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JP MORGAN & The JUNKIES: "Too BIG to Fail, Regulate, or Trust" ... & Pulling on them Ole BOOTSTRAP'S ... with Charlie McGrath (NATION OF BS PT.9)

This Part 9 of "Nation of BS" will be in this series because I havent posted to this series in awhile, and this event is fitting for this series, even though it could have went into other series related ... but because it is MORE bullshit than anything else, it will be here also. Coincidentally I was just writing about how much of nothing is being done about any regulation's, whether it's financial, oil drilling, going green, or a goddamn other thing ... except of course the American people getting more regulated and programmed by the day, along with all this other intoxicating bullshit and pandering. And keeping on doing business as usual with these folk's and not letting them feel the repercussion's of their action's, or not pulling themselves up by the bootstrap's wont make them learn a damn thing ... when you fuck up over and over ... you NEED TO FAIL and FALL at some time. Dr. Anton LaVey (a philosophical mentor of mine as a young man) once said something like (cant recall which book or exact wording, but I have all his book's) ... if you keep putting out food for a dog on your porch or whatever, that dog will keep coming back ... the point is, you cant learn without the experience and be independent, this constant feeding make's them weaker, not stronger.

Of course I been covering this "too big to fail" shit ... well ... since the start of this journal (EXAMPLE) , which was just a tad before the big bailout. On these type issue's I am more conservative than anything else, being that I was opposed to the bailout since the beginning, and the reason is clear now as to why, which I pointed out time and again throughout this journal. My method of dealing with this would have been the ole conservative value of "pulling yourself up by the bootstrap's" of course. I dont expect many American's to even grasp what is happening or why ... because most American's truely believe in the American Dream, are working and playing the game, doing the "right" thing and have a lil more integrity even than some of these folk's that screw us ... but there is still no reason to remain blind either, and again ... "following the blind, will not make you see any clearer". I spent most of my life around hustling town's, my Dad being around the casino industry and a hustler in Vegas, had me in Fremont St and the Strip casino's as young as 8/ 9 year's old, and he knew just about every trick in the book when it came to the tables ... I lived around folk's as a kid and familia who were associated with wise- guy's, racketeer's in town's like Brooklyn (NYC) and Buffalo, worked and stayed in a Montreal brothel as a teen for awhile, and around folk's who were into drug transporting and dealing in Texas and Mexico year's back as well etc, etc ... I seen quite a few hustles, shake- down's, and scam's ... I may not make a "bite" right off hand, but give me awhile, and I will soon. Most American's havent lived a life like mine, so I wouldnt expect them in masses to recognize these thing's too quick, and the hustler depend's on that short time frame to hustle you. But too, the "dream" is ONLY what we choose to make it, we create our realities, and our miseries are no exception. It dont suprise me much that New York was the birth place of the "Occupy Movement" ... after all ... where in America is the hustle and game more seen than a city like New York, it's fast, and if you cant keep up with it, you will lose ... New Yorker's get hip (keen) quick, when it come's to their money ... no town in the nation move's like NYC, believe me ... not even LA, Chicago, or Dallas.

Of course the big news is this money/ investment loss that JP Morgan took, and of course Ina Drew retiring (which is just the formal polite way for these type's to say she got her ass fired basically), you have Jamie Dimon of JPM saying on camera that they "know" their sloppy, stupid, and have bad judgement ... but believe me Mr. Dimon ... the people are moreso for letting you continue this rubbish. The market's took a hit yesterday of nearly down by 13, but dont worry, JPM is still making alot more than they lose, and the smallest investment's will only lose in the longrun along with a schlew of 401K's ... the market's will of course go like a rollercoaster ride, but like never in market history, simply because of what the market's have become and thing's like corporate computerized speed trading, etc ... if ya'll think that shit was wild back during the pre- Great Depression .... that wasnt shit compared to how this one can and will move of today. All you have is a bunch of speed trader's today, that are moving so quick they dont even have time to analyze what their doing, and acting more like their intoxicated while driving this engine, pumped up on Adderall : ) , the giant computer's do the placement's in mass, and much quicker than any investor can, in large amount's and various avenue's, they dont understand loss and gain's, their programme is to weigh and place, not to analyze gain's and losses, risk vs. reward, etc, and that's what their missing. Who got so loose that they wouldnt feel a 12" inch dildo up their ass if they sat on it ... meaning, they too will need a jackhammering of their asshole's to see where they are fucking up ... and believe me ... as I have said time and again ... if we dont break them up or do something ... they will destroy themselves anywayz ... in time. As far as these so called "reform's or regulation's" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... please ... again ... do you reform or rehabilitate a crack addict or junkie/ dopefiend by leaving them in a room with  a couple key's (kilo's) of dope, leaving the room yourself later and telling them to limit themselves? ... they will die from an overdose, same as these will eventually destroy themselves, sadly they will drag down many other's with them though, the point being, they are "addict's/ junkies".

Below a couple media piece's ... and understand that the largest mainstream media's are covering this the way they "have to" ... understand where alot of their money come's from, the political influence since it's election's season, the advertising/ sponsor's, etc, etc, their only covering this issue frankly the only way they can without committing financial suicide ... understand that they are even held hostage in a way, just like our political representation. I put the PBS video piece first to see the mainstream coverage of this, and of course the 2 parties trying to explain and calculate who's fault what is, and what the other need's to do, the usual runaround of course, which everyone know's who know's anything about this, know's how legislation is worded and written by. The 2nd video is a more accurate, straight, and to the point video, and Thanx to RT America (again) and especially Mr. Charlie McGrath/ Wide Awake News ,who unlike these other two bullshitter's Bob Corker and Carl Levin can speak truth, because he's not running to keep an office, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) If it were up to folk's like myself ... we'd fire most of these in a heartbeat, period. As far as the ass kissing I been hearing trying to excuse Ina Drew, as far as who answer's to who and oversee's what, etc ... here's the bottom line ... Drew knew damn well being in the business 30 year's what the fuck was going on and even encouraged to drop the bet's and proceed ... when the buck stop's at your desk ... you DONT "not see it" either, eh?

This posting will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.

***** CNN/ MONEY: JPMorgan Investment Chief Out

Sens. Levin, Corker debate implementing Financial Reform Regulation ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

JP Morgan Too Big To Regulate ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


“Too Big to Fail. Bail out the planet, not the bankers.”  Poster art by Celia Schorr and Susan Picatti


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