Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"THE TOP OF TEXAS CENTENNIAL TOWER" Construction to Begin & "The State Fair of Texas (PT.1)" (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.10)

This Part 10 of "Taste of Texas" will look at the new "The Top of Texas Centennial Tower" being constructed and to be complete by Sept 2012, just in time for the Texas State Fair . But this observation tower ride will be a one of a kind and the tallest ride in the world at that, being equivalent to approximately 50 stories ... you go up in a deck and spin at the top and descend basically, from what I gather a museum as well at the base of it ... but I'm certainly looking forward to this one, it ought to be a fun one! : )

But the Fair is really alot of fun and bring's out the "kid" in all of us I reckon : ) ... I enjoy it more than my grandkid's even. It's the largest that I know of, approximately 3 million folk's attend these dayz, and even if you went there for the day and the night, you couldnt even cover it all, so much to see from the car show's, numerous band's performing, multiple museum's on the Fair ground's and ride's galore! It's also known for it's fried food's specialties, and they have some rare and original food's (I dont eat fried food's no more , but I used to) many that will just make your mouth water at the smell. If you just want to cruise the Midway all across it, I recommend the Skywalk, Tram or whatever it's called for that low aerial view, because the ground's is massive, the Ferris Wheel on a clear night is really awesome as far as a view of Central Dallas at night (and it's really a tall one too), and you also have DART Mass Transit rail service directly to the front gate for convenience. I know they also plan on using the Midway now for year round, and also you are right there at Cotton Bowl Stadium as well (Dallas Cowboys Stadium is a different one, in Arlington, next to the Texas Rangers baseball stadium) which also hold's the annual Red River Shootout game between Texas and Oklahoma. Actually for old Dallasite's, ya'll may remember when they kept the Midway open for ride's year round, but not since like the 1980's.

There are so many ride's at this place it was hard to choose, and also looking for the best audio/ visual I could find as well, yet still keeping it amateur ... and these folk's below were so kind to share these. I chose a few favourite ride's that I like of course, and also a review of some of the fried food's!

***** Dallas News: With arrival of 500- foot tower ride gondolas, State Fair of Texas preps for May 4, 2013, Summer Adventures opening | Dallas City Hall ...

***** DALLAS OBSERVER BLOG: First Look at Fair Park's 500- foot- tall "Observation Tower Ride" Meant for Midway


***** PD/ RCJ: "TEXAS STATE FAIR" PART 2 (A Memorial for "Big Tex")

State Fair of Texas 2011 Windsurf Ride ... Thanx to REXMARCHANT

Fried Food Review at State Fair of Texas 2011 ... Thanx to PEGASUSNEWS

Skyscraper Ride State Fair of Texas 2011 ... Thanx to LILRAMBY75 (165'ft up @ 70mph)

Ferris Wheel @ Texas State Fair 2011 ... Thanx to MRBONEHEADDAVE


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