Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time for Hypermiling, Haggling, and Hybrid's? or Demanding INNOVATIVE Idea's? ... (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.1)

"Jumping for Joy in America" will be another series to start in this journal because we are also a nation who turn's on and off quicker than a speedfreak on steroid's slamming energy drinx : ) Push our button's and we will respond the exact way you want us to, and whenever we ask for anything from any of the 3 entities that control our subconscious, emotion's, economic and social lives (3 Entities are mega religion's, mega corporate's/ finance, and mega puppet government's), as I have said time and again ... they will only give you a sliver of what you ask for providing they can twist it to capitalize off it to their advantage. And it even work's with our social injustices even ... ask for a basic right such as same sex marriage, and instead they will give you new rules that you can now say your gay and not have to hide it or your mates, then use your want's to make you have to haggle more shit once you get caught up in their pop culture way of thinking and acting. Basically our lives are put on hold.

What inspire's Part One of this series is the recent concern again over rising gas/ petro prices ... I see it weekly at the pump's ... the person on the other side of the pump looking at the scales in frustration and/ or shaking their head's, folk's whining daily, but feeling helpless to be able to do a bloody thing, the constant update's from the media's ... and of course the usual mouthpieces to tell us what we already know and despise with our happy face mask's on. I'm one of them fella's that "act's" ... life is not too long (at least at this point of our evolution), and I dont waste much time ... when something dont work, I dispose of it and move on to something else, if other's arent doing it, and just accepting what their told ... I'm going to do what I have to do to stay one step ahead and disassociate myself with those and/ or any roadblock's. Yet, when we get any of these bone's/ dog biscuit's tossed to us, and save a few cent's/ buck's for a couple month's on petro or other thing's we consume in mass ... we jump for joy as if we were done a favour, and constantly being told that we alway's need to sacrifice more.

The first video clip below show's how to save every drop of petro that you can, in order of course to save money ... at the same time I may add ... you can do some serious damage to other component's of your vehicles if you are not aware of the flip side of what you are doing, which of course will/ can result in major expenses for repair's. Even if you are one who does the repair's yourself, your still talking about down time as well as part's expenses, and I can assure you today's vehicles are nothing like the ones we old schooler's worked on ourselves even only 20 year's ago. In the case below of Wayne Gerdes ... I can just look at this video and tell you that this will wear out your distributor cap/ rotor's, it screw's with the multi fuel injection port's, chip/ relay's that control the under dash computer, timing, and most expensive below probably being the transmission problemo's this will cause, and you know damn well that even a decent rebuilt transmission would have you down a week and cost at least a grand ($1000). THINK as well while you "act".

APRIL 22, 2011 UPDATE NEWS: VARIOUS LINK'S ON RISING GAS PRICE'S ... You can "bet" were getting screwed basically, even the market oil price's are not fluxuating like the pump's are ... ABC World News this evening was reporting and .11 cent's increase across the Garden State of New Jersey just overnight ... this is a "scam" ... bank on it.

"MDI RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT" ... Some read and video link's

POPULAR MECHANICS article from 2008 on India's Tata Motors car debut for America

1) Wayne Gerdes demonstrating his hypermiling technique's ... Thanx to CNNGURU

The thing is, I been following this stuff for at least 5 year's now, and even the link's here and vid's are at least a few year's old, so none of this is "new", yet try to find any of these vehicles on the road's in America. We are constantly thinking about these hybrid's that cost an arm and a leg, and even the repair's I can imagine would be high looking under the hood's of a couple of these myself. Or we are thinking about car's that are all electric and over priced, where you may be hauling and sitting on a quarter ton of batteries that take hour's to charge for a hundred miles here and there, etc. Sure ... it's a step ... but not enough in my opinion. Also we have too much advertising/ promotion's/ marketing lacking in this area of alternative vehicles, yet ... I look at these as a sure big win investment of the very near future. Supply is supposed to meet demand, it's just that we dont demand enough, and quickly accept what we are sold.

Some think it's because it would hurt the car and petro industries ... it wont ... the car industries need to produce competitively and if they dont ... FAIL ... not get our sympathy, handout's, or dollar's ... that IS "free market" ... is it not? The mega petro producer's have so much to sell as it is, since damn near every damn thing we use from diaper's, to our tele's, computer's, utensil's, and a long list of product's that come from petro ... PARTIAL LIST OF 144 OF 6000 PRODUCT'S THAT COME FROM PETROLEUM ... plus all those huge transport vehicles, land, sea and military/ defense will use plenty still (and are the largest consumer's of such at that) ... so that idea is simply excessive and imbalanced greed is all.

Some folk's dont look at these vehicles as practical or in conjuction with what customer's want ... but customer's are only accustomed to that which is available. I also look at these vehicles of personal use, as very essential to having much cleaner air in our urban areas that cover the globe, it is easy to vision a few billion of these on our urban road's for instance, and is a huge market and job's creator ... and great investment's for many. Yet ... for 5 year's at least ... I been bringing this up to people as barbeque chat/ small talk ... and I hardly find anyone that even know's a damn thing, or heard about these car's and innovative technologies in air compression engines, despite how long this has been in the worx. How will people know and be able to shop without a stronger presence? In the meantime ... most folk's are worrying themselves to madness over whether to buy the gas at inflated prices or have enough money for other essential's they need ... with these mega finance folk's agreeing to finance them to buy another vehicle which could just be a stepping stone throwaway concept obsolete in less than a decade ... haggling deal's with dealership's that take hours of the sales rep running back and forth to the manager, then to top it off ... for a couple thousand more dollar's (also financed) they will sell you a guarantee/ extended warranty that you wont have to worry if your new highly marketed vehicle you bought will break down and cost you another limb in repair cost's, and a clear- coat over the body to assure you the paint job wont crack and peel and fall off.

And credit below in this next video to folk's like Guy and Cyril (son) Negre of MDI Reseach and Development and Angelo Di Pietro ... these are "truly" the elite types of humanity.

2) AIR CAR: Info and Demo Thanx to 420SUBYLOVER



Beach Bum said...

Now that "hyper-mileing" video was interesting but in the crowed suburban environment I live some of his practices are not possible.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting comment indeed Bum and Thanx ... I havent even thought about the practicality of doing this ... I can tell you my neighborhood in NW Dallas, it would be very hard too, I mean ... my neighborhood is very active as far as commercial and business, and the traffic here move's kind of fast (compared to various place's I've been across the country coast to coast) ... so you could easily get ran over in a town like Dallas trying this.

I just got in and posted/ added a various news link, link, about the recent surge in gas price's. I also have the tele on next to my monitor/ computer as I write this, and ABC World News Tonight is reporting that just in New Jersey alone overnight the gas price's spiked/ rose .11 cent's a gallon, and that they are predicting $6.00 a gallon gas by summer ... I will bet my paycheck Bum, this is all a scam, I can guarantee you ... even the barrel price's globally are not fluxuating like the pump's are, this is what happen's when you have no control over and essential commodity such as this ... this is nothing but a "burn" dude ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :) Fox News on the other hand is reporting that President Obama is ordering an investigation into price gouging and of course being politically "right" saying that he's wasting his time basically and it's meaningless. According to the GOP/ Right Bum ... you could have a gun in your face by a company, get robbed, beaten, shit and pissed on while hogtied ... and it would be pointless to complain and/ or defend yourself, and if you tried to "sue", they would consider it "frivolous" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! :)

3 or 4 year's ago I was driving a V-6 Nissan full size 4X4 SUV with overdrive which is history for the last few year's, today I drive mainly a small Honda sport coup with "ultra low emmission's" output ... and what a difference Guy in mileage! :)

Thanx for your voice Bum!

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Vince! ... and Thanx for your link to "driving distraction's", this would be decent for my grandson's for instance to read. Beside's ...some of the driver's that I encounter on a typical driving day, I feel there ought to be stricter guiseline's to get a bloody liscense (I usually take a "Defensive Driving Course" about every 3 year's or so) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... then to top it off, Texas the other day was proposing legislation to raise the speed limit to 85 mph ... oh boy, what a treat, eh? (Many of us who actually know HOW to drive, already do 85/ 90 mph) which all that will do is encourage folk's to do 100 mph, this is for non urban area's of course, but still. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and the President was proposing a high speed rail for America that travel's 90 mph, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... not in Texas you dont Sir!! ... at least do like China and make it 300 mph .... geeeezz!

But to your comment Guy ... sure ... that is great on the cruise thing for the light, etc, especially in urban area's, and when you practice this, it become's 2nd nature anywayz, you know guy, the small thing's count too ... like also making sure you have efficiently inflated tire's as well as simply a clean air filter can make so much difference on milage too, and all these thing's take less than 5 minute's to do, in fact, you can check all your tire's inflation and install a new air filter all in 5 minute's! ... geeeez, that's another thing, many folk's ignore checking thing's and proper maintenance ... their busy and dont give a shit in alot of cases, and you and I know that will cost you. I do think that the air car would appeal to many urban driver's if they just got it out there more, and would be great business. One of the biggest pain's in the ass, is these folk's that are alway's texting stopped at the light, then forget to check if it changed, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Great looking car in the photo too, I'm so old I was trying to figure out what that was off hand ... perhap's a "69 Nova" (Chevy)? Yellow is smart choice of color too, should be lower insurance rate's ... Thanx again Guy for the link and your word's here!

Ranch Chimp said...

Or maybe a 69 Chevy Malibu (?) in the photo, may be a lil closer ... either way Guy ... I envy you! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Vince ... when I stayed in town's like New York and London ... I got them all beat on mileage ... I rode the New York Subway daily and the London Tube (subway) ... cant get better mileage for your buck there! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

NOTICE: I had to delete "Vince's" comment, because the link in it was to a company that contacted me today 02 November 2011 and asked me to remove their company from my comment's ... which was the link Vince had put in his comment.