Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What kind of MOTHER FUCKER write's like This? ... A MOTHER FUCKER like Me, & Input from BERNIE MAC (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.7)


***** NOTE TO READER: If excessive profanity bother's you at all, you should NOT read this, the claim's in this posting are true, the excessive wording used was done in humour since these term's/ word's are MORE common in todayz society than we sometime's realize. *****

This will also be added to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" for Bernie Mac's (aka "Big Mac") piece below on the word "Mother Fucker" : )


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally (2014 photo)

This Part 7 of "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" will be to look at Ranch Chimp Journal and posting's, because I have been slipping and using word's too much like "fuck", or "mother fucker" etc ... and I know that it's not proper, I have went over this with a friend who is a college student (law), and she was giving some suggestion's on how I should change my wording, being it's a tad harsh at time's in the past, back at least a year or two ago ... and I did take that into consideration, and did try to tone up especially leaving comment's on other's blog's, so I have done alot. And I'm one of these mother fucker's that use my real mother fuckin name (Thomas.H.Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" or locally as a couple buddies like to call me "Commie Tommie"), I'm not one of these anonymous mother fucker's, I dont knock ya'll mother fucker's, but that's just not like a mother fucker like me ... I mean ... if I got to hide to say what I mother fuckin want, what's the mother fuckin point?, hear what I'm sayin?. I know it may not be popular or attractive and a "turn off", but I'm not a popular or attractive or turn on type mother fucker. There is a time and place for everything ... obviously if I'm at a public event, familia function, job interview, etc, etc ... I would refrain from using certain language.

This is a personal blog/ journal, not many even view this, nor is it part of this "social network" or whatever they call these thing's, it's simply my view on some thing's, etc ... a "journal" is all, and when I'm on the street talking with folk's, it is common that I write the way I talk, especially around like- minded mother fucker's, etc ... so Yes ... unfortunately I do use the term "mother fucker" and "fuck" this and that, etc. and I know mother fucker's that also use these choice's of word's/ slang too. It's not to "offend" anyone, but to only write the way I may talk and/ or think about a certain topic at time's, if I were to write like all these proper mother fucker's, well ... I wouldnt be a "for real" mother fucker to myself or any other mother fucker. Take politically for instance .. alot of these mother fucker's (politician's) make mother fucker's like me nauseated ... I mean, dont get me wrong, I have no problemo with what a mother fucker does for a living, hear what I'm sayin ? ... but when the mother fucker's are using our mother fuckin tax dollar's ... mother fucker's like me look's at it different ... I mean ... I dont pay these mother fucker's in Washington to do half the mother fuckin shit that they do, or does most other average mother fuckin American citizen's either ... just because we vote for ya'll's mother fuckin ass, dont mean that we agree with you mother fucker's ... we only vote for the mother fucker's, ya'll mother fucker's give us to choose from, get my drift mother fucker?

Take foreign affair's for instance ... I frankly wouldnt be in half these countries mother fuckin business, whether ya'll mother fucker's offer me oil, money, or mother fuckin sex, dont make a mother fuckin difference to me, or the way ya'll mother fucker's choose to live ... that's ya'll's mother fuckin business, especially in these mother fuckin countries that kill mother fucker's over what someone name's a Teddy Bear, or because a mother fucker is a homosexual, or just a good ole fashioned down home western style pervert, I mean, do what ya'll mother fucker's want to do in ya'll's own mother fuckin country, just dont bring that mother fuckin shit to my neighborhood ... ya'll mother fucker's dont want ya'll's women to drive? ... I think it suck's, but then to, that's what you do and are devoted to ... but ya still gonna have to give em mother fuckin bus/ cab fare, so ya'll being so cheap and tight assed with ya'll's women aint saving ya'll any mother fuckin money either, American women are more independent and dont need a mother fucker to pay for their car or tell them how to mother fuckin drive anywayz ... meaning less burden on us American men to have to babysit. I'm not one of these neo pop culture liberal mother fucker's either, that are going to kiss ya'll's mother fuckin ass, so I look nice and popular ... fuck ya'll's mother fuckin shit. As far as the homosexual issue, ya'll may not be so uptight if ya'll was in a prison cell for a mother fuckin year and some mother fucker offered to suck ya'll's dick, would ya? ... dont lie now mother fucker's.

As far as religion, domestic, foreign or across the board ... I dont give a mother fuckin shit one way or another what a mother fucker chooses to worship or pray to, or even if a mother fucker were to worship a pile of dog shit on the mother fuckin sidewalk ... I mean do what ya'll want, I worship too like anyone else, mainly a woman's body and ass. But keep the worship and shit out of our mother fuckin political affair's and interest's is all I'm sayin ... God dont need any mother fuckin money or politic's, or give's a shit about it or ya'll, if he did, we wouldnt be the most fucked up animal species on the earth and with all the mother fuckin problemo's that we have, along with the mother fuckin damage we done to the mother fuckin earth.

Some may think I'm just a low- life uneducated mother fucker talking like this, bad breeding, etc, etc ... but dont blame it on my familia, parent's, or anything else, I spent as much time in the street's and correction's institution's as a kid as I did being at home watching the tele with the familia, my parent's knew what kind of mother fucker I was from day one ... luckily they were fairly liberal, or I would have gotten alot more ass whippin's than I have, it was just a matter of trying to find me, I was alwayz on the run and busy, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) But I didnt lack ass whippin's either, I got enough ass whippin's in the street and jail, I was a restless kid and very adventurous and independent in thought, and I love my familia and parent's dearly, but that was just me, and the institutionalization period's during childhood taught me alot of my discipline, integrity, and strength's or lack of, the hard way ... not no mother fuckin school, okay?

Other than that ... God Bless all ya'll mother fucker's that read this, and that's meant on a positive note : ) ... and God Bless mother fuckin America and our true allies, and fuck all ya'll corporate communism supporting mother fucker's worldwide : ) Beside's ... it look's like a mother fuckin tornado is fixin up outside right now, I need to get out on the patio to catch some of this mother fuckin nature in action Jackson ....

Word mother fuckin Out ....

Muthafucka- Bernie Mac ... Thanx to MZUMUNIQUE101 ... (**** Here Big Mac/ Bernie explain's clearly & simply in detail about the word "mother fucker", so that it make's mother fucken sense to just about any mother fucker)




an average patriot said...

It's all you Mother Fucker, goo0d one! Did you set up with the new Blogger? It scare the shit out of me. Looks grossly inadequate!

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Mother Fucker (Jim) : )

As far as this new blogger thing, my daughter was on my blog one day over a month or so ago and told me that I would have to change over to a new "blogger" ... well I dont know shit about this shit Jim, and computer's actually bore and confuse me. But I told her that I dont want any goddamn new blogger, this one is fine, etc, etc ... she basically told me to shut up and stop whining and started doing all this shit and changed it over herself ... for the few dayz or so I couldnt post shit right, or do a goddamn thing hardly it was so mother fuckin confusing to me ... and my buddy Wolf (neighbor) who come's by to use this to look up shit or whatever, dont even know how to turn on a computer (but the mother fucker can take apart a car engine and put it back together : ) when he was over here and I asked him, my daughter was out of town, etc ... so the first few dayz I hated this mother fucker, almost broke my mother fuckin keyboard getting upset one day hitting it and calling it a bitch, but it's cool now ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Later Jim ... another miserable heavy mother fuckin storm's morning here on the Ranch, I'm ready for summer Jim ... fuck all this mother fuckin rain!