Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BRODY DALLE (PT.1)/ THE DISTILLERS: ... "Drain The Blood", "Young Crazed Peeling", & "Warriors"

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour and look at some of the work of a music Goddess ... Brody Dalle. Brody is currently more known for her work with "Spinnerette" , but I want to focus this particular posting for her, on her work with "The Distillers" ... this woman is just an all around bundle of raw talent at it's best ... it doesnt matter if it's in the area of her pounding powerful vocal ability and stage persona, her outstanding guitar work in this genre, or her songwriting/ composition work (also a keyboardist) ... she is at the top, and one ass busting artist! On top of that, a mother of two and just had a birthday on New Years Day!

She is also very versatile on her art as well ... but understandable, with the range of influence's as a kid from the Beatles to Hole, to Cyndi Lauper, to Black Flag, to name a few. The punk sound work done with The Distillers bring's an added touch and expansion to contemporary Punk as well, and a fresh dimension nightcrawling into the 21st century genre, and what a blend with a touch of nostaglia and class this crew is! She is of course one of my favourite's and even with her more recent work with "Spinnerette" ... which expand's her talent's in other direction's. Also (according to an interview with Brody I read), Brody wanted to move in other direction's musically, and got a lil burned on the strickly punk, but was having vocal issue's after her mid 20's because of the vocal strain/ demand, and a few other factor's in that, that come from alot of work, lifestyle habit's, change's, hour's, etc. But this posting will focus on 3 cut's in particular that came from Brody and The Distillers, that are really some great work, and a few of my favourite's ... she is also one of my favourite vocalist's too! Love ya Brody ... and Thanx for all you've contributed! ... Enjoy!

"Drain The Blood" ... Thanx to SINHAWKDERELLA

"Young Crazed Peeling" ... Thanx to THEDISTILLERSVIDEOS

"Warriors" ... Thanx to SI1NO2


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