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Claudia Benson

For Part 5 here of the "Self Defense" series for this journal, I chose this recent Detroit murder trial arraignment violence outbreak toward's the familia of the murder victim. Some newsread and video below, then I will add some to this.

***** MLive.com: Detroit man charged with murdering college student outside of Blackberry Bar and Grill ... (newsread of the man charged in robbery and murder of Claudia Benson)

Grief, anger and violence collide outside a Detroit courtroom ... Thanx to AskTherapistFran


First of all, my heart goes out to the mother and familia of the victim here, Ms. Claudia Benson. The suspect who was arraigned, 35 year old Mr. Jacob Wells is innocent until "proven" guilty ... but my opinion here hasnt a thing to do with Mr. Wells arraignment or pre- trial hearing's ... but what the murder victim's familia had to face at the hearing, and the protection they received (NONE). This is clearly a case of justified self defense, is the point I want to make here. Also, whatever town/ jurisdiction you live in, it's good to be at least somewhat on the up and up on law's and right's. I speaking here as I know my right's by law in Texas. I am fortunate to live in a state where I know that I can legally protect myself and familia. But even if I were in a state that didnt allow it, I would anyway, that's just me.

In the video, the opinions as far as sympathy, empathy, or whatever for the victim's familia is a nice thought ... but not reality ... as well as the talk about letting the justice system/ law enforcement and God handle it ... again ... "nice" ... but the fact is, that God nor the Justice system or law enforcement showed any sympathy or even tried to protect the victim's familia here, if it wasnt for the citizen's intervening and holding back the woman with the tripod turned deadly weapon, Mrs. Benson (victim's mother) could have been killed or seriously injured herself. Not even the security who was most likely county deputies, if it's a county court, came to assist, saying it wasnt their job outside the building ... or some related rulebook, union, or I dont give a shit attitude response.

Now for some straight facts real quick ... First, the minute that the woman (suspect familia) took and destroyed the tripod, that was a criminal offense, misdemeanor category at that point, but still "criminal" ... even if the media who owned the tripod refused to press charges ... the state/ county has the law to pick up the charges since it was in public and/ or on the county/ city/ state property. Secondly ... when the woman tore off parts of the tripod, it was clearly and evidently used to make a weapon, this type of weapon being metallic and sharp, also falls into a weapon of a deadly category with clear evidence of "intent". 3rd here ... when attempting to approach Mrs. Benson (victim's mother) she said that her intention's was to "kill" her with many witnesses and video, only again being held back by bystanders who intervened ... the 2nd and 3rd point here, also being low degree "felony" charges. Mrs. Benson in this case has every right to defend herself from this deadly threat with a deadly weapon, by whatever means necessary.

The CNN journalist above who talks about the protection given at the Michael Jackson trial for instance, is the reality we have ... being that high profile folks with alot of money are clearly the only ones as a majority who get protection in this nation today. Their neighborhood's are the most protected, their entertainment and work/ occupational areas, are more protected than the average citizen ... therefore in these times, self defense is needed more now than before, and especially due to the forced austerity, oppression by those who govern and dictate, way above average unemployment in especially a town like Detroit, etc.

The most disturbing part to this for me, wasnt the suspect's supporters/ familia violence and lack of sympathy as CNN guests put it ... but the fact that the courthouse security didnt intervene ... and on top of that ... Detroit Police didnt even come into it. For instance ... if this was a case of some "Occupy" protestor's in Detroit's financial district ... Detroit Police would have been all over it like a cheap suit ... just because of who gets favoured in this country for protection, and even if Occupy protestors didnt have any weapons and no intent of violence, they would be met with police brutality in many cases. As a result of this lack of protection ... now the victims mother and familia will have to live with the fact that she was threatened to be killed, and no one on the side of law enforcement was there to protect her, or at least to deal with the woman threatening the violence and death against her and her familia members.

Mrs. Benson and her familia should take this as a death threat and serious and not just some heated moment of anger ranting, and do everything they can by whatever means to protect their lives, not worrying about a justice system of laws that wont even respect them until they are dead, before they address it.

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BBC said...

I don't give a shit what is going on in Detroit. Giving a shit about everything wrong on this rock could drive a person insane and I prefer to just stay crazy.

Ranch Chimp said...

Understood Billy, if it bother's you to think about these thing's, then it's wise to avoid it.

This posting isnt about the City of Detroit, as much as it's about the victim's familia, self defense and lack of protection when needed for our tax paying citizen's in a balanced fair way, law's/ rule's that prohibit self defense, etc ... and what happen's in Detroit is happening in America to American's!

As far as the City of Detroit ... a cornerstone of the industrial revolution, not just in this country, but the world, and has been one of the greatest cities of this nation and it's growth and putting this country on the global map, as well as the birthplace of Motown.