Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why REPUBLICAN'S should be Kissing PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ASS (Some Morning Breakfast for THOUGHT PT.2)

Part 2 here of "Some Morning Breakfast for THOUGHT", I just ... well ... thought up, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... but mainly because of the political talk in the media's, so to be more politically fashionable decided to address the reality of the current politic's, what to expect, and "Why" Republican's should be kissing President Obama's ASS : )

When driving around the Metroplex I alwayz like to tune into conservative talk programme's on the radio, I mean ... Dallas/ Fort Worth is saturated with them : ) And all I been hearing about is constant whining over President Obama ... "he didnt do this" ... "he didnt do that" ... "he's bringing the country down with the economy" ... "we need this" ... we need that" ... "we need Romney or Newt" etc, etc. So this is mostly directed at my neighboring conservative's here in the Metroplex. I mean ... when it come's to money, business, fiscal responsibility and related, I'm about as conservative as you can get ... the only difference with me, is I'm truely conservative on these issue's and believe in actual free market instead of corporate communism ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) As far as the pop culture conservative issue's on condom's, birth control, gay marriage or whatever ... grow the Hell up Ya'll! ... Ya'll act more like a bunch of whining sissies than conservative's Geeeezzz : )

Ya'll should be doing less whining about the President and more "thinking" about what the Hell ya'll would be able to do to make anything any better, so far you have shown nothing ... and already done fucked up the economy with the last administration : ) And frankly all ya'll should be grateful you have President Obama in office now, and that he will get re- elected ... time's havent been this good for ya'll since the dayz of ole Bill Clinton! You should be literally on your knee's paying homage to President Obama and kissing his ass for what's he's done for you and this nation. I dont think folk's realize what kind of financial situation has been forming over the last several year's ... these tough time's we have are mild compared to what it could be, believe me. Conservative's say they want a President they can work with and who is truely bipartisan and pro- business at the same time ... well compared to the line- up you have now with these folk's like ole Newt, Mitt, Santorum, or the rest ... you couldnt get a better President to work with than Obama.

By the time the election's come up, the unemployment figure's may even go as low as the 7% range at the rate their going now ... and the President has bent over backward's for defense and securing the homeland, and proven to be more conservative on importante issue's than ya'll corporate ass kissing conservative's ... he has been frankly the best thing for business and growth in this country ... or as good as anyone can hope for in these time's. He has stayed on the issue's ( as much as any human would be able to keep up with), had an inbox from Hell, a stack on the desk of issue's knee deep, and hasnt missed a beat, he also been in office for a term already and know's what will have to be done by now. To change this President as I said before in the middle of the job, is not only stupid, but pointless and can gain nothing.

Dont whine so much ... ya'll Repubican's will probably gain a few seat's in Washington anywayz or whatever ... then starting 2013 ... we'll get back to gridlock and the usual petty bitch fight's that ya'll instigate, bucking the President on a rainy day just for being born. Why is this good? because ... it will boost investment confidence and the market's ... point here, is the gridlock to come in 2013 and beyond from President Obama getting re- elected will be a business plus ... if your truely conservative, you know damn well that business love's gridlock in Washington, because they dont have to deal with too much changing in the law's so fast that they cant keep up with it, therefore indirectly inspiring confidence and stability ... and most importantely "spending" and "investing" ... so dont fool yourselves thinking that putting one of these clown's in that are running for the GOP nomination will do a goddamn thing for business.

Enough said .... Word Out!


***** CNN: Obama on U.S. manufacturing ... (newsvideo)



Infidel753 said...

Conservative's say they want a President they can work with and who is truely bipartisan and pro- business at the same time...

Actually, conservatives are now saying they want a President who will force women to have children they don't want. Look at the polls of Republican voters on the race for their Presidential nomination. Santorum is now by far their favorite. This guy doesn't even have much of a conservative track record on economic issues. He's running on social issues -- birth control is bad, fags are bad, abortion is ultra-bad. This is what rank-and-file Republicans are saying they want. That is "conservatives". You may think they're acting like "whining sissies", but those are the issues on which they're defining themselves, with their votes and their poll responses.

As for Obama, Republican legislators have several times condemned him for supporting ideas that they themselves had supported months or even weeks before. It's not about ideas, they just hate him. How can he ever reach a compromise or deal with people whose main guiding principle is "whatever you want, we're against it, even if we were for it before you wanted it"?

The conservatives who should be grateful to Obama are the media personalities like Limbaugh and Beck and O'Reilly. Having a Democratic President to screech at is good for their ratings.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Santorum is a favourite, eh Infodel? Well then all these so called conservative's are a bunch of sissies then : ) I mean, who in Hell would waste valuable time on petty morality issue's beside's religious freak's? Geeeezzz, just let women be ... and focus on serious issue's that make and break societies, we need birth control anywayz, without it, we would be in worse of a mess, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

I know how much they despise Obama, I sure as Hell wrote plenty about that, even before he got the Democrat nomination. But ... he's as good as were gonna get, been on the job long enough and I am hoping to see more progressive face's getting seat's and change in that sector, but not the President. I dont follow as much as ya'll do on this stuff, so I cant say I really researched it or anything. But ... what I wrote is just my opinion and what I expect is all.

Thanx for your input here Infodel ....