Saturday, May 5, 2012

DONNY McCALL ... Take's A STAND for American JOB's ... "PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.1" (Made in America/ ABC NEWS PT.2) & (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.23)

Donny McCall

"Public Patriot's" will be another new series for this journal that I been planning for sometime, and this Part 1 will be to highlight and honour one of them true heroes and patriot's in our public ... Mr. Donny McCall ... and Thank You Sir! This will also be PT.2 of "ABC NEWS/ Made In America" (another great series from ABC I may add) ... and will also serve for the "Veteran's Spotlight" series PT. 23 ... since Donny is also a veteran. This man has certainly served this country in more wayz than one.

There is enough in the video and link below to see why I chose Donny to debut this series ... he is one of them that actually care about domestic need's, and you can sure hear it in his voice. While trying to show his invention to market to this "Shark Tank" (Shark Tank is some sort of tele reality show ... but I never heard of it before actually) judge panel and despite them unanimously turning him down, simply because he wasnt willing to ship the job/ product to a country like China to manufacture ... he said ... "No ... he want's to make it in this country ... and create the job's for his country" ... he DIDNT sell out to this nauseating corporate communism dictation that has smothered our pop culture society ... I love you Guy!!

You see ... there are two type's in this world ... those who are for real and true, and will NOT SELL out no matter if it's for profit or popularity ... and those who are not real, and will just do and say whatever sell's for them ... which are pretty much worthless type's. This man clearly displayed his devotion/ conviction, and is for real. As far as this "Shark Tank" crew is concerned ... hopefully ya'll's rating's will take a drop kick from this, from any American with half a brain and an actual opinion. Immediately after, this show "Shark Tank" sez that they will next highlight 3 American enterpreneur's after this (yes ... after they called this man "closed minded") episode, because of the response ... as for me (to Shark Tank) ... ya'll already showed your "true colour's" when ya'll trashed this man, so it's too lil too late ... you depended on a pop culture rating poll to make that sudden change ... only because of rating's. Thanx again Donny! ... and to them American investor's that are willing to back him! : )

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