Thursday, April 7, 2011

LIBYA (PT.3): "Let's Make a Deal", the UNCCA: "United Neo Corporate Communists of America", and the "War that Never Happened" (Nat.of BS PT.8)

This "Part 3 of Libya" was just another sudden decision to post, I didnt even have anything like this planned for my next posting, but feel it is necessary to record these item's in this journal. I mean ... I am out on the patio in so perfect weather here on the Ranch(Dallas) that the only clothing needed is my Dallas Cowboys training short's at 68 beautiful degree's ... fixin to cook up a big bird (chicken, and she is a big gal) a lil barbeque, some tater salad sound's good too! ... and check out some kick ass sound's (music)... but not planning this. So first some newly released news below then a few word's on this I will add after.




But the reason to post this is clear in the heading/ title, of more of the deceptive bullshit we as American's are spoonfed, such as this non existent war, deal's under the table's, etc. Most of us know in our heart, whether we acknowledge it openly or keep it bottled up inside of us for some reason, the reality that surround's us. My first two posting's on Libya were sort of tongue in cheek and basically sarcasm, highlighting the BS that we are fed, and how we are expected to just blindly gulp it up like a goddamn 7- 11 Slurpee on a hot day. And despite some of the criticism on mainstream media's from all of us from time to time ... where would we be without them, eh? Credit to all those who bring this crap out ... and NO ... this is NOT manipulated media ... this is the reality and how it's been for year's and year's ... screw all that lame talk about this is a country for the people, by the people, etc, etc, etc ... that's all slap happy talk, dont mean a goddamn thing of importance, any more than it's importante for the President to wear a bloody flag pin on his lapel, or pin a copy of his birth certificate to the back of his blazer/ jacket. As I have POSTED time and again ... because of our Constitution and Rights ... we actually have so much more power than we realize ... and could actually clean this cesspool out of existence in less than a decade for that matter ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... we simply dont act. And dont blame this stuff on President Obama ... he is one of the best thing's that happened in our government in YEAR'S, they only play, trick, and manipulate him as well, even from within his own party.

And also it shouldnt surprise no one that even many of the conflict's resulting in many of these countries ... where these poor folk's are kept stupid by force, religion, culture, are manipulated by the 3 entities that I point out time and again in this journal, because most of these war's/ conflict's are manipulated and even started by only a handful of those folk's, over business and power and a game for their entertainment, only for them. We know that they could give a rat's ass less about the environment by now, any people (beside's being only a commodity or some form of neo slavery), humanitarianism, or a damn thing other than themselves and their crooked wayz of gaining power without doing a damn thing but robbing us of our money, ratholing it away from us, starting war's and blowing up nation's to soak our taxes for defense contract's, oil, and to rebuild them with corrupt political puppetry they can use, and all also at "our" expense of the lives of our children and the taxes of our people, to keep us dependent on them and in need, they even bought out our government and other's, and even manipulated our Supreme Court ... and to top it off ... we look at and call these worthless parasite's "elite", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they're about elite as I'm a Martian. They dont do a damn thing, invent a damn thing, cant even be original, creative, or without their law's, rule's, and lies, could not lead a pack of sewer rat's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they're nothing but flesh, blood and bone like the rest of us, with a bunch of money, which is mostly our money. :)

Over and Out ... back to the chicken and fixin's ....



an average patriot said...

Enjoy that chicken, that is our favorite thing to BBQ. I was listening to that on CNN and it really irked me and not the least was the excuse "don't blame me it was Bush" Gaddafi's face has always concerned me and I see the same blood lust in Saif who wants to run a new Government and is responsible for the ongoing slaughter. I am reduced to just shaking my head again.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ghaddafi's face? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... you can tell alot about a person when you can see them face to face, that's for sure ... and all these folk's that say they dont or didnt know a thing about him are mostly full of shit too. :) I have alway's thought of Ronald McDonald (clown)believe it or not, when I seen him, because of his face and that hair that stick's out off the side if his head ... I know how stupid that must sound, but it's true. Thanx for your input here AP ....

Yep ... we love them barbeque's, and I just wated to have some warm grub ready for my wife when she got off of work too! :)