Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE VS. PASSIVE PUSSIVE'S ... Intro w/ Michael Moore (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.6) ... Inspired in part by Tim Waters/ Scared Stiff

Part 6 of "Truth or Treason 2012" is partly inspired by Mr. Tim Waters of "Scared Stiff", because this is something that we discussed here online concerning politic's, and Tim has stood his ground solidly on what he support's and dont as a democrat supporter/ voter himself. We discussed our difference's on the President for instance, but I understand Tim like so many other's ... because where do we draw the line? I supported President Obama before he was President or candidate, because of what he stood for, and he had truely great idea's for this nation as far as moving forward, the President hasnt been able though to do what he had proposed either on many avenue's. I know what he is up against and that is also why I know that the people of this country need to put a line in the sand somewhere's ... Hell, I have wrote about this cesspool since the start of this journal, and this system continue's to fail.

Again ... it must fail and we must suffer to wake up, as I have pointed out time and again as well, and history show's you with common sense combined that change is inevitable ... and this system WILL collapse and those who dictate will destroy themselves in time. Forget all this doom and gloom woe is me submissive shit, the nature of civilisation and the species DOES NOT work like that, when an animal is cornered and tormented. Again, their action's and such as thing's like this sudden debt crisis, austerity, cut's, market's change, etc, was all manipulatively "created" as I posted time and again, out of desperation, where in the past I used football game strategies and such to explain what was happening and how fast they will start to move and why ... they (those who dictate our representation) are simply running the clock down and we are in the last 2 minute's of the final quarter, this is why it was so importante to not let what happened in the 2010 election's advance any further ... because we once again failed to do our part. We would have seen this anywayz, even under a total democrat majority, but just a much milder ride as I pointed out. Our representation are being terrorized as much as all of us on this war we face now.

First of all, this recent video clip of Michael Moore (who I call "My Man from Flint") ... which is right on the money in the clip I chose below, of this nauseating passive pussy attitude that smother's so many American voter's to this day. Then I will add to this after.

Michael Moore: America is a Liberal Nation ... Thanx to FORATV ... For the full video and more CLICK HERE I dont agree with Michael or anyone else on everything, but he make's such solid point's and should be heard out. I only got to watch the first 43 minute's of the full video, but will watch it all ... you can click on the link and watch in whole or by segment's you can click on. The clip I added below, was to highlight this posting and what it is about as far as voting and submitting to this constant anal rape we get.

RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" PART'S 5 THRU 1 ... and this posting will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" posting.

The worst time this can happen is right now as these 2012 election's come up, and again ... this is all due to collapse in time, and is happening sooner than I expected, which thrill's me as well. Knowing that American's are finally waking up to this cesspool of politic's that has spread over this nation like a cancer ... and "No Thanx" to these various media's and blog's that keep feeding this cancer. Yes, I vote Democrat as a choice of the lesser or two evil's so to speak, and have voted before 6/7 year's ago ... almost exclusively republican my entire voting life. But the GOP/ Republican party has actually turned into a party of no bloody integrity of any kind, and act more like treasonist's in these time's ... selling out and betraying the very democracy, individualism, and true free market and all else they claim for year's they supported.

I watched one debate the other day on a "NBC Meet The Press", special debate edition of the GOP, sunday morning ... it was absolutely nauseating, I only watched it to be fair in my assessment's that I make here, having mocked them recently for having nothing to offer, without hearing them out in the actual debate's. All (or at least "much") in Hell they talked about was petty stupid shit ... issue's on sexuality/ homosexuality, religion, morality, contraceptive's, and other shit that doesnt do a goddamn thing for what over 3 quarter's of American's are concerned with currently, while supporting secretly a bunch of special interest's, then flip- flopping and denying what they initially said, what a fucked up mindset you would have to have to swallow any of this bullshit ... supporting entities and proposal's, that are taking all our goddamn money, job's, and everything else and shipping it offshore basically, because as I wrote in previous posting's ... all the money milking of us, is because they are fixin to abandon America and even Euro nation's, and other democracy type nation's across the globe, and we better wake up to this. I mean, why do you think all of this sudden manufactured austerity rubbish is being presented as a major issue in damn near every free country on the globe? ... to milk everything we have, change our law's and governing, and to rathole all the wealth in the new major market's they want, which alot of that is in Asia.

The Democrat party has been just as nauseating to me, to where I even hate being identified as what is considered as "liberal" in 21st century America, almost as much as I hate being identified as a conservative by todayz standard's. The passive pussive attitude's on this coming election out of so many democrat's has been even more nauseating, supporting crooked democrat's that are equally paid off and bribed by special interest's, and all out of fear of the chance of the republican's winning more than they have now ... which of course would be worse, but who in Hell are they afraid of? Look at these GOP candidate's ... do you think any of them would have a snowball's chance in Hell of being trusted up against President Obama and his Administration in these trying time's? Sure the GOP had alot of great thing's as far as talk to say ... but again ... none of this can work in the new global market or the 21st century arena ... it could work, say in 1960 America maybe.

These new job/ unemployment figure's being bragged about this month is even more idiotic bullshit, most were created simply because of the holiday season last month, were service end petty job's, and the figure's are so highly politically manipulated ... and you cant depend on the government especially in these troubled time's to do ALL the job creation. Job's have increased and are on an upward trend, but as I posted time and again on these job's issue's, you cant mathematically even come close to replacing what we lost, especially when hardly anyone on either side are even addressing how to help create job creation incentive's and idea's, much need's to be done domestically and those investor's that invest here, need to be given the tax break's they deserve to get it going as well, but "locked in" as I have pointed out before legally/ legislatively and contractually, so bipartisanship is essential in this avenue, green tech's, alternative energies, manufacturing, technologies across the board, etc ... not bloody job's serving burger's to each other! Employment in this country is the worst that I have seen in my 55 year's of living, and when you lose so much, any little bone tossed to you will look significant, especially while you play these political game's. The President hasnt a thing to do with it, and he can only do what they let him do, even now being dictated to by those in his own party and the financial support he now owe's for, the money influence has just been so much of a factor in corrupting our representation across the board.

And this other constant goddamn whining about how it's doom and gloom and will only get worse ... get the fuck over it! ... of course it's gonna get worse before it can get any better, I wrote so much about this myself even, over the last few year's. They say it's a "satan sandwich" ... and it's not pleasant? eat it and learn to digest it, period ... and most importantely, like anything else you digest ... shit it out in the toilet bowl later, then flush it down, dont sit there smelling your own goddamn waste! Life aint pleasant all the time, period!

This constant whining (which Michael in the above video does so well in the start : ) out of folk's, especially on the left ... "Ohhh ... boo- hoo ... what do we do?, please dont make me say something I shouldnt ... etc" These type's need to step to the side and let the strong take position and action to lead ... your nothing but whining pussies who only lack any goddamn backbone in their pacifist lives. The biggest mistake we made had already taken place in the 2010 vote, which is why I focused so much on that in the "2010 Show" series of this journal, talking about "what" will happen if we let the GOP even control in only a Congress or a Senate ... we already fucked ourselves on that, then these democrat's turn around with these petty dog biscuit's and say ... "At least it's better than nothing" ... when in actuality we GOT NOTHING! I mean, these type's remind me of the same type's who loan and invest their money in a financial entity, that entity goes south and fail's, you lose maybe 40% of your money, then support bailing out the entity to make it stronger and just accept your loss ... YOU ADVOCATE WEAKNESS!

We all need to occupy this nation and put ourselves first, and these politician's who dont get their shit together, shape up, and do what the Hell we hired them to do ... need to ship out, by whatever force needed. As far as these major corporate CEO's and their allies who pay- off everyone in our government, we need to stop that too, they can stand in line if they want and vote like the rest of us, and the politician's who dont think their salaries and benefit's are not enough by itself ... find another goddamn job! And all our politician's should have to take oath's like the GOP did to never raise taxes in their career, but an oath to actually serve this nation and represent all the people ... no more pay- off's or special interest's salaries. Just like we have the Presidential campaign fund to contribute to on our income tax form's at the end of the year for $3 buck's ... have it publicly funded through such, to clean out this legalized corruption, and it will be a true saving's compared to what we pay now in supporting these financially that run our government!

Frankly, the only thing I look forward to as far as a voting democrat this year, is either current democrat's getting their act together (which is not likely as a whole) or having a strong enough more progressive choice to vote for at the end of this year as far as candidate's ... which will happen in time, but I like to see it sooner than later, especially the way we been constantly going south in this political Bermuda Triangle of sort, even now trying to more and more suppress folk's from being able to vote. Each and every progressive American need's to start demanding of our representative's what they need to do, which is happening more and more. Like a bad relationship or marriage ... you dont sit there and feed it ... you dump it. Many of us ... if ya'll in Washington keep fucking around and playing these game's, we WONT VOTE for you, and NEVER fear the repercussion's of it either!

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Tim said...

RC Really good post as you said what you had on your mind and not talking points as so many do. We indeed need to Occupy our Government. We hired them and can fire them as well. It's time for a revolution. Take back OUR country. Love it. Thanks for mentioning me, I love our conversations.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Tim ... Thanx for your company and conversation's online. email's, etc over the last couple year's and for what I learned in the process. I never really got into politic's at all until nearly 4 year's ago, which is obvious since I voted republican for so many year's : )

I eas particularly impressed with how you stood your ground politically, as this cesspool deepened, some cannot do that ... that show's strength and consistency!

Later Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Again Tim ... that Gretsch guitar look's beautiful!