Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CIVET: "The End", "Cherie", "Gin and Tonic", "You Got It (live)"


This induction into the RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society is about time, and goes to one of the finest and under- rated punk crew's I heard coming out of the LA area ... Civet! ... I first posted a piece of their's called "Son Of A Bitch" back a couple posting's ago, dedicating the song to Ms. Penelope Soto. And being a sort of music connoisseur myself ... I point that out, because I am fairly picky, critical, and selective, when it come's to my art's! This crew has changed up a tad in recent year's from their original line- up as far as percussion and bass primarily, all just part of their evolutionary cycle, but also has that original core of their sound that was constructed by Liza Graves and Suzi Homewrecker, who still remain. It's been noted by member's time and again that the 1970's crew "The Runaways" were a major influence ... which was Joan Jett's original homecrew too, before she went solo. This is just one of those simple, down to earth, basic rock type group's that fit well into those more intimate setting's at smaller venue's, and will give you a really good evening of in your face punk rock as raw as you can get "sound" ... so they havent focused much on stage show's, prop's, theatric's, etc, etc ... and this is what true punk is all about too. Fan's of such sound's may also enjoy some neighbour's of their's ... The Distillers for instance (and I absolutely love Brody Dalle!), who were really a top notch crew. I like also in particular some of the break's in the rhythm pattern's of Civet, and the way some of the guitar lead part's are tossed into such, with that overall harmonizing vocal's of the crew, smoothing and enhancing that hard raw vocal output of Liza Graves ... it just is blended so well.

I have went over so many piece's of their's, yet wanted to also post my personal favourite's, trying to find the best of the best to include here, which wasnt easy as far as deciding here ... but focusing on the stuff that also been around for a tad, and wanted to include last a "live" piece of "You Got It", that has to be at least 5 year's back (?) or so ... being that "You Got It" was released on the "Hell Hath No Fury" cd/ album september 2008 (and was their first album release on the Hellcat label too) at a lil ole venue called "Slidebar Cafe" down in Orange County, to display some of the more intimate setting of the show. Other than that ... wishing this crew the best to come in their art and lives ... Enjoy!





Civet- The End ... Thanx to MISSY BIZARRE

Civet- Cherie ... Thanx to CRAZEDPEELING

Gin and Tonic- Civet ... Thanx to DARENERICK

Civet- You Got It (Live) ... Thanx to BEHINDOUTRAGEDY




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