Friday, April 15, 2011

JIMMY BUFFETT: "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Margaritaville" (For Bum and Margie)

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This posting will first honour a real Gulf Coast giant and American music trendsetter Mr. Jimmy Buffett, and there's plenty to say about this man here ... this guy is a workaholic as well, who just make's it look too easy with a casual lifestyle, he is into everything, and still very active nearly a half century into it! But this is at the same time an artist who doesnt frankly need a damn thing but a basic 6 string acoustic to be the main drive engine of a party ... and a great stage persona too! He has a fan base known as Parrothead's in multiple countries of the globe as well. And needed to be added to this journal's music/ art's "Honour Roll Society".

But this posting is also dedicated to a Parrothead and blogger I frequent as well, who requested some of Jimmy's sound's, who goes by the pen name of "Beach Bum", of the blog "The Life and Time's of a Carolina Parrothead" , who was thinking of those great time's of leisure, margarita's, and beautiful Senorita's! At the same time ... this bring's back old memories of a friend I met year's back in Rio Bravo (Webb County Texas) while spending time down in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, by the name of Ms. Margarita Salazar, who absolutely blew me away with her intense thunderous bass guitar chopping method's she created on her bass with a couple local South Texas band's ... she was into the Heavy Metal genre, and strongly influenced by old school "Black Sabbath" ... Friend's of her's and I just called her "Margie" (musically a motorhead madhouse!). But one night just out partying together in Mexico at a run down dive nightclub ... I selected a piece on the jukebox to dedicate to her, that was a Van Morrison piece she loved called "Brown Eyed Girl". It just so happened that Jimmy Buffet also has a cover of this song as well! And what great memories indeed, of a time past ... so this is also dedicated to that beautiful brown eyed motorhead madhouse Senorita Margie too, wherever in Hell she is these dayz ... YOU F'N ROCK GIRL!!

I had reviewed so many Buffett vid's on YouTube, not just this time, but in the past as well, because he is one of the artist's I been planning to honour in this journal also for some time. Trying to find good "live" performance's of this artist is difficult too I may add (as far as audio/ visual tech's and recording's), folk's that know me know how hard I can be when it come's to engineering of "live" performance's as well as studio cut's, and too many frankly didnt give Jimmy the justice this excellent artist deserves ... I had suspicion's that several of the folk's recording also had simply too many reefer's(pot) and margarita's in them at the time ... but what the Hell ... what should you expect ... after all ... it's a Jimmy Buffett party! :) But THANX to Mr. Buffet for all the great composition's he has contributed to the art's. Enjoy!

Having this in this journal will come in handy some night all alone as well ... since my daughter just brought me back a bottle of "Aha Toro" tequila from a recent business trip in Mexico! :)


1) "BROWN EYED GIRL" ... this "live" piece with Jimmy's "Coral Reefer" band was done 06/ 20/ 2009 in Camden, NJ ... that may not have been the best visual's, but certainly a nice mix sound wise, with a nice percussion's solo flare included ... Special Thanx to PARROTISLA


A bonus video I wanted to add below from cruising down Memory Ln ... of what's called in Nuevo Laredo a "Street Dance", Margie was familiar with these growing up down there, and invited me to a couple of these Street Dance's in town after a few drinx at some local dive ... which is here at the Guerrero St Mercado/ Market. What is great about these ... is it start's very mellow and laid back ... but after it goes deeper into the night, and the booze get's flowing ... the whole marketplace become's a huge out door dance hall that can be heard from block's around, they are really alot of fun though .... (real nice sound production on this as well, considering it's amateur)

Special Thanx to GATOMAS



Beach Bum said...

Thanks Ranch! Somehow I remember listing to Buffett as a very little kid in my dad's old GMC truck. The year I think this happened is way before Jimmy actually had that particular album come out.

Yeah, my memory is screwed up but its weird, I clearly remember sitting on that old bench seat in his truck and hearing that song come out the AM radio.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... Yes ... that would have been common back then to hear a song like "Brown Eyed Girl" in particular coming over AM airwave's too. Show you how old I am, I actually was listening to a transistor radio with earplug back in the early 1960's ... which was the latest hi- tech in them time's (remombering the start of what's called "solid state circuitry"), that only had "AM" in those dayz ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... around the time when I seen the Beatles at Las Vegas Convention Center (1964) :)

Thanx for your input Bum ... and my pleasure all, just posting this to salute ya'll too ....