Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Sexploitation Nation" Part 15 is a subject I been meaning to cover for sometime, and Thanx to RT America and Huffpost/ Science below, this was a fitting posting to look at "Love and Marriage", so the title of the posting was also inspired by the classic piece of music made popular in the mid 1950's by Frank Sinatra as well.

Another reason for this is because of the relentless whining these dayz over the issue of "marriage", whether it's for heterosexual's or homosexual's(?) ... I mean, it just get's boring as well as nauseating ... from both polarizing side's (one feed's the other) ... you have the right conservative's "morality whining" that it's only meant for guy's and gal's, and then the left liberal's out of retaliation constantly looking for any person's or animal's "gay" that they can promote, and everytime they highlight an artist or person of notoriety, they alwayz have to mention what their sexual orientation is ... completely ignoring the person's achievement's and/ or inefficiently honouring such ... just get's boring. Example ... when I highlight great artist's for instance in my "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" such as Freddie Mercury (Queen), Elton John, Rob Halford ("Fight"/ "Judas Priest"), or Genesis P- Orridge (Throbbing Gristle) to name a few, I focus on their talent's and contribution's to honour, not that their "gay". So both the left and right sicken me, I have to support the left, because the right just want's to oppress everyone and everything.

When I done the "What Is Gay Marriage?" series for this journal, it was to explain what "marriage" is and the changing face's of it over the generation's/ centuries, such as in Part One ... (LINKED HERE) . I also mentioned in past posting's that other change's in the species, such as the species splintering (biological/ technical) as well as robotic's will also be a major cultural change, that will get other bellyaching group's to form and basically whine. This posting will show an example of that, because it will only be a matter of time, before folk's want to have loving relationship's and marriage with robotic's and such on a mainstream level, which will cause conflict's to come too ... as far as the usual petty bitch fight's ... as if any of these fight's will put food in your belly or a roof over your head ... we constantly whine over our moral difference's.

Whether you laugh or cry over this below, or think it's stupid, or think nothing of it ... it is simply human nature to want companionship and relationship's of some kind, and various wayz to fulfill that want ... even if it take's creating being's in our own image. What folk's sexually do or what kind of relationship's they embrace, never meant much of nothing to me personally one way or the other ... on that type of thing, I simply live and let live ... whether my neighbor is having sex with a same sex partner or a robot or doll, doesnt do a damn thing beneficial or harmful to me, my wife, or any of my familia, and sure as Hell dont pay the bill's or clean up the corruption in our leadership, which you would think would be priority concern. But "yes", I would also support robotic marriage 110%. Other than that ... I'm fixin to go to bed ... to "sleep" that is!

***** HUFFPOST SCIENCE: Robot Love, Sex, even Marriage may come, Relationship Scientists say ... a good read here as well as a nice YouTube video's selection linked.

Sex Robot Relationships more common than you think? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


"Love and Marriage"- "Indiscreet" (1958) music vid ... Thanx to NERWENIEL

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