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CONTRACEPTIVE'S/ ABORTION & Full Government Sponsorship/ Funding ... A Ranch Chimp view and opinion (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT. 8)

Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

I was browsing some link's at the Infidel753 weekly link round- up this morning and commenting on this proposal to government fund all abortion/ contraceptive's in France, (Thanx to RT & Infidel here) which inspired this posting, along with some comment's I left to a blogger called Dmarks below from a previous posting a couple year's back on Bill Maher that I was just browsing that popped up on my stat's page as being viewed (I love Maher), concerning sensitivity on this type of issue. I know at least when I bring this up to people as well just here in my community, I get some strange look's even from some. So I want to address this here.

I certainly am pro- life in the sense that I love life, okay? I dont have an abortion agenda, I am a father and grandpa, but I also want to state for any reader who may be of this "right wing" for instance or pop culture type pro- life today, that I do have reasonable logical thinking on this, population is in some wayz out of control considering how so called "civilised" we love to call ourselves, as a matter of fact, many of those who say they are "pro- life" and view human life as being "sacred" let's say, seem to have lil regard for life and have twisted what is termed as sacred it seem's. Society actually amazes me on how the mainstream of it think's, I therefore wonder where is the "reason" at time's. We are becoming quick to even say publicly by mainstream politician's that abortion in the case of rape is wrong and that even the rape somehow was God's "plan" or "will"? (yes, I cant recall which politician off hand, but it has been made by a couple on the right wing) ... are ya'll fucken kiddin me!? ... or ya'll just been smoking some whacky weed (PCP/ Sherman)? Frankly I get really sick and tired of this neo pop culture politically correct whining out of some of these right wing fundamoralist's ... and I am actually conservative on some thing's, but REAL conservative ... not this sap culture neo conservatism of today.

The woman who has to bear the baby certainly isnt pleased about getting something like an abortion unless she is a self- punishment masochist ... to undergo something like that would be unimaginable to me, so when she decide's this, there MUST be reason, not because she has some kind of abortion fetish or doing it to do something stupid like to retaliate against the pro- lifer's ... in other word's, she has issue's, whether it's health, financially, socially, assault/ rape, etc, etc ... since our politically correct society is so quick to bash her, because of some reason like having a deadbeat old man who is supposed to be the father, or a number of other reason's. I personally know a number of teen's over the year's that were encouraged to reproduce who got unintentionally pregnant, by their own parent's/ familia, and other's who were told not to ever use contraceptive's and such ... leaving a number of teen's having children that they have to let their parent's take care of, because they have no mean's, and in some cases abusing the children because of all the psychological trauma in their lives, this list of ill's to this is absolutely endless in todayz society ... and to top it off, we have high poverty, unemployment, starvation, defect's, and everything else on top of that ... with now over 7 billion people on the planet.

Yes ... I am 110% in favour of FULL government sponsored abortion/ contraceptive's for teen's, and especially in my State of Texas, which is such a big problemo here ... and for all women across the board who need's such service ... I believe that it should be a mandatory right and requirement of service to our citizenry period. Enough said ....


**** Below the comment's I left to Dmarks on this posting a couple year's back, which was concerning Nazi's and even selective breeding, and no, I would NEVER reproduce with a woman that has defect's or even uses drug's for that matter, I am still firm on that till this day ....


Mr.dmarks: No .... I reckon I am not aware of Mr.Maher's rep for this personality ... I love to listen to him ... but as an independent, not keeping up with the trivia or whatever on. And I do reckon he can be somewhat insensitive at time's ... I just never looked at it as hatred. As far as the nazi's ... I see you know someting about the "National Socialist Party" ... but thing's like sterilization for instance was not a Hitler Creation either ... many dont realize ... this is one of the thing's he learned and borrowed from us, we were practicing some thing's here in the US before Hitler. Let me sum this up simple as I can here. Hitler and Associate's had what folk's called a "fatal vision" ... he also was srict in a sense as far as selective breeding, and creating a superior human race (of course of white folk's only, but the same can be done in the species as a whole)). If you have folk's that do have defect's and encourage reproduction, you reproduce more of the same, we dont breed our animal's that way that we love, we shouldnt advocate this type of breeding in our own species. No ... I am not advocating to exterminate people at all, but am very strict as far as birth control, and a strict advocate of abortion as well ... all government paid and sponsored. He was eliminating all of what he considered as defective in the species, and considered homo/ lesbian's as also an imperfection, mentally retarded, those that were too mixed ... even had a chart for what percentage of Jew you could be to remain alive ... in my case of course, I would have been exterminated, even though I am part Jew only. He was so strung out on that dope, and became such a recluse ... he lost touch with reality, and started stabbing his own friend's/allies in the back. If not for this Halocaust and fatal vision he brought to life, I think he would have went down in German History as one of it's greatest leader's, what he done to bring Germany out of the gutter to a major power in less than a decade ... is something even American politician/leader's are incapable of. Folk's didnt like him since his day's of childhood, rejecting his art career, rejecting his promotion's in the military cause they thought he was incapable, even though he was awarded the Iron Cross, for such outstanding act's of courage and bravery ... even single handed capturing multple soldier's of the enemy. To go from all that to a soup kitchen, and selling art piece's on the street corner, then to such a powerhouse speaker and leader, rebuilding the nation, in as short a time he did, is remarkable.

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