Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is another that is really past due in here, to honour "L7" . This crew in my opinion have been under- rated ... there of course was a lil miscellaneous controversy here and there over their 15 year span, but all in all, this band is one of the strongest and best punk group's to come out of the U.S., and even though they werent ever mainstream ... everyone wanted a piece of them ... what I mean is ... whether it was for an alternative like on a late nite talk show like Letterman or someone, or for a great opener on a bill whether it was a fest, indoor, outdoor, small or large venue, and someone who would kick start a crowd for them ... these gal's were it.

This crew worked hard, toured alot, and didnt have much slack time ... they also infuenced so many other's as well, they were on major film soundtrack's ... and I have seen them on over at least a dozen compilation recording's, they were also into "pro- choice" activism and more. Their sound is great "live" ... I seen them in a venue in the late 1980's (88/89?) with maybe a capacity crowd of about 1000+ only ... but ... this crew has proven time and again, that they can do well in damn near any kind of setting ... their the kind of group that would be ideal for a private party/ gathering ... a large nightclub, or an open roof stadium. And their music is simple rock ... I call it "punk" and some would prefer to put them in another genre, whether it's metal, grunge, alternative, or whatever is popularly fitting of the era. Other than that ... they just kick ass, plain and simple. Enjoy! ....

Bad Things ... Thanx to MEJORCONMUSICA

Everglade ... Thanx to CAPILLOUX

Fast And Frightening (Live 2000) ... Thanx to L7BABE


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