Friday, February 24, 2012

GAS PRICES at the Pump 2012 PT.1: Republican's "Pump the Pain" & President Obama "Catches the Blame" - The Political "FUEL" Game & POST NOTE Update

Probably one of the last thing's on my mind to post about today was "oil/ gas", BUT ... due to the saturation of media on the economic concern's of this, the talk in the street's at the pump and every radio media across the Metroplex and nation, I had to add this, and because I have covered this issue since the start of this journal whether it's the politic's of energy or the speculation market game of the 21st century and everything in between. But ... Here we go again I reckon, just in time for an election's freakshow of another sort.

I want to be fair to all side's here, even though I am a voting liberal or democrat or whatever you want to label me as, because when it come's to economic's I still cherish and embrace my conservative value's (I voted conservative most of my voting life, so you can just say I'm politically 'born again' I reckon : )

Some read and video's below, then some word's that I will add after ....

USNEWS: Blame Barack Obama For Rising Gas Prices

BOSTON.COM: Higher Gas Prices Cloud Obama's Re- Election Hopes

FOX NEWS Resumes Perennial Gas Price Charade ... Thanx to MEDIAMATTERS4AMERICA

Obama to Blame for High Gas Prices ??? ... Thanx to RALPHDRAW3 ... This gentleman sum's this up perfectly, sounding like me, even in the tone of voice, I reckon from loathing talking about this monster market turned political insanity. But this is as CLEAR as you can get. Even got a lil ole chart here to make it look professional : )

**** NOW ... a Lil response from the President on this, after all ... I want to be fair here ... and listen to the man, because it's fact. I just found this, this morning (saturday), and had to put together this posting in piece's, because of domestic interruption's.

***** CNN: Obama: GOP gas plan a 'bumper sticker' ... (newsvideo)

I will try to be as short and sweet as I can on this bullshit, okay? One of the biggest arguement's is that if President Obama would have recently okayed this so called Keystone Pipeline from Canada or whatever to Texas, it would have created thousand's of job's and would have halted the rise in oil/ gas price's. This is clear as day nonsense, as much as Palin of Alaska telling folk's if you vote for her, you will see $2.00 a gallon gas price's. First place, aint no tellin where all that refined oil would go, and much to China probably or even India, okay? ... Remember ... oil is a world market. Also remember that every damn time one of these conflict's in oil rich region's come up, that jack's with the market's and speculator's are jumping all over it like a cheap suit ... that's just business, eh? And the job's bit isnt what it's all pumped up to be, another line of political shit, period.

As example also of the left/ right battle ... take this big bank bailout deal back around 2009 ... today in 2012, the bailout's are actually blamed and credited to President Obama, when in actuality, they were set up under the Bush/ Cheney Administration and put in motion by the Republican Party ... it didnt have a thing to do with Obama actually, they waited till the last minute as I wrote they would do in posting's back then, rushed it through on a "fear card", then slapped it on the President's desk to sign, with the threat to him, if he didnt do it, the world would collapse basically, with damn near all advisor's that first month to the new President being bought and paid for ... basic street hustle on a larger level. Today you can listen to any GOP/ right media network ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and they ALL claim that they were "against" the bailout's, it's so obvious what the score is here, it's almost unbelievable were so gullible and full of fear that we buy even half this nonsense. Of course their against it now ... they already milked all the surplus! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

There aint a damn thing the President or even any of the well known political mouth piece's in Washington can do to significantly change how the market's work in any short time frame, anymore than they can change back the clock on the various formulation's that has to be made for various region's at various time's of the year due to the weather, the engine's, ozone hazard's, demand, etc, etc. All bloody week long this has been blamed on the President and this one key point, of course mainly from the conservative side out of political desperation, since they dont have a pot to piss in otherwise politically ... I mean, just look ... even the unemployment rate has been even decreasing, and as I said in a recent posting, the official rate may even go as low into the 7% range by november at the rate it's been going ... beside's, those are just the showcase figure's, not the actual figure's, but even unemployment decrease's has been a constant under this administration, this administration has made so many move's to keep this economy above water over the last 3 year's and been as successful as anyone could have hoped for considering the downward spiral it was on prior at the end of the last administration.

I started talking about this speculation game probably back about 5 year's or so, again looking at the new arena and the math, and it was clear as day to anyone this was going to happen, yet we ignored it. Back then I was driving in a 2 ton full size 4X4 SUV, today I'm in a late model small sport coup with ultra low emission's and max mileage per gallon, why? ... why do you think? Even last year, every damn media across the nation was predicting a gas price surge for 2012, yet, those who are complaining obviously ignored all the news. Dont act so suprised and disappointed, this was inevitable, and not one thing of significance can be done about it politically, even if the President went hog wild and signed every bill he could to let drilling be done everywhere and a pipeline, etc ... that wouldnt even halt the market's fluxuation and the obstacle's in them oil rich nation's ... and it would take even several year's for it to have a positive economic affect domestically.

The President and his administration is doing everything humanly possible to try to make thing's economically smoother, and it is WISE, to not stop their progress over some price increase in gas, or to change the crew in the middle of the job. It will boom and bust just like any other market, in the meantime, think about what you drive. I understand folk's I know that have to have full size pick- up's, because their inde contractor's and have to haul their tool's around too, but I also see load's of folk's, even single, with the largest SUV's and extended cab pick- up's, that dont haul a thing but their asses ... it's your choice ... you can whine or act smart. It's not the President's fault.

***** POST NOTE: A lil extra I needed to add, because I got interrupted yesterday. There is an arguement of course that could come up as far as the "government" controlling more of the price at the pump, I'm not sure "how" government's do this, but I still have familia in Toronto (Canada) and have friend's/ familia in Monterrey (Mexico) and I know that in Mexico for instance, that the government has control over the price at the pump, yet all gas station's in Mexico if you noticed are all one name "Pemex", controlled by the Mexicano Government , Mexico also control's the price of thing's like Tortilla's (bread) too. If you drive across the border in Texas to a northern Mexican city to get gas, it is the American custom's coming back that will "regulate" how much gas you can bring back too, Mexico doesnt jack with you. Since we are supposed to be a "free market" and have "choice", and personal free choice of what we "choose" to buy/ purchase ... why is it that our government has any problemo of us American consumer's buying our gas or even pharma drug's especially in Canada or Mexico, eh? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it doesnt take a genius to figure out that : ) So many Texan's even go to Mexico for dental and medical service's too.

If our government were to do something similar, it would ALSO be used as a political tool and fuel for a clash of the left and right, saying that the move is anti- American and a display of Socialism ... so neither of the 2 political side's would want to do that ... USA politic's again are in large part controlled by the corporate sector and major bank's, period. Why do you think the whole left/ right circus was created and sustained maximum power for so long? ... to keep us mildly at each other's throat's and thinking that is our option's ... for the mass population of voter's to not use "reason". These method's of control actually go back to ancient Rome for instance when the Emperor Constantine inspired what I see as the "Holy Bible" of today ,and incorporated it into government and military ... the only "God" the bible was wrote by or "word" of it, is from a human "dictator" and a hand picked group, as example, or else ALL the writing's including even the gospel's of "women" would have been included. My thinking for instance being a mix of all/ both, is NOT popular (at least at this point in history, it will be though with future generation's), and disruptive to their circus. Again, until you can get the money influence out of Washington and the corporate control, you can never be a "solid" free market or have any "real" choice. The whole thing is rigged against us only, that is what will be challenged ... soon.

Word Out ....



Truth 101 said...

The pipeline thing is total bullshit. Of course Canada wants it over our land. Let oil spills happen here.

And as you pointed out the oil was being sent overseas anyway.

And there is plenty of oil. There are around 600 more active wells now than last year. Chesapeake Energy announced months ago it was slowing natural gas production to raise the price. They do this with il also. But of course rather than blame big oil companies, they lie and blame Obama.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Truth/Joe ... yeah, they got more game's in the market's than you can shake a stick at, I sure as Hell dont know them all. I didnt figure at first anyone would have a problem with the pipeline, since it was all being shipped to Texas to be refined, being that Texas would enviromentally get the shit end of the stick, because Texas alwayz get's it ... you ought to see the refinery cities here on our coast! The smog, etc

Also I will add a post note here, because an arguement that could come as far as "government" controlling pump price's more like they do in Mexico or even to a degree in Canada.

Thanx for your input Guy ....