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BRITTNEY BAXTER: Georgia's Latest 7 year old Heroine ... "PUNCH, KICK & SCREAM" ... "SELF DEFENSE PT.6" (For Sharmaine)

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Brittney Baxter

This Part 6 of the "Self Defense" series will be to honour and look at the case of Ms. Brittney Baxter ... her story has been widespread and a must for this series. Her training, strategy, and weapon here was simply "Punch, Kick, & Scream" ... and it worked like clockwork, she also received local honour's for bravery, and she sure as Hell has my vote! ... You Go Girl! : )

The strangest part to me in all this, is the suspect Mr. Thomas Woods ... maybe I'm missing something, but it just dont make much sense (if I was an investigating detective in this case for instance). Here is a man (suspect) that does this on camera, knowing that it is being recorded (WalMart stores have more 'eye's in the skies' than Vegas casino's damn near), he as well is on probation/ parole, fresh out of a state correctional unit, where he was doing a few year's on a "voluntary manslaughter" charge, that he got off easy on, due to a legal technicality because his attorney was not present during his questioning and confession ... being of course a violation of his 5th Amendment Rights, which in turn he "worked" in the prosecution to get a reduced cop- out swap. So I wonder, what in Hell was this man thinking? ... it look's like a suicide mission on his part, knowing this is at least an "attempt" case for kidnapping and may even fall into "federal" category (federal time, you have to do day for day, no good time off) ... it just dont make any sense.

However ... a BIG CONGRAT's to the Lil Lady Brittney!! ... and this should be inspiration to other children in similar situation's in public type broad daylight abduction attempt's. I wouldnt advise this for an advanced scenario though where the child is already in captivity in an isolated area. I also wanted to dedicate this posting to my granddaughter Sharmaine who just turned 8 year's old.

***** ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: 7- Year- Old Honored for Bravery in attempted kidnapping

***** ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: Suspect in attempted Wal- Mart kidnapping killed uncle in 2004




Girl recounts kidnapping attempt escape ... Thanx to HLN


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