Saturday, January 21, 2012

U.S. SUPREME COURT Give's Texas GOP the Goldmine & Texans the Shaft ... (U.S. SUPREME COURT FISTING PT.4)

Back in 2009/ 2010 when I was writing about the crap we would see bumrushed on us if we let the GOP even get anymore power, such as in the "2010 Show" series, concerning their desperation and how fast they would start to move ... I even feel now over the last year that I underestimated even that ... imagine that! Cause they been hammering everything between the U.S. Supreme Court and every legislative avenue they can ... recently trying to screw the vote in America and even making it harder for folk's to vote, and the rest of the current mess. The GOP of all folk's complaining about America being divided, are more and more trying to even divide the state's more, in everything that they propose. In my opinion, the national vote need's a complete overall and have equal right's, accessibility, and conformity across the nation, period! Not this crap where a few state's decided recently to try to start make folk's register for special ID's just to vote, etc. (at the last minute at that!) Of course the official technical blame to this goes to Texas Democrat's for not using proper proceedure, making the unanimous U.S. Supeme Court ruling "fair".

When this crap happened below ... I couldnt help to think of country legend Jerry Reed and his song "She Got The Goldmine (I got The Shaft)" : ) ... Now I dont know as much about this as more informed political writer's/ blogger's ... but any avenue I look at it from so far, it look's like a snowjob. It is almost impossible to redraw a map by February 1st at that!, but worth the try at least, although I feel it wont be what many Texas voter's, especially Latino voter's expected to be fair. With the 4+ million population jump, the new seat's we are to get look like the fairness the GOP want's to give out would be 75% for them, and 25% for the Democrat's. I could be wrong ... maybe the U.S. Supreme Court here is all just about fairness ... but this is a Hell of a time (early 2012) to have to get dealt this hand.

LOS ANGELES TIMES/ NATION: U.S. Supreme Court rejects Texas electoral map that favored Latinos

Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Electoral Maps 'Huge Setback' for Democrats ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


Jerry Reed- Glen Campbell Music Show (18 Dec 1982)- She Got the Goldmine ... Thanx to Glen Campbell- A Tribute


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