Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OCCUPY OAKLAND & DC: The Private "DECLARATION OF WAR" on the American People & Globe ... (THE AWAKENING PT.12)

First of all here for Part 12 of "The Awakening" will be some recent news and video, and interview's with Sara Flounders and independent journalist Luke Rudkowski . I didnt know a thing about either of these two people before these interview's, and found out that Sara Flounders get's quite a bit of criticism it appear's ... however ... their view's of this are diversified as well, so it's importante, and they also play their role's in defending America, regardless of the talk of Sara being anti American especially. Diversity and multi strategies are needed here. This is a needed update/ follow- up on the Occupy Movement, but mainly inspired by major media coverage over the weekend, trying to place blame on these Oakland occupier's and questioning their action's as criminal act's and inciting violence, which is simply mainstream pre- paid propaganda.

But at the same time, this isnt to criticize mainstream media's ... they only do what they can, so much of them is controlled by the same dollar's that control our representation in Washington, and like so, has corrupted much of media and free speech. I mean, mostly all this last couple week's been saturated with is these debate's over these GOP candidate's, which has gotten extremely nonsensical ... having primarily two millionaire's Mit Romney and Newt Gingrich (both who have done nothing or anything for America basically, whether it's job's, economy, and both saying our problem is the President) argueing and insulting each other over their money basically, claiming one or the other has too much, who believe's in ghost's, plastic value's, etc, etc. Even to the point where Romney was claiming to be a Mexican (Dad born in Mexico or similar shit) ... and Gingrich calling for a Cuban Spring Revolution of some sort, both of course in South Florida ... I'm serious too, this is no joke, check it out yourself. All these folk's are so phoney, they would claim to eat raw shit straight from the butthole, if they figured the majority of voter's had a "scat" fetish : )

CNN/ U.S.: Occupy DC Camps remain as Deadline passes ... this just in this morning from CNN.

OWS Camp's Banned- Where do we convene? ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

Police Targeting Occupy Protestors One by One? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


This is importante to take seriously ... this isnt someone just selling woof ticket's and running their mouth's talking shit ... these action's and strategies being used are actual physical violence and attack's, critical injuries and even death/ murder ... and not only in America, but around the globe, which is simply an unofficial and private "declaration of war" on the people. It is clear as day by now who is inciting all the violence, and it sure as Hell isnt some protestor's tossing a few bottle's or rock's. As far as the talk about criminal activity breaking into Oakland's abandoned and closed civic center structure ... this is something that happen's daily across America by homeless folk's in particular to have a roof over their head's, and why not? Is that criminal? who is it harming? The thing is here, is they want folk's to have no place for refuge, or to congregate, to speak, or anything else ... bottom line. Again, none of this is about hygiene, safety, crime, etc.

Oakland and DC dictated law enorcement are taking different approaches and strategies, simply to see what worx and dont work. Mr. Rudkowski above also sum's up the method's used to attack ground media's ... look at the stat's on where America stand's even on freedom of press ... 47th(?) ... behind Taiwan even ... our so called bundle of free speech country. And what he sayz as far as undercover cop's working covertly within, you have to expect ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... that's why their called "undercover" ... so dont think this doesnt exist. There are alot of cop's quietly even questioning this, that dont like their detail/ assignment, believe me ... they took oath's to protect and serve, and now many are wondering who they are really protecting and serving? They know in their heart, that many of these protestor's action's are justified ... they just have our law enforcement by the ball's as well, because they need to earn a paycheck, just like they do with our military ... which is abusing them both as well.

I have read/ heard, case after case, from senior citizen's being beaten to pregnant teen's, one had a miscarriage, another a damaged kidney ... broken rib's, etc, etc ... even our veteran's have been beaten/ assaulted and shown no respect, this is also where our military veteran's who support the movement will come in with their experience. You see ... what also is needed is various different splinter's, yet having a solidarity "commitment", different strategies, approaches, etc ... diversity in this area is importante. We have many veteran's as well that support the movement and can help by organizing and training in self- defense, weapon's, and combat tactic's to other occupier's who are more of the soldier type's that will participate in the physical fighting, defense, and combat ... basically to build more well organized militia's. This is not to promote violence, but to protect America and it's people from tyrant's ... it is clear as day in few word's in the 2nd Amendment as well, why this and these militia's of the people are needed. Again ... you cant alwayz have just peaceful demonstration's when your under physical attack ... and you already have peaceful type's as well to deal on that avenue and other non- violent avenue's, such as work in the political process, social media's, etc ... but you also need "muscle" and "defense".

As far as Oakland and it's so called history of protest's and being more violent ... this is because the City of Oakland has had such a bad recent history of violence, police brutality, even law enforcement murdering citizen's, and continued violence on it's people, the entire Bay Area at that ... and the worst I seen since the dayz of the Civil Rights movement in place's like 1960's Alabama. Dr. M.L. King had no alternative but to act in peace only ... he was a black man in the south trying to protect a minority population that was targeted ... otherwise he probably would have been assassinated at his start, if he advocated violence. The population under attack these dayz is much larger and multi class and cultural, but still attacked with similar tyrannical method's of "violence", and goal's ... to "enslave"

When I say this should be taken serious ... I mean it. Understand that everyone is under attack, this is not an attack on poor people, or minority people, and it cover's many classes up and down the ladder of our society ... our veteran's ... your children that pay substantial tuition fee's in the college's/ universities and drowning in debt by 25/ 30 year's old, who are even being brutalized by these force's on their school campuses now. These especially are your children and your future ... the physician's, teacher's, rescue worker's, scientist's, entrepreneur's, etc of our future that are under attack. So this cover's everyone across the board that even are the greatest of contributor's to our society now and to come, to all those production/ manufacturing and service industry worker's on down the line, and the strong middle class who make's this engine work with their purchase power and spending.

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