Monday, January 23, 2012

TEXAS WIND FARMS: ... A look at "21st Century Texas Wildcatting" (GLOBAL WARMING PT.12)

This Part 12 of this journal's "Global Warming" series, will be a look at the new 21st century wildcatting, wind power and storage, and renewable energies business boom in the Lone Star State, which as I've pointed out before will be the big money maker's of the future, for those who plan on investing too (such as my grandkid's ... hint- hint : )

The sight alone of just what has popped up over the last several year's here in Texas is remarkable ... I mean ... you can drive for a couple hundred mile's in West and South Central Texas and as far as the eye can see, these are all over the place ... it look's like a work of art to me : ) I stood by one of these turbine's for instance not long back just to savor the view from the base, with a guy that told me that it was 300'ft (equivalent to a 30 story building roughly), and it was huge ... and there are thousand's of these going up at that, and the largest farm's of it's kind in the world.

***** GRIST.ORG: Texas to install world's largest wind energy storage system

***** E&E NEWS/ RENEWABLE ENERGY: New power lines will make Texas the world's 5th- largest wind power producer


E.ON: The Texas Wind Farms ... Thanx to CASTLEVIEWPROD

ORN#6 World's Largest Wind Farm ... Thanx to CARRICKGARETH



BBC said...

Frankly I think they are going about it all wrong, but some are making big money off it the way it is being done by making and selling all those expensive generators.

I think the windmills should have much cheaper air compressors on them and the air piped to a big single generator like are in dams. Store the air and you can even run them at night, without batteries.

If I had a home system it would be like that.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting point and comment Billy ... I have also read and heard folk's that have said this is also a waste of money. But your point is one to make you think. I dont know enough about generator's or the mechanical/ engineering of these thing's ... but somewhere's someone has to make a buck.

Thanx for your input here Billy ....