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Tim Cole

A couple dayz ago, a historical marker and site was added here in the Metroplex for a man who was wrongfully convicted of a rape, and died in prison after 14 year's, but the story behind this is actually incredible, and for some maybe even unbelievable, that in a country like USA with such a complex check all system and finely detailed ... that this can happen. So this will be Part 9 of this series, but to serve as well as a Memorial posting of sort. Tim's brother Cory also inspired part of the heading for this post in the part "Addiction to Conviction".

Tim is a hero as well, but not because of his service in the U.S. Army to this nation, but because of the "willing" sacrifice he made of not giving into this, and standing his ground to the end ... which in turn resulted in the nation's best compensation for folk's that are wrongfully convicted here in Texas, yet Tim wasnt able to utilize any of that compensation being dead either, and this man had no prior's (arrest's or conviction's), was a college student and even a Army veteran, spit and polish. I mean, this guy was offered a parole long ago just to confess, yet he held out ... still saying that he would do 25 year's flat before he take's a cop- out plea to something he didnt even do. You see ... too many time's all over the nation even ... defendant's take these quick cop- out plea's to avoid incarceration ... I mean, when your in a cell, all you want to do is "walk" ... it dont matter anymore to most that's it's on your record, etc ... many of these folk's just plea to get it over and walk, whether it's right, wrong, justifiable or anything else, bottom line ... they just basically "give up".

Just read through some of the link's below to get a grasp on the politic's of this as well. Do you know why they offered him a plea deal to get paroled? ... because they knew the case was wrong and they fucked up, period ... not because of Tim, but to only cover their asses, this kind of shit is destined to backfire in time. But even the way that investigator's held back evidence from the rape victim here is actually about ... everybody want's the "check box" on their scorecard/ record ... being case investigated, solved, and suspect convicted ... it's all about stat's and number's, to brag and campaign on, when running for office's such as County DA's, Judge's, Police Chief's, state political seat's, etc ... to boast of their "conviction" record's and how they cleaned up crime, etc, etc ... holding up their pie chart's and stat sheet figure's. Even most of these public defender's are in on this, and any case that isnt capital ... make's folk's also get lazy to do their job's and stand by the oath's they have taken. Add the financial/ monetary factor's and being able to use these common citizen's and even veteran's at that, as a commodity to fill prison contract's and milk taxpayer's money off it, just make's this whole system about as corrupted and outdated as it get's.

And they even had a confession of the actual rapist after the conviction, where he himself had contacted/ wrote several official's and court's even, cause he felt so lousy seeing this man doing time for what he done (waiting for the statute of limitation's to expire on the offense, before he confessed though) ... his "letter's" were ignored (see the NPR piece), that is really the kicker to this ... I mean, you know you fucked up, the evidence is clear and about to explode into the mainstream and you actually try to even cover that and pretend none of this happened. This is the kind of people we pay to run our judicial system's? And everytime they pull this shit, it allow's the one's who actually committed the offenses to walk and be free to commit even more ... it's not only injustice, but pure incompetence and failure to get the job done. I could go on and on with this shit, but my point is clear. Read and view for yourself below.

***** NPR: Family Of A Man Cleared By DNA Still Seeks Justice ... this piece point's out basically the ramrod and politic's as well.

***** CBS DALLAS/ FORT WORTH: Historical Marker Honors Wrongfully Convicted Texas Man ... (newsread)

***** WIKIPEDIA: Tim Cole


Cory Session, Brother of Timothy Cole, speaking at 10th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty ... Thanx to STOPEXECUTIONS ... I wanted to post this video to have a listen to Tim's brother Cory. This "march" was Cory speaking on behalf of the anti- death penalty drive back in 2009 concerning the case of Cameron Todd Willingham that I posted on here . My issue here is NOT with the idea of the death penalty, I never really opposed it (for the victim's familia), but have been forced to oppose and question it, because of these conviction's which have been a repeated story time after time here in Texas especially ... so I have no choice. I mean ... if I was in a position of power myself or a Governor or whatever ... I would do everything in my power to at least stop all execution's indefinitely ... looking at the condition, I would have no choice, period. And this is not only in Texas ... I would put a halt to it nationwide immediately if given the opportunity, because these wrongful conviction's are nationwide, it's just that Texas rank's first place in this.


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Four Dinners said...

Anyone who can negotiate life in general whilst being named 'Tim' deserves hero status if you ask me.

His parents deserve horse whipping of course....

Tim????...Come ooooon!!! ;-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey 4-D ... Tim is a fairly common name, like mine being Tom or Tommy or Thomas, Bill, Jim etc, etc ... I dont know, just never tought about it much.

Heard Londontown got hammered with some snow/ ice, like hard too, cramped Heathrow and traffic heavy. Here in Dallas, fairly normal, low 50's day and mid 30's tonight basically.

Thanx for your input here 4-D

BBC said...

Pretty decent weather here today.

BBC said...

Anyone who can negotiate life in general whilst being named 'Tim' deserves hero status if you ask me.

Four D's name is Neil, Brahahaha. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Weather here is about normal I reckon this time a year Billy, not bad ... yesterday/ aralier today it stayed chilly though (to me) staying windy, cloudy and upper 40's all day ... so I seen better dayz. I like warm weather myself as far as choice, but lived in it all at one time or another I reckon.

As far as name's ... some call me Tom, some call me Tommy, some call me Thomas, etc I remember starting a job once and the boss asked me what I prefer to be called? I told him it didnt matter on that.