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TAX FAIRNESS ACT & The COST of the CPI (Corporate PRICE Index): From America to the Globe ... "MILKING A DEAD COW" (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.12)

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Senator Bernie Sanders (VT)

Part 12 of "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" will look at the latest proposed legislation as far as doing something about this so called "budget/ spending crisis", and folk's ... even united citizens (Citizens United) included, can do something for the economy since their all crying "fire" in the theater right now, and the top hundred corporate/ financial mind's as you can see in the 2nd to last posting (part 10 of this series) are all concerned that they even all got together to figure out wayz to help us out and save us once again, like they do every time they rip apart the economy some way or another ... they love America and the globe, so this is their opportunity to help us all gain roughly $590 billion dollar's over the next decade. And it's all simple as you can get ... no need for the financial scholar's and milking old folk's and veteran's more, or those million's and million's of new folk's now living at or below the poverty level, yet still working their asses off to make end's meet, and spending ALL their money, including their tax refund's, which is about the only stimulus our economy is getting. Because the way we are being milked across the globe ... well ... the cow is dying and the milk is running out .. so we need new cow's.

Again for the record or first visitor to the blog, I AM NOT ANTI- CORPORATION, I am also 110% for giving incentive's to ALL business as well ... but you must wonder ... where in Hell did the legislation come from (who) that actually gave out incentive's encouraging corporation's to take job's offshore?, in particular manufacturing, eh? Now I realize that we have certain obligation's to other nation's around the globe as far as creating job's and a decent economy, etc, etc ... but this shit that's been going on is ridiculous! ... and frankly those political rep's that draft and propose this sort of closet legislation, should be replaced ... it is THAT, that is fucking the economy and causing a ripple effect.

For the last few week's or so, I been hearing out the arguement from local financial/ investment's/ tax shelter advisor's ... and the whining is insane ... how our government is trying to rob them, we are going to have an apocalyptic proportion economic crash, we are forcing corporation's to leave our country, we are following the French and this administration want's to tax everyone 70%, etc, etc. I am so fucken sick of their goddamn whining and portraying the American worker/ citizen and government as "evil" to them. Here's the bottom line, eh? ... ya'll financial mind's acknowledge we have a crisis, you acknowledge that we have to make cut's, raise taxes, etc, etc ... yet at the same time, ya'll dont want to pay for a thing ... democracy or free enterprise/ market is not a one way street, it has an impact on everyone, and since ya'll are united citizen's and all the other patriotic shit ya'll label yourselves as .... you also have a responsibility! And not all of us buy your pie chart's that you hold up on how much expense and taxes you get milked for, how hard ya'll have it, etc ... money MAKE'S money, period ... there is no way that you have to pay for anything out of pocket with all you receive as it is, so cut the whoa is me crap. My friend Tim who's an hourly worker,  usually bring's home roughly $500 a week on his job, pay's now $40 more out of his paycheck per week with the new tax increase that we got 2013, my daughter who is on a salary/ bonus pay type deal got deducted as well substantially ... neither of them are whining over it ... they and EVERYONE else, learn to live with it! I'm a contractor for instance, and filed a IRS W-9 form, so even though I wouldnt pay the tax "now", I will get my pinch when I file my taxes in 2014.

Speaking for myself here only ... I want to do business with everyone, and have a more level playing field, etc ... even do some thing's like create more competition, not just keep building monopolies. We already been drained for just about everything ... and I personally dont want to feed ya'll any more .... if this mean's you will take all your investment's to another region of the globe and threaten quarterly to do so ... so be it ... go wherever in Hell ya want, dont tell me about it ... just go!

Enough said ....

***** BERNIE SANDERS: Sanders, Schakowsky Propose Tax Fairness Act ... some news on it from Bernie as well as the proposed legislation

***** TAX JUSTICE NETWORK ( New U.S. legislation introduces The Corporate Tax Fairness Act **** just stumbled on this blog

The Corporate Tax Fairness Act ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

End Offshore Tax Havens ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS



**** POST NOTE: Just taxing these entities will be far from solving alone the issue's that we have, and as I stated before ... I frankly dont give a shit much about taxing the rich anywayz because of this ... the point is, we have a crisis that was mainly manufactured for the most part, and done so by those entities in the hope's of thing's like trickle down 20th century economic's theories, which focuses on "gains, gains, gains" without taking losses into consideration, even though their inevitable ... geeezzz ... even the massive speed trading computer's take losses 24/ 7/ 365, and listening to these financial investor's tell this rubbish to you is downright stupid. The hit's, losses, and crashes of today are much faster, harder, and global than ever ... Again, the global market of today is different ... and that warrant's let's just say ... "reform's" to be made in these area's too, and everything and everyone worldwide is getting reformed as it is, there has been NO reform to their wayz and profit's, so this is only "fair" and good for busines and capitalism, even healthy for them. But an estimated $590 billion of course over the next decade, is NOT going to save the world, but it will make the transitional ride a tad smoother for ALL is all, eh? My intention's are NOT about taxing rich folk's or some personal vendetta ... it's strictly good business and business ONLY. And alot of this would never go through (but it start's to open the door to other avenue's and at least DOES SOMETHING, instead of NOTHING) or be done in a meaningful way, at this time and point, simply because of the contamination in our poilitic's, and whatever taxes are imposed or loophole's closed ... other avenue's will open for saving's to those anywayz, so it's not like anyone is picking on them, or they are being driven into poverty, bankruptcy, etc, etc. ... they have been pampered by us for too long ... and it's about time they grow up and face consequence's for ill decision's, investment's, or whatever ... and most importantely ... pay some goddamn rent.




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