, etc, etc ... But ... you cannot come this far in this fucked up type system and expect for it to be easy, we will HAVE to take hit's ... we should look at it only as a temporary sacrifice, and a restructuring of something better and greater ... but you must suffer to a degree and give something ... the bottom line ... or let's say objective, is to STOP what is happening from growing bigger. Even everyone in Washington know's this ... they have talked about it for year's, and even their hand's get tied because of this corrupt table game ... it must be stopped, and those strong politician's who speak out are the one's who can do this with our support ... and frankly, it WILL in time ... I would just like to get it on the road now is all, and million's of other's. You remember when the 2008 bail- out and financial crisis talk was going down, and everyone on both the left and the right even, complained that we needed to do something about too big to fail ... yet ... they let themselves get dragged deeper and deeper into it through neglect, political bitch fight's, etc. Not much of anything has been done so far strictly out of senseless fear. Fear is healthy ... but only to a degree, this downright political correctness and all the other paranoia shit has gotten to be insanity only. If you had a small business and your partner(s) were cooking the book's and shaving the profit's or similar ... you would naturally walk and/ or find new partner's ... not keep feeding it and forgiving them ... it doesnt make good sense to.

The future benefit of this temporary sacrifice, is building our economy and safeguarding it better so that this doesnt repeat itself, just like past societies have changed and walked away from entities who have lost control and played themselves out. Building new market's, new idea's to protect our eco and financial enviroment's, building for our future generation's so that they can feed their new idea's and grow without fear of feeling they need to sell out just to keep their head above water, and especially creating more competition and broadening the global market's, making them stronger, more flexible, more innovative.






an average patriot said...

Wow! You knew damn well health care costs were going to sky rocket when Obama care was first being discussed let alone looking like it might pass and the Repugs were going to make damn sure it did so they could blame it on Obama and his plan and once again say see we told you so.

At this point I think there is no rolling the costs back by either party as in every instance once you give them "them being any Politician or their interest" something they will not give it back or take less.

Ranch Chimp said...

Unfortunately Jim ... you got it ... and this health care show I been writung about since it came out, mainly because I sensed that they were going to somehow throw out even a slight public option (wrote alot about it back then), and of course how they would "twist" anything that was ObamaCare into something else, and one of the main gig's was in that ... but your right, that is ONLY why the Rep's played ball on that. They (med inductries) were getting 10's of million's of new folk's paying premium's to get less than decent coverage, but getting that money into the industry is all, more medicare/ medicaid milking tool's, etc, etc ... long story, but I covered quite a bit on it.

Steve Brill done an excellent job here painting the picture of the condition, because we hardly hear enough about this. I'm not going to lose optimism though Jim ... we know were getting screwed, but something will backfire on them in time, I would bet on it.

Anywayz ... I heard ya'll are fixin to get quite a bit of more snow real soon, KC and St.Louey got hammered big time, but it's headin ya'll's way. Today in Dallas- Fort Worth were lucky, after a couple dayz of endless rain ... we should get in the low 50's today for a high and sunny, right now it's about 33 degree's, but it's still early.

Thanx for your voice on this Jim ....