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OWS vs. U.S. Prison Complex: and it's "PROFITEER'S PREYING (Praying) for PRISONER'S" (Incarcerated American PT.11) & (Mo of Yo Money PT.4)

Another posting that serve's both the "Mo of Yo Money" & "Incarcerated American" series of this journal, because the incarceration issue here should be of concern to every American, even those who not even been incarcerated, because it has to do with your tax dollar's in these tight trying time's. I have went over this in this series and various other posting's ... this caught my atencion nearly 20 year's ago, so dont think this is something "new", it isnt ... they have milked billion's through this. Some newsread, video below, then a few cent's I will add on this. And big credit here to the OWS Movement in particular, these folk's have been targeting all the right place's too! All this awareness that's being brought out is such a plus for us, and the more folk's that blog and push this the better. While our leader's are talking "austerity" we can talk about a lil "transparency", eh? I feel we should have OWS on the payroll at time's and do some salary/ benefit's cut's to some of those on Capitalism Hill!

NYDAILYNEWS.COM: Protesting Prisons- for- Profit that prey on the poor, powerless immigrant detainees

OWS Targets Private Prison Industry ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... Rania here put's this in a nutshell!


***** RCJ: "MO OF YO MONEY" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

You may be a tad shocked hearing me say above that this was being done 20 year's back, but it's the truth, as a matter of fact, Texas was probably a major cornerstone in this. I found out way back then, through a couple inmate's that I visited in what's called RPV (Returned Parole Violator) facilities. I noticed they were NOT state, yet housed all state convict's, at the time they were controlled by a company called Wackenhut, who had since changed their name from that, which was originally known for securities transport and security service's, to now a detention corporation. What sparked my curiousity back then, was the fact that they were old closed down/ abandoned county jail's, hospital's, etc ... and this company came in and redone/ refurbished them, yet used inmate's to do all the service/ work on much of it from HVAC to electrical, plumbing, you name it, they simply utilized those who had previous "trade's" in the freeworld prior to their incarceration ... then after their work on re- building these, of course your state authorized inspector's would come in for the final inspection and approval to verify everything was correct. Today it is far more advanced ... and these are being built in mass quantities with so many contractor's getting a piece of the pie ... all in the name of cleaning up our street's of crime.

This industry has came a long wayz since then and make's billion's across America of our tax dollar's, and as I pointed out before in other posting's, a majority of these incarcerated are in on technicalities, violation's, non- violent offenses labeled "criminal" in the penal code's, etc. Rania Khalek above also point's out the number's of folk's on probation/ parole's too, which is enormous if you want to add that in the figure's, and many of those on paper ('paper' is parole/ probation/ community supervision) may even get a month or two here and there on a violation, yet when their booked into the facility, the tax payer get's billed for an entire year, even if they only do a month or two ... nearly $40K per year come's in for each inmate average nationwide, even Texas, which has a much lower cost of living than California or New York for instance, much less regulatory factor's involved, less union, etc ... yet it's all federal dollar's is why. All you hear these dayz, especially out of Washington, is how we need to cut, cut, cut, and it's all us that need to cut only, it's almost unheard of to cut any of these multi billion dollar racket's popularly called "contract's", the same racketeer's who finance all the campaign's, etc.

Nowadayz they even went as far as contracting out these inmate's to work everything from road crew's work and labour out on chaingang style detail's to even doing office work, invoice processing, manufacturing, and many other's, in the process, telling these inmate's they are getting an education and honing their skill's for the world they will be released into, which as you know a tight job market ... and "if" they can get employed in the freeworld through reference's for ex- offender's, they are alwayz paid the lowest wage's allowed by law. You get my drift here on the complexity of this? It's basically a slave labour market, no matter what spin or title you want to slap on it ... as well as a major rip- off of tax dollar's ... and the only one's who benefit from this is not our societies, because we get nothing, not even any meaningful employment at that, but all those mega bank's and shareholder's who control and built this complex/ industry.

Inmate's even look at this as a "privilege" ... Oh yeah! when your on lockdown in a cell ... you will do just about any chore you need just to get out of that cell and get some walk time, and low scale violator's fall automatically without "review" into "trustee" categories, being that their NOT a threat, they turn them in and out every year and get new worker's, keeping the pool's full year round, and most importantly, the money rolling in. If you cut out alot of this, our unemployment rate would actually go down in our society, bottom line. Basically what you have in this nation, is not a prison system looking to clean up crime at all, as a matter of fact, the more the merrier, these major shareholder's dont live where the rest of us do ... they dont have common crime anywayz, because there is no desperation, and they dont give a shit one way or the other. And every once in a while they find some celebrity like Linsay Lohan, or someone like Martha Stewart to convict and run through the system for show, it's a trade off or basically all part of a marketing strategy. All they are is investor's in slave labour and profiteer's preying for prisoner's.

LARD- Drug Raid At 4am ... Thanx to TURBINEITORR ... just a lil ole favourite and classic piece that was released in 1990, that was a fitting music piece for the million's that have fallen to trumped up illegal drug charge's in our nation!

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