Monday, February 27, 2012

BRODY DALLE (PT.2)/ SPINNERETTE: "Ghetto Love", "Valium Knights", & "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise"

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Another here from Brody Dalle for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY", that I already had planned when I posted her Part One with The Distillers, but this to look at "Spinnerette" ... I just wanted to keep the two project's seperate, because they are. And I dont have any idea what direction this project is going, or am even sure if it has a set line- up of member's ... I reckon as Brody put it ... that "Spinnerette" is basically her, and a variety of artist's that she may choose to work or tour with, to try to simplify it. She's been shuffling around with some fine talent anywayz, and thank goodness without corporate dictation from the industry! Which in my opinion ... ruin's some of the art ... that's just me though, and many musician's would agree with me on that! This work goes a lil more into the mainstream rank's, yet at the same time isnt overorchestrated, digitally watered down and/ or overproduced, in other word's.

But yes ... I do like Brody's Spinnerette worx, even though I am probably most fond of her Distiller project ... yet this varies more and touches other avenue's, so it's fresh as well ... yet still highlighting some of her early root's, and a real nice cover version of the DEVO classic as well below! I'm looking forward to the next few year's on where she will take it, or whatever else she decide's to venture into as far as the industry ... she has multi talent's as far as being able to contribute. And Thanx Brody!

***** BRODY DALLE (PT.1)/ THE DISTILLERS: ... "Drain The Blood", "Young Crazed Peeling", & " Warriors"

Spinnerette- Ghetto Love ... Thanx to SROANTHEM

Spinnerette- Valium Knights ... Thanx to BADXCAT

Spinnerette- The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise (DEVO COVER) ... Thanx to CRAZEDPEELING


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