Thursday, October 25, 2012

BIG TEX MEMORIAL ... Dead at 60 Year's Old ... The "Fire & Funeral" of A TEXAS TOWERING INFERNO (Texas State Fair PT.2)

The remains of "Big Tex" being carried away

This Part 2 of the "Texas State Fair" will be a memorial posting in honour of a local icon from 1952 to 2012, "Big Tex", and part of the title of this posting was inspired by by the American classic disaster movie "The Towering Inferno". Just the weekend prior to this tragedy, I was with my grandkid's at the Fair, and with all the hustle bustle, show's, concert's, ride's, attraction's etc, etc ... probably the last thing we paid atencion to was ole "Tex", despite his 52' ft tall presence ... I mean, you just expect Tex to be there as any of the other landmark's ... it doesnt hit you until you've lost something/ someone you love.

As I write this, a new Big Tex is already in the production stage's they say will even be bigger than the old one ... and maybe so ... but the original Tex will sure be missed. The first news video below highlight's a local funeral held for our ole buddy, and the 2nd video below is an amateur video caught of the actual fire.

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Big Tex destroyed by fire at fair ... (newsread)


The FUNERAL: Dallas Funeral Home hosts Big Tex Memorial << CBS Dallas Fort Worth ... Thanx to COLVIN51405

The FIRE: Big Tex on fire after 60 years at the State Fair ... Thanx to BULLRIDERS139


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