Thursday, January 26, 2012

RT AMERICA ... Thank You! ... A Look at NON- Mainstream, Mainstream Journalism/ Media and Democracy at it's Best!

This posting will be a Thank You posting and look at a non- mainstream, mainstream news media that is a treat in these time's. I enjoy all the mainsteam media's as well, they put together some great programming/ show's, and I like to get all the news, so I listen to news whether it's left, right, or independent (I myself am not left/ right). Most of the mainstream media's whether large or small, are kind of predictable, and you have to understand why ... being because of money, rating's, following's, and the pressure's of political correctness. You have folk's on both of the polarizing side's for example, that are not even what they preach to be, whether it's liberal or conservative, both claiming to be good of course, and their opposition to be evil. And of course anyone like RT America is quickly labeled as a joke by many on the pop- culture left, and commie's or anti- American by those on the pop- culture right ... yet both side's also look at everyone out of the mainstream box/ circle's as "extremist's" ... I mean ... these dayz, a church going grandmother can be considered extreme, just because she may carry a gun in her purse for protection/ self defense ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... or more popularly a "Nazi" or "bigot", etc : )

I only call it "mainstream" because for me anything in public, and a network as large as YouTube or any other widely accessible media is "mainstream", to me only ... although I understand what folk's mean as "mainstream", so that's just how I define it. I myself am mainstream in my opinion, for having a journal on the internet where anyone can access it, and I cover many mainstream issue's as well ... so you get my drift on how I define/ view such term's.

But despite all the opposition talk about what "RTAMERICA" is, or how anti American it is ... it is truely a slice of what American Democracy and free thought/ speech is all about ... and for me as truely American as apple pie and baseball as far as journalism. I only hope to see it continue and expand and hold solid to it's value's, principle's, and continue it's discipline and dedication, because there is no doubt that some entity will try to buy it out or contaminate or destroy it in these time's and how thing's are done. Thank You RTAMERICA (and affiliate's) for all the exceptional and minimal biased coverage of the issue's!

War on RT Rages On ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

RT vs Mainstream Media ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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