Friday, April 22, 2011

REV. HORTON HEAT: ... "Bales of Cocaine", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Psychobilly Freakout", "Rural Point of View" ....

**** Reverend Horton Heat (website)

For this music piece of the art's/ music Honour Roll Society ... it will be past due and have to be an old buddy/ associate, Rev. Horton Heat . I am being partial here and posting 4 video's because not just being an old buddy, but this Guy is one of the best guitarist's I've ever met ... really (also let me add that a fellow blogger Tim Waters/ Scared Stiff play's a classic Gretsch guitar too), and the piece's are short and to the point, and this trio is absolutely tight "live". His/ their music and style was also greatly admired by another musician and old buddy of our's (RIP) "Joe Christ" , which is kind of like a Rockabilly Punk with a tad of Texas Swing(?) ... Rev!! I dont know how the fuck to categorize ya'll :) Also let me add, that back in the day when the Rev first started playing the dive's we loved off Elm, Commerce, and Canton Street's ... old warehouses that we would rent from the old Jewish merchant's at night, throw a couple porta- toilet's in there and folk's/ band's used to play for beer/ booze back then instead of money! ... there is probably no one I loved partying with after hour's more than the Rev ("Rev" is simply what I call him, and he had a great sense of humor and personality, just really good people), the Rev could handle his liquor well, I couldnt stand partying with those who just passed out or got stupid after a few drinx, throw up, get sick, etc ... I sure as Hell could put it away too, but this guy could run me a close tie in that! (I realize that liquor is not good for you, I didnt drink daily, but when out partying I sure did ... And man oh man ... were they some parties too! ) And that had to be at least the mid 1980's, but I dont think the Rev and them even had any album's back then, maybe a couple demo's or something. But anywayz ... the crew paid their dues and contributed so much great music to the underground, and their still kicking ass! ... Thanx Guy's! Below some fav's ... Enjoy! :)


1) "BALES OF COCAINE" "Live" 2009 New Haven, CT Thanx to MARCANDBRYON

2) "FOLSOM PRISON BLUES" A Johnny Cash cover ... Thanx to RIFFIENKUNINGAS666

3) "PSYCHOBILLY FREAKOUT" Live @ Revival Fest Austin, TX 05/ 28/ 11 ... Thanx to VAKOCKER62

4) "RURAL POINT OF VIEW" Thanx to Yep Roc Records


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Beach Bum said...

AWESOME! That guy was great! I will have to look for at least a few of his CD's. Rev. Heat guitar playing was fantastic, if anything I will have to bookmark these videos on you tube.

Now the clown at the bottom did scare me, never liked clowns at all.

Tim said...

Man I loved this post. Thanks for the shout. When it warms up a little around here and stops with the high winds, I'll be playing on Saturdays in Schenectady. Their is a guy who plays bongos and takes donations in his hat. I'd like to go help him out a tad. I'm just trying to figure what songs I can play with bongos. lol The Rev was awesome. Thanks brightened up my day.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... Morning! ... Glad you enjoyed ... I love his guitar riff's Guy. And this guy is just a really cool person too ... really good people.

As far as the "clown" thing ... weird ... I heard other's with the same opinion on that. In my Texas hometown of Houston in my latter teen's ... I had a roomate who had a part time job as a rodeo clown, I reckon I was accustomed to seeing him run around the apartment dressed up in that type gear ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I reckon a truely scary sight for me, would have to be a Nun (nothing personal against nun's) ... I mean ... a truely nightmarish vision for me would be walking down the street and all the gal's were dressed as nun's with them outfit's, geeezz ... now that's Hell Bubba! :)

But Thanx for your assessment on the Rev's music Bum ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Tim and Ranch Greeting's!

That Gretsch that rev play's remind's me of you in that profile photo you have with your's. Kickass riff's from the Rev, eh?

Sound's cool as far as jamming street side in Schenectady ... damn dude ... it's been a LONG time since I been to that town! ... beautiful countryside outside that town too, absolutely gorgeous! Oh ... I figure you can come up with some riff's to work in with congo type percussion's with a lil effort, as a matter of fact ... it will probably sound great!

I'm just happy Tim that folk's like Rev finally can earn a decent living ... you know how hard it is on some of the underground artist's and barely making enough to eat cheese mac with fried bologna. I mean ... alot of thsee folk's I know Guy ... barely made enough to live off of, and they worked so hard ... great thing they stuck it out, simply because they just loved what they do ... that's true happiness Guy!

I'd love to stay online and cruise, but gotta run ... Thanx for your voice here Tim ....